Empyrion Feature Requsts

You can do this with light blocks at high intenisty, low range. Just wide enough to be seen on surface
a quick scan will show you which lights are out

Problem with light blocks is that they only render at close range and cause quite a bit of rendering strain on the engine when they do.

I don’t know if we need a sound block if we actually had a way of tracking missing blocks while in combat. I feel it’s a “One or The Other” thing.

This has been a good thread - @RexXxuS @Jascha - can you guys either pass these on to the devs or cherry pick which you personally feel are best and send at least those?

Some tickets are already written. Some are written two days ago.
Talked with Chris and well some will change in a good way. But it needs some time…


Thank you! This is wish list and I’m glad it’s making it’s way to the devs. My main desire it to be heard by the devs - what happens after that is up to them as they know what is easily done and what isn’t.

Thank you again for passing this on.

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I already love this forum…

I’m gonna talk out of my ass for a minute, bear with me.

It feels like turrets fire faster this patch which is weird because their stats on paper haven’t changed. At least on our private test server they fire much faster than we have seen before.

If collision detection is what’s causing massive lag in space battles I’m wondering if doubling turret damage and reducing fire rate by half would help take some pressure off of server collision detection and alleviate the lag a bit.


Love the idea, but ultimately it would lower dps to any turret that already 1 shots everything within its aoe.

we need to have a little warp drive for SV !

they will be more usefull as of now, of course a warp that can be mounted only on quite big SV, you can make it a 4x4 or 6x6 block tall, but i really miss that feature personnally

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I’d like a SV warp but that only works in the same orbit. So I don’t have to waste 10 minutes just getting from my space base to the planet in orbit.
But first, they should fix the ‘combat jump’ problem (i.e., not able to jump if received damage or fired weapons in the last 30 seconds)

Simple feature. An unlock all button for tech tree. Spending 10 minutes clicking everything after a reset is a real pain.


Alliance chat so we don’t have to steam 1 person at a time xD, and before you say discord, its not so great without a 2nd monitor.

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I asked for that so many times but still none. At the end of 5.0 I noticed I still forgot to learn some recipes :P. Blueprints FTW.

Bumping to post that, again, whatever changed about turrets between 4.0 and 5.0 should be reverted.

Anything more than a 1v1 CV fight results in absurd amounts of lag.

This is a fantastic example:

In 1v1 it’s a bit laggy but it’s playable. When NeR shows up wtih more ships the lag becomes unbearable and this was with only 4 ships on the playfield.

Would this be better to post on the official forums?


In the map window, there is an option that list all planets known to the game and provide planet’s stats.
On the right panel (where some stats are displayed) there is a lot of empty space.
The yaml configuration file could include a ‘description’ text field that could be displayed there.
The admins could add some much needed info like taxes, wipe times, restrictions, etc.
This would reduce the number of support requests and questions in global chat.

I think someone already suggested, but if they are doing a cv mining turret, a cv dissasembling turret (or multitool turret that mines/dissasembly) would be highly appreciated.

Also, I would like to make several jumps without refilling the warp tank. (At least 2 jumps, so I can quickly get out of the system I just arrived).
Now I get that the server wants you to force a traverse a path from one planet to another, and I like it. But a good solution would be that the game let’s you define warp drive’s maximum range.
So you set it to 12 and reconfigure the planets to be within that distance.
Another solution would be to make T2 warp tank with 50 slots, but keep maximum warp distance to 25. But since the crystals only stack to 5, I find all this 25 crystals per jump stuff pretty annoying.

Pent Auto Loader Block (/hopper). Keep 25 max in warp tank, Special high energy storage box that if enabled will auto fill the warp tank as soon as it is emptied. That would keep the idea of limited warp range, but allow a pilot to pay a premium to allow for multiple sequential jumps.

Yea, that would also do it. Or, the warp tank being like an ammo box, you put crystals in excess but the warp drive can get 25 cr at once.

I think Pentax should stack to at least 25 per stack at the very least.

BUT I totally disagree on having larger tanks unless some way of forcing a CV combat via interdiction is available.

Being able to just warp away from a fight is cheesy enough as is.

Well, since currently warp camping is not permitted, you should have enough time to refill the warp tank as soon as you jump in, then you can jump at any time during combat…
I liked from Battlestar Gallactica Online, it had a time delay+no weapons firing during countdown if you tried to warp during combat.
The 25 stack is also a good patch fix.

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It’s working!

  • Added new feature: Add / remove 100 templates from / to construction queue via Shift/Control click
  • Increased stacking size of Pentaxid and removed stacking limit of Pentaxid Ore
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