HWS big Orbital Auto Miner patch and other tweaks

Hey @everyone,

another patch post which deserves an own post - incase you missed the other important one:

Individual fueling for Orbital Auto Miners (OAM)

@Jascha worked hard for providing you now an individual way of fueling your auto miners.
Let me explain quick (can also be found at the command page: https://cmd.hws.global)


Fuels up your Auto Miner with an amount of fuel from your inventory for specific resources if you want.

Example 1: am:fuel:iron:all → fuels up only your iron auto miner with all Auto Miner Cores your have in your inventory

Example 2: am:fuel:iron:7 → fuel up only your iron auto miner with 7 Auto Miner Cores from your inventory (if you have them)

Example 3: am:fuel:all:7 → fuels up all of your resources in your auto miner with 7 Auto Miner Cores from your inventory (if you have them)

Example 4: am:fuel:all:all → fuels up all of your resources in your auto miner with all Auto Miner Cores from your inventory (if you have them). It will split equally along all of your resources. So if you have 10 resource auto miners and 20 Auto Miner Cores in your inventory each resource would get 2 Auto Miner Cores.

Attention: if you have 10 resource auto mineres and 21 Auto Miner Cores then 2 would go in each resource type but the last am core would go to the resource type you bought first.

Donator Planet Taxes if structures >= 100

This is actually very old but to be honest from time to time I hadn’t time to check this all the time in 6.0. So we have now an automatic system which will register this.
So as soon as your PvE restricted planet reaches >= 100 structures it will get taxed.

I try to implement an exception for these statistics on HWS Connect > Universe for people who don’t count their stuff on their planet. (otherwise you have to use fa:scan to see the core amount)

EGS Bunker

Nothing new too but missed in the guide for now.

EGS Bunker is an indestructible Bunker people can buy for 25 million credits. It is very limited and first comes first serves. It is available for one season. After purchase it will get set to your faction. It has everything you need to survive a world war VII. One per planet is available - Golden Globe and Homeworld.

CSW little change

Because some people misstyped NA to SA or vice versa we have changed the command for the Sanctuary server to


We also fixed some other problems regarding CSW.

Hope you enjoy HWS 6.X so far.
We know it is not “ready” yet 100% but for so many changes in such a short amount of time we hope you understand that.

Your HWS Team


Does anyone really even use OAM much anymore besides gold once you fill them? For 24k (the price of a AM core), I can probably buy 24k ingots off the market? I don’t think a core gives anywhere near that much, although I never really empty them anymore.

Also if you lower your core count back below 100 do the taxes then cease on donator planets?

In my opinion, I don’t feel like EGS Bunker as it is right now is really worth 25M. Homeworld drops mostly non gold meteors now and you can’t really fit any HV/SVs into that structure besides maybe a rhea. I think adding a large above ground hangar with 14x wide hangar doors would help :smiley:

yes and when you combine also the cost of taking stuff out if not in correct place to do it free, its even more expensive. So yes OAM is now only for absolutely desperate cases. but i dont think that is bad thing, it was way too easy and cheap earlier, so this is better, it still have it places on those special cases

This was very needed feature thou

You’re missing the real value of OAM :slight_smile: which is that you can access these resources anywhere whereas OCD is on PVE only. It comes in handy sometimes when you’re stranded in space but can get some prom or Pentax from it

For the bunker yea 25 is steep when it was on moba it was (maybe) worth since you can farm gold for days and it kept falling

@RexXxuS My OAM are empty of full even though they shouldn’t have used any because my OAM is full and I haven’t taken out resources. I had 200 fuel last time I checked and now it is empty >.>

Can you or @hopscotch look into it please?

Are you sure you don’t miss anything?

You did not fuel for half a year. The wipes took your fuel.
You are on NA or? And your name is your Game-name?

I just filled it two weeks ago. I didn’t know the most recent wipe was going to wipe our AMs. Like I mentioned,

I fueled them up after 6.0 wipe and then you guys announced you’d be wiping again, so I didn’t take anything out.

@nauttdog I can loan you some cash to upgrade those if you want!

In case there is any confusion!

@colin2cold If I wanted them upgraded, I would’ve done it :wink:

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You didn’t have to post a picture of your bank account lmao :joy::joy: I was just trolling around hehe.

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Well I can’t have anyone thinking I’m broke!

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