EU Server Factions/Players General Statistics 2017-01-09

5th Dimension Corporation (5DC) faction presents WorldBook Statistical report / 2017-01-09

As you know, EU World has 5 origins/nations, with total number of 439 different factions/organizations.

:100: World our is next (by factions):
:one: 124 factions (28.2%) of freelancers,
:two: 85 factions (19.3%) of guardians,
:three: 85 factions (19.3%) of pirates,
:four: 83 factions (18.9%) of traders, and
:five: 62 factions (14.1%) of hunters.

:100: The total population of the EU World is 970 players (by population)
:one: 245 players (25.2%) of pirates,
:two: 243 players (25.0%) of guardians,
:three: 180 players (18.5%) of traders,
:four: 153 players (15.7%) of hunters, and
:five: 149 players (15.3%) of freelancers.

:100: The organizational ratio of “Number of People”/Number of Factions" is next:
:one: 2.88 players per faction - pirates,
:two: 2.86 players per faction - guardians,
:three: 2.46 players per faction - hunters,
:four: 2.16 players per faction - traders, and
:five: 1.20 players per faction - freelancers.

:100: Top 10 list of factions (by number of players):
:one: 34 players - SWP (pirates)
:two: 24 players - U-P (pirates)
:three: 24 players - PKA (guardians)
:four: 22 players - ROR (guardians)
:five: 16 players - Gua ( guardians)
:six: 14 players - LLP (pirates)
:seven: 13 players - Sch (pirates)
:eight: 12 players - PKR (guardians)
:nine: 12 players - ROK (hunters)
:ten: 10 players - PKI (hunters)

:scroll: Disclaimer of 5DC

  1. 5DC Faction is not affiliated with HWS Administration, Eleon Game Studios, Empyrion Dev Team or other sides/factions.
  2. We do not claim ownership or rights over statistical data. Our only purpose is to provide statistical information.
  3. All statistical data are found on HWS server. We don’t claim to own any of the content. All statistical data are belongs to their respective owners.

5DC will update this statistical information periodically.

Thats awsum :smiley: wow im surprised there is so many 1man free lancer factions!

Nikola Tesla,

This is great information that you have compiled and offered up to the community. It shows that you are enjoying the server and your game time as are so many others along with you. Now what would be great, is to continue expanding on this thread as in EU Server Factions and Player General Statistics as well as the roles these factions and/or players play in the server.

Based on the information I have read, there is a story behind the server and its intended game play. As so, the server owner and admins have pushed so hard to develop the faction based gameplay style which forces us to choose what gameplay role we wish to use during our time here on the HWS EU server. I myself have chosen the trader role, where I intend to gather resources, sell on the marketplace, and offer up help to those less fortunate or in need. As a trader, I am bound to live a peaceful neutral lifestyle and not KOS “Kill on sight” but rather only shoot after being shot at. Knowing that as a trader, my only real threat is the Pirates and Freelancers who act as pirates. My secondary threat is that I may be shot at by other traders on my home planet due to alliance issues, and by other factions not in alliance with us when in proximity “range of weapons”. So as a trader I tend to keep my distance and as such, my choice of game play style.

You on the other hand, have chosen to join the server as a bounty hunter. The role of the bounty hunter is that of a gun for hire or profiteer of killing those who have grieved others in some form or fashion. You have chosen to scour the galaxy’s in search of the highest price head, to bring a form of justice by the means of payment. What really puzzles me in your choice to be a bounty hunter, is that you camp near the warp area of the trader planet Neptune, but maybe just outside the server definition of warp camping. Once a trader ship warps in to the Neptune orbit, you engage in attacking and stealing. Just a little over nine hours ago I fell victim to one of your attacks as a passenger on Wulfer’s capitol vessel during a return trip from elemental marketplace. When we warped into orbit, we saw your ship off to our far right and we proceeded to go directly to the planet. I watched you turn around and proceed to engage us and destroy our ship just as we were entering the atmosphere. Of course I was killed and as I respawned at current location I was floating next to the ship and died again to your turrets. The next respawn at current location had me falling to my death from the atmosphere.

Now I anticipate this sort of thing can happen and will happen from pirates, but I would not expect this to be the actions of a bounty hunter. It goes against the server definition of the factions and there intended role in the gameplay of the story as outlined. Now before I joined, a read up on the server guide, many posts within the forum, and determined which gameplay style best fit me. Much of this decision was based on the basic rules of engagement and intended roles of factions that I have read within this very forum posted by others, and commented on by the owner/admins of this server. A very good explanation of intended rules of engagement I noted is as quoted below.

Now according to this quote, Hunters “AKA Bounty Hunters” are not to attack Allinace, Hunter, Trader, and non-faction players except as under the terms of a Hunter Contract. So could you please justify your attack on Wulfer and myself a little over 9 hours ago at Neptune Orbit? Your in-game chat of “Looking for fresh meat” does not ring true of a Bounty Hunter, but more so of a Pirate “You did kill us and steal from us as a pirate would do and would be expected as such”. I suggest that your actions deem you to be a Pirate and as such force you to live on a Pirate planet rather than safely on a Hunters planet.

Now, I am not crying over spilled milk here, it is what it is, but now I question the servers intention of factions and how they play a role within the HWS world. Input from others would be appreciated on how they see the roles of factions and their perception of rules of engagement. Let us open the communication channels here.

Lug Nut

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If he was under contract to kill and raid you, he is under no obligation to tell you that. Your main recourse is to not ally with him, and have your allies break alliance with him. That should be the main motivator for actions and diplomacy, not being worried about having to justify every action under the guidelines to everyone who asks.

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What you have said makes sense in any other PVP game I have played, but the server owner and admins here have tried to create a different scenario, a mix of PVP and PVE. In any other PVP game, I would play the role of shoot/raid whomever you wish if they are not your ally. In this game though, because there are factions and there intended game role, you should be more aware of your situation. When you come up against another player, you are now facing several decisions before acting. As a Trader, I do not want to engage a guardian, as they are suppose to be protectors. Or maybe it is a Hunter, I have no quarrel with them, I should not have to worry about being attacked either, so I move on my merry way. Then again, it could be like, oh crap, it’s scary pirates, they are coming to steal from us, stay and fight or run as fast as you can. I like the added mix to the game the server has tried to make, now it is not shoot on sight, but rather actions and consequences based on your ability to make a good or a bad decision. Even in real life, current day Bounty Hunters have to show proof of a bounty in order to justify their actions. If in fact there was a bounty, then there should be justifiable proof. Without this proof, I see this as just simple pillaging, that of a Pirate. The issue here is this person has acted as such, a pirate, but lives in the safety of a Hunter rather than among other pirates who may kill/raid him/her.

So I really do not understand the role factions are doing for the server if basically anyone can act as something while calling themselves something else. I guess I could choose to be a guardian then and go out killing anyone I want and stealing their stuff, who cares right? So much for the reputation system then, might as well throw that one out the window IMO.

IDK, food for thought I guess

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I mean, if you were killed by another trader, or guardian, I agree that would would be a massive distance from intended roles. But your parallel to real world in the case of bounty hunters doesnt work here. The reason for the need to show a bounty is that there is a governing body in place that punishes killing. This is not the case in HWS. Even if it were however, it would be more of a proof of contract to the admins or a guardian alliance, than it would be a need to prove to you that you were a contract. The whole bounty hunting idea in this game is that you just personally want someone dead. Its more of a hitman in that sense than a bounty hunter that brings in people skipping bail. Mostly because of who ISSUES the bounty. No bounty hunter in their right mind would tell you who put out a contract on you, because that confidentiality is crucial in most cases. Otherwise why hire a third party?

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I agree with the confidentiality, and if this was a true legitimate bounty hit, then by all means justified. A person of authority should be able to chime in on that. If it was, then I do not want to know by who unless that person wanted to make that public information. The key point in this scenario was the statement made in global chat, “looking for fresh meat”, this is not a confirmation of carrying out a contract. Since I do not have screen shots or video, it is just hear-say and therefore holds no weight. My concern here is more along the lines of “what sense is there for factions if faction guidelines are not followed”. I do not care that I was killed, it is a PVP server, it is to be expected at some point, but without faction role guidelines, then I should not be held accountable should I decide to go outside previously intended server game play roles.

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I concur with Mcprouty on this, as much as it really annoys me to do so. The entire idea of a Bounty Hunter is to anonymously put hits on people for BH’s to kill people. Now, there are certain ways for BH’s to make notice more discreetly I’d think (asking for intel on a person, for example). However that isn’t required to fill a bounty, so bounties don’t need to be broadcasted in order to prove they are a bounty.

Have you considered the idea that Wulfer was the bounty, not you? It sucks to be collateral dmg, but such is life. I will clarify this in my IFF rules post.

lol Did I somehow rub you the wrong way Fenra?

No no, I just hate the potential for abuse of BH’s being quasi-pirate. Would love to have a Bounty board on the HWS Connect that could somehow track kills for bounty.

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Ya, or a hws database for legitimate bounties that can be claimed by a faction. But that seems far down the road

Exactly my point as well.

If there was a bounty on Wulfer or myself, then by all means it was justified. I love the bounty hunter system in PVP games, as it adds another level of excitement in its own.

Hmmm from our 24 Players are min 10-12 inaktiv. Is that a Bug that we cant kick them when they are Offline? nood need 25 Days offline Players in the faction :joy:

ya we REALLY need the ability to do faction administration both for offline people, and people in different playfields.

Thank you RexXxus for your recent post clarifying the faction/origin system. Your post has cleared the air on what I apparently misunderstood regarding the intended gameplay style. For further clarification, I was not hating if that was directed towards myself, but rather seeking clarification. For those of you that missed this post, it can be found here Clarification about origins guide.

To Nikola Tesla, GG and well played

Lugnut, all thanks
Admins closed from public discussion topic about case “Wulfer vs Nikola Tesla”, please read again HWS Rules, page 28, article 6, Story 5.0, where clear message to everyone, about origins, and especially flexible bounty hunters …

Last topic of Rexxxus, where Admins responded in such way about the development of role play relations, and thanks to that they clarified for all the players, because in the global chat, in discord rooms, and on the forum, remained residual opinions of players, which some of them are contrary to the HWS Rules.

This is the key message should be clear to everyone: each player and faction creates own gameplay around itself, by itself, as it might, analysing their potential, ability, language, country, time. A task of all others, to find their way, to find common base for relations, to find compromise, to find a way to become stronger, developing themselves, or entering into other strong faction.

I understand Administrators, why they did it, and it is because:

1. Burden.
Too many problems with the players complains, many of them, perhaps 80%, because people simply do not read the HWS Guide, and because he did not even play in single player. The problem that in our community we have inadequate provocateurs, or just people who do not want to learn, and ask too many questions, and don’t want to find answers to them.

2. Ability.
Role play of the server, I think, hard administered, thank you even made sure that each nation has its own starting planet, its moon, and the origin planet, and the server is able to issue automatic warnings, this is not on the all other servers. We must be able to say thanks to administrators

3. New trends.
In my mind, maybe I’m wrong, all previous ideas that were in the creation and development of the server, in respect of the role play were compensated by opportunity to have alliances. And it’s not just have friendly fire on friendly ships when they are stay close together. 5.0 ideas created quite new level of relations between all participants: players and nations (origins). This is much higher than the previous level of Empyrion game before.

4. New 4th Dimension
Everyone can lead a completely new relationship with everyone. “Qualified factions” can form its own special diplomatic policy, determine the levels of trust, mutual assistance, or to declare the … war.
It has not been since the inception of the game, and not everyone has noticed that it changes the game from the moment you came to the starter planet, before development when your faction sets in his own image and likeness of diplomatic requirements with stronger or similar factions. How you will conduct your diplomacy depends primarily on your own ideas, or borrowed.

5. New persons - Diplomats
Diplomacy may be different, it relates to the formation of a positive friendly atmosphere between the factions, or is contrary aggressive way where factions can cause pressure on all other weak faction, giving the alliance (protecting ?), instead of getting resources, gifts, loyalty. Diplomacy may also relate to: defectors among the clans, delivery of resources, dominance in certain regions of the galaxy, grievance, creation of a new intergalactic doctrine (creating HWS Interstellar Council, where there are representatives of all the key factions, even though they may be enemies), social relations and others …

As a first step – I have an open question, to Top10 factions (published before), can you publish:

  • Your diplomatic policy?
  • Your policy on conflict resolution?
  • Your policy of tributes … ? :slight_smile:

6.Nations (Origins).
Dividing by the nation’s, Administrators continued their ideas begun in previous projects. Each player will have its own stamp in the passport, where he/she was born (yes, there is limitation that people who born as traders can play only in trade factions, but I think this will be removed in the future to develop the international factions).
But 5.0 creating the possibility of concluding alliances, makes finding mutual trust, and then across the galaxy.
For example:

Origin planet Saturn, where hunters can settle together or separately, as dangerous and within the hunters, because everyone has his own style of play. You as a hunter is required with other hunters to find common base of relations, compromise, promise, delivery, tributes … or other ways. When you will find “diplomatic peace” in your nation/origin, you can form relationships across Galaxy with other nations, using same experience, which you used in previous discussion with your native nation, and also using the power of communication of the Hunter nation in your own diplomacy.

For example:

I know that the EU Guardians have jointly carried out the major operation, and they have a communication between several factions, to solve some problems with Pirates, or Wild Hunters, like me :slight_smile:

An open question:

  • Is this not the real roleplay, when each player making own history and relations (or roleplay for you only when trader does not attacked another trader, for no reason) ?
  • Are you agree, that each “qualified faction”, should have different role play at least organisational roles of people: head of factions, deputies, chief diplomats, recruiters, … ? :slight_smile:

7. Reputation.
It is more interesting aspect, and it is change atmosphere of roleplay. If trader will attack other traders, they loosing their individual social responsibility to other traders, in case of factions - it is corporate social responsibility. Traders can hunt him together, or with all other alliances. Or ask other alliances to break all diplomatic relations with this dirty trader. Same for all other nations (origins), like Hunters or Pirates. Pirates can be different, they can kill you, steal your CV, steal your loot and backpack, but finally present your small sv with energy cells and o2.

All these raised issues will help HWS Community to make own rules of the game, without Admins involvement. Lets they will spend their expensive time for new features, missions, planets or etc. Lets have a new wave of our roleplay, where we will enjoy new environment … :slight_smile:

Best regards,
Nikola Tesla, 5D Hunter Faction

PS1. I will update statistics periodically, to see how roleplay will change the number of people in a particular nation, number of factions, and their organization ratio. I hope that this primary data will give us interesting overview, what happens in our Galaxy ……

PS2. Idea about “HWS EU Interstellar Council” raized from my analysis, becouse on 3rd step of our Diplomatic relations, when we will have connections between factions, we should have more overdiplomatic instruments. The idea of council - is when each faction can have one delegate for decision making and participation of each faction. First issues can be as Actions plan, for example:

  • for solving problems with Pirates, Hunters …
  • Support newcomers programm by origins
  • Common Trade Policy …
  • Galactic MedEvac service creation of (may be on franchise method),
  • development some infrastructure projects …
  • other issues
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  1. I agree that many don’t read the guide or only read a few sections. But then again the guide was a bit late for 5.0 so some players forgot to read the guide after it was updated or they thought they read the updated guide (said 5.0 while it was still mostly 4.0) but the guide was half finished. Imo the admin should not release the new guide until it’s finished because for me personally at least that caused some confusion.

Regarding diplomacy, I still don’t understand why all traders, hunters and alliance just don’t alliance-up and then together stomp the pirates (& freelancers). Together they are SO MUCH stronger even when flying paper ships as long as they have the numbers and keep zerging. The universe can be theirs.
My theory is that 80-90% of the server is actually PVE played. But for some reason they don’t move over to PVE server (maybe they don’t want to lose their OCD and such?). Especially when seeing most people’s ships in 4.0… 80%+ is PVE paper ships from people that just want to mine&build and then whine when they warp simultaneously with someone else…

Reputation = joke. The way in which it is obtained is bad (but much better than 4.0), lose RP on death and if you don’t PVP any RP beyond 1 is completely useless (except for traders, which can be exploited).

Also there is a misconception regarding the PVE server being 100% PVE. It has also PVP planets and is more like 4.0 (PVE in outer rings with PVP in center area). If you don’t want to daily PVP and if you live on a PVE planet anyway, then playing on PVP server is kinda weird unless you do it for the trill of being noob-stomped.