Epic pistol droprate?

621 aliens kills, 5+ planets wiped out of all aliens. No pistol… TONS of miniguns and plasma’s but no pistol. Many dozens of autominers (more than I ever need) but no pistol… Is the pistol the most rare & valuable item in the game or is RNG stacked against me?

You’re going about it all wrong. We killed a handful of traders and most had epic pistols.


Tiny let me know if you need one, I will trade ya for ten am cores.

PKA has extra´s for you… You want to trade ? We need assoult riffles.

Sorry guys but this RNG luck is on EU-PVE server. Can’t trade with PVP, there’s no crosswarp. Otherwise I would gladly trade them for other epics or 10 AM cores.

But yes PKA on EU-PVP needs assault rifles, we have no use for pistols as Zappe said, if you need to trade.

^ Still no pistol.

Also I believe that some singleplayer missions can not be completed. Because the 5.0 universe does not have every single possible POI type (because of custom POI’s)… And the mission generator is not smart enough to see that.

Droprate for epic pistol must be epicly low.

I’m sure some admin visits all the POI’s 1 minute before me and changes the epic pistols into miniguns and such :wink:

But now I’m running out of aliens. Almost none left in the universe. Only a few on the pirates side left perhaps because I visited all other planets. The aliens know me as “The Butcher of 5.0” now. But all they had to do was give me a pistol.

Nope… this is from a just resetted planet captured:

And no, I didn’t take it… The chances are equally 1/8. Good luck.

P.S. You have almost better chances to win the 1,5 million lottery jackpot! Play now: lot:? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hard part is to find out which planets reset and which didn’t. Checked 8 planets today. And again no meteorites on homeworld that I could find. Perhaps I must be more patient. Soon 1000 alien kills for the quest for the epic pistol.

Update: Meteoerite droprate seems to be 3 per hour on my current planet and they drop relatively close after another. So 45 minutes of AFK per 3 meteorites… Not fun to mine…
Update 2: Now they start dropping faster… I still have no idea what influences the droprate of meteorites either. So odd sometimes

Got it!. But wow the droprate for pistols for me was seriously terrible. But I got one. 900ish alien kills and over 10+ planets cleared for it including the really hard poi’s.

I must say that the new POI’s are really awesome. Nice designs! I wish the amount of sentry guns were a bit lower though.

RNG is not a great design though. That means that 1 on 10 players needs to find ~80 epic weapons before they find the right one if I quickly calculated right (which I probably didn’t)? I hope that the way we earn RP quickly changes because I really dislike it for several reasons.

Also perhaps add some plasma and minigun ammo to the bigger POI’s. Some of them cost me like 15k bullets (without cheesing it) for ONE large POI and I get back like 150ish minigun bullets…

And perhaps add like 40k credits to the really large POI’s. Once you got the epics & cores there is no point in running POI’s other than for fun.

Well, that seems ok to me. You’re getting the fabled epic weapon, so you have to invest serious stuff to obtain it.
Also, if it were ‘farmable’, you would keep it doing it forever and then no other factions could get the poi and the epic, but only the first factions that got online and got the pois and big ships before everyone else.

I disagree.

  • Well after you get your first one you can just use the supply command every week to get more epics.
  • Also you can’t occupy a POI forever anyway because they reset randomly.
  • Big PVP factions have better things to do than to camp a POI.
  • With the random POI resets on a crowded server it’s really hard to find a POI that is not looted.

Epic weapons epicly suck. Their only purpose is giving RP so you can get the supply package. Getting more than 1 RP feels kinda pointless if you PVP because you will lose it too fast.

And yes some epics CAN be farmed infinitely (I PM-ed Rex about this) not sure if I can post it publicly but had no response yet.

Then I am not aware of the latest changes. I just saw that even logging on on monday after work, all pois were already taken, and many epic weapons in the market at crazy prices, which makes no sense because the people that has crazy credits are the ones that can also loot the epics. The small factions cannot afford the prices nor beat the big factions to the poi.

Then be a big faction. Biggest factions always win in these kind of games.

Biggest factions wins by being the first ones. But there’s no point in they being the only ones that can do it.
Of course, if you are the one in the big faction you don’t want that taken off from you…
They need to revise this rp/epic stuff…

I’m a Guardian .D

We have loaner Rifles, in exchange for your miner core. But only one, so you would need to warp in our ship to make sure you make it.

You need only one because then you can use the supply package to get another one. But that bugged for me and I didn’t get my epic from the supply…

I was hoping for random alien spawns, including ships with decent AI for 5.0… Would solve a lot of problems. Aliens and 5.0 in general didn’t feel suited for a crowded server and felt more aimed at singleplayer.