Empyrion Alpha 6.0 RC 4.2 | T-4

Hey @everyone,

another RC just got released and you can already smell it… we are very close to 6.0…

Still a lot to do for HWS 6.0 but I hope I get the crucial things done.

I updated today our HWS Guide look and feel a bit

But all the text needs to get updated for the release so please bare with me / us if we can’t release the latest fresh Guide on the release date. Time is just rushing.
There will be a massive big announcement just before the HWS 6.0 launch - chill back a bit and read dat thing and you are 99% good to go.
For the rest please just ask.

We will update the whole guide ASAP.

Thanks for your understanding.

Your HWS Team


Still good work. Thats what we want to see before the launch of 6.0! :+1:

Looks great! :grin:

Loving the polishing that’s going on!