Empyrion Alpha 6.0 RC 2 | Sprint to 6.0

Hey @everyone,

RC2 is out now!


With that said you see a lot of changes and a even more lot of fixes! I guess it is already so much almost nobody can keep up, huh!?

It will be even more if our HWS 6.0 changelog comes together. But even if you need 2 saisons (4 month) to fully understand everything - we think it will be worth it :smiley:

So long - please continue testing and see you very soon in 6.0!

Your HWS Team

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non stop RC versions… When optimization comes? Call me than. thx.

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Optimization is scheduled for RC #35 which is expected to be toward the end of the phase. They anticipate 40 in total.


I stop playing until 6.0 RC 666 is out… They need 2 Sessions to get the right release Candidate… suck suckerer suckesten waiting!

OMG that titel “Sprint” to 6.0 :joy:

OMG planet nomads will be up and running before 6.0 lol

Amazing release, lots of bugs have been squished. The future is bright. :slight_smile:

Can we expect HWS changelog in the next week or so?

Hopefully :slight_smile:

I know you’re tight lipped about everything, but will HWS be launching the same time 6.0 does or will there be a delay between launches?

As always: Empyrion Patch X === HWS X

However - as always - this day is a suicide squad day. It may take some hours to set up everything for a probably 100 men army storm.
But it will be the same day, yes.

omg POI REGEN! Finally :slight_smile: Best patch for PVE ever.

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When we gonna hear some news about HWS_6 ??? About new LOR of server and all new options?

I know that everything gonna be in time, but if patch comes rapidly, and everything gonna ON, there would be less time to read and analyze all info we need…

Btw - right now, start conditions in SP made to many questions… I understand that in SP we got all dat POI like “Old farm” only for us, so we could get Drill and “start equipment” easy, but what about start in MP ??? If it starts in 3-4 p.m., than when I get home, all POI gonna be dead, and no chance to get even Drill - this makes me sad :sweat_smile:

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Best I can say is dont base the HWS 6.0 start on anything you have seen so far in vanilla or Exp or even other servers.

Have faith - The team has not been dark because they are chillaxin’ at the pool. They’ve been toiling over the universe to be AND contributing content to the actual game itself for Eleon AND building their own admin tools to be compatible with 6.0. Lots to do to prepare for this gigantic patch. We in HWS are doing our own feverish testing to make sure you have a cool experience, too. Once everything is ironed out, lips can start flappin’. :lips: … Maybe :wink:

But it will be worth it. New experience. :sunglasses: Prepare for change.

I assume POIs will take advantage of the regen feature now?

Also can you push Empyrion to release a date (even if its just a few days ahead of go-live)? I assume it will be dropping sometime this upcoming week.

We’re keeping our ears as close as humanly possible. They are all heads down as well and come up for air to put out change logs and drop builds.

When it drops we have several hours of work, so we will be behind public but same day.

Keeps your eyes peeled to the forums this week starting tomorrow for some juicy info from our dear leader. :wink: