EU RED Wins with HWS Rules

The real question is, is Eleon aware of this situation and are they going to fix it since this has been going on for several months now? Literally the only thing they have ‘fixed’ in the past few months was turrets shooting underground.

All I see from them nowadays is bullshit features like NPC crew and single player tuning :frowning:

It used to be fixed, Eleon added this on purpose so that when people where moving and pressed f to get out of their ship they wouldn’t get stuck in walls

I know, they still should have realized they screwed the pooch on the implementation. It might have sounded good on paper but works horrible in practice.

Getting stuck in the hull? Everyone should know you always have a multi-tool on your hotbar. I’ve never met a ship I was unable to punch my way out of. I still get stuck in my hull sometimes, so I mostly try to O align before getting in/out of a seat. The ‘please wait until your ship has stopped’ crap is still annoying as hell too.

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problem is they didnt fix exactly that, what they did is turrets under initial terrain are not shooting. So now when you dig a cave, build underground base and place turrets there to defend it they wont shoot as they are under initial terrain. No matter its in cave or whatever. Well AG zone wasted the rest so it doesnt matter anyway…
I think after the HWS famous CV and SV test they realised that this will need holy intervation to be fixed so they going to stick to SP to satisfy at least those 6 single players camping on official forum, they seem pretty happy.

AG zone without surface damage from a weapons it is MADNESS. LOL. Now ANY base can be unkillable. So every noob can build a base with 100% secure from a raid.

lol, why this thing made me laugh so much? :smiley: or maybe its because of some oral drugs that i take because my doctor recommended me to take them? anyway, thanks for making me laugh :smiley:

Yes, this. 7.0 brought some nice build tools and height mapping, along with even worse game play. To the point where its nearly intolerable. Multiple game breaking mechanics atm.