EU Server Factions/Players General Statistics 2017-01-09

Nikola Tesla,

This is great information that you have compiled and offered up to the community. It shows that you are enjoying the server and your game time as are so many others along with you. Now what would be great, is to continue expanding on this thread as in EU Server Factions and Player General Statistics as well as the roles these factions and/or players play in the server.

Based on the information I have read, there is a story behind the server and its intended game play. As so, the server owner and admins have pushed so hard to develop the faction based gameplay style which forces us to choose what gameplay role we wish to use during our time here on the HWS EU server. I myself have chosen the trader role, where I intend to gather resources, sell on the marketplace, and offer up help to those less fortunate or in need. As a trader, I am bound to live a peaceful neutral lifestyle and not KOS “Kill on sight” but rather only shoot after being shot at. Knowing that as a trader, my only real threat is the Pirates and Freelancers who act as pirates. My secondary threat is that I may be shot at by other traders on my home planet due to alliance issues, and by other factions not in alliance with us when in proximity “range of weapons”. So as a trader I tend to keep my distance and as such, my choice of game play style.

You on the other hand, have chosen to join the server as a bounty hunter. The role of the bounty hunter is that of a gun for hire or profiteer of killing those who have grieved others in some form or fashion. You have chosen to scour the galaxy’s in search of the highest price head, to bring a form of justice by the means of payment. What really puzzles me in your choice to be a bounty hunter, is that you camp near the warp area of the trader planet Neptune, but maybe just outside the server definition of warp camping. Once a trader ship warps in to the Neptune orbit, you engage in attacking and stealing. Just a little over nine hours ago I fell victim to one of your attacks as a passenger on Wulfer’s capitol vessel during a return trip from elemental marketplace. When we warped into orbit, we saw your ship off to our far right and we proceeded to go directly to the planet. I watched you turn around and proceed to engage us and destroy our ship just as we were entering the atmosphere. Of course I was killed and as I respawned at current location I was floating next to the ship and died again to your turrets. The next respawn at current location had me falling to my death from the atmosphere.

Now I anticipate this sort of thing can happen and will happen from pirates, but I would not expect this to be the actions of a bounty hunter. It goes against the server definition of the factions and there intended role in the gameplay of the story as outlined. Now before I joined, a read up on the server guide, many posts within the forum, and determined which gameplay style best fit me. Much of this decision was based on the basic rules of engagement and intended roles of factions that I have read within this very forum posted by others, and commented on by the owner/admins of this server. A very good explanation of intended rules of engagement I noted is as quoted below.

Now according to this quote, Hunters “AKA Bounty Hunters” are not to attack Allinace, Hunter, Trader, and non-faction players except as under the terms of a Hunter Contract. So could you please justify your attack on Wulfer and myself a little over 9 hours ago at Neptune Orbit? Your in-game chat of “Looking for fresh meat” does not ring true of a Bounty Hunter, but more so of a Pirate “You did kill us and steal from us as a pirate would do and would be expected as such”. I suggest that your actions deem you to be a Pirate and as such force you to live on a Pirate planet rather than safely on a Hunters planet.

Now, I am not crying over spilled milk here, it is what it is, but now I question the servers intention of factions and how they play a role within the HWS world. Input from others would be appreciated on how they see the roles of factions and their perception of rules of engagement. Let us open the communication channels here.

Lug Nut

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