Faction IFF Rules

Deprecated! This is not relevant anymore!

Since it was so helpfully produced by another person…

[quote=“Aodhgan”]Here is a matrix I created to clarify the faction relations. Rexxxus has already seen it.

The axes are not labeled (i.e., attacked/defender) as the matrix can be read either direction. The symmetrical design is intentional, to prevent situations where one faction type can “shoot first,” but the opposing faction cannot. Note that “non-faction” refers to players who are not part of any faction, e.g., a new player. I won’t cover remedies for infractions nor details of Hunter contracts in this post, but encourage further discussion of those topics.

A = May Attack-on-Sight.

  • = May attack/be attacked only under the terms of a Hunter contract.

(Alliance, Trader and non-faction are effectively equivalent. They are differentiated by the capabilities, rewards and responsibilities granted each.)[/quote]

These are the rules of engagements with particular factions, note that BH can’t just attack at will, they have to be fighting someone as part of a contract, and once paid, they cease attacking said person. However a benefactor may still pay to attack someone, however there should be at some point an end to the contract, as admins deem appropriate.

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Was under the impression that pirates could attack other pirates, please clarify.

Thanks for pointing this out. Effective with Factions 2.0, pirates may attack other pirates. I’ve changed my original post. Fenra will need to correct the quote on this one.

This does say pirates can attack other pirates…? I edited the bit that said pirates can attack traders on sight.

Thanks for the change.

Out of curiosity why would you attack fellow pirates though? If the idea is to blow stuff up and get rich, wouldn’t there be a common interest in making sure Alliance wouldn’t get a foothold? Granted Alliance factions seem rather stagnant most of the time, however that could change.

Pirates aren’t there to make friends, to them their own faction > everything else. They are sneaky and usually strong players so they don’t really need allies, the more allies they have the less targets their are to rob.
Nothing stops pirates from making allies with certain other pirate factions out of mutual interest thou, like SWP and SAM, but from my observations factions such as ZEP are constantly bombarding SWP, and SWP seem to enjoy the content so why change that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s an image to replace the BBcode version that didn’t translate well to the new board…

Post has been fixed!

Than you, sir!

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Faction rules have changed in the story. Traders can now attack everybody except other traders.

Nothing on the website indicates any changes… I will review with Rex tomorrow to see if there needs to be any.

Thank you for making this Clear.
So what are the repercussion of Factions that break these rules ? are they Forced to Lawless ?
Not that it matter’s im fairly new to the Server, and I’m here for PVP, but i was just attacked by what a thought was the same Faction as me ? or atleast there last name in there tag is traders… it is confusing a little…

And again today on server… several being attacked or not knowing who, is in what faction…

Any chance we can get this basic but functioning diagram in PDA ? or a locked sticky ? :slight_smile:

love the game sofar! just have to learn who does and does NOT follow these rules !

it is sadly hard / impossible to track this automatically. So for now it was always kind of a job for Hunter then. Setting a bounty on them. Mostly they got their payback.
As long as we can’t track it automatically like having the data that player x killed player B we pushing this for bounty hunters more in the future. So they have some jobs to do.
With a kind of job board in HWS connect

A updated table of this coming to the website and PDA in 4.0 yes! :slight_smile: