EU Server Factions/Players General Statistics 2017-06-05

5th Dimension Corporation (5DC) faction presents WorldBook Statistical report / 2017-01-09
Last report was about 5 months ago -
link EU Server Factions/Players General Statistics 2017-01-09
As you know, EU World has 5 origins/nations, with total number of 1370 factions (before was 439 factions)

:100: World our is next with shares of Origins (approx., by factions):
:one: 382 factions (27.8%) of freelancers, before - 124 factions; same place
:two: 303 factions (22.1%) of pirates, before - 85 factions; moved from 3rd place
:three: 240 factions (17.5%) of guardians, before - 85 factions; moved from 2nd place
:four: 227 factions (16.5%) of traders, before - 83 factions; same place
:five: 218 factions (15.9%) of hunters, before - 62 factions; same place

:100: The total population of the EU World is 6927 registered players. Five months were just 970 players.
It is on 21% more than number of players on NA server - total 5700 registered players.

:100: Top 10 list of factions (by number of players):
:one: 50 players - U-P (pirates), moved from 2nd place
:two: 44 players - PKA (guardians), moved from 3rd place
:three: 43 players - FST (traders), new
:four: 43 players - SWP (pirates), moved from 1st place
:five: 31 players - ESH (hunters), new
:six: 30 players - FTS (guardians), new
:seven: 26 players - RED (pirates), new
:eight: 24 players - Gua (guardians), moved from 5th place
:nine: 21 players - ROK (hunters), same place
:ten: 20 players - ACM (traders), new

:scroll: Disclaimer of 5DC

  1. 5DC Faction is not affiliated with HWS Administration, Eleon Game Studios, Empyrion Dev Team or other sides/factions.
  2. We do not claim ownership or rights over statistical data. Our only purpose is to provide statistical information.
  3. All statistical data are found on HWS server. We don’t claim to own any of the content. All statistical data are belongs to their respective owners.
  4. Some approximate calculations are used for illustrative purpose only :slight_smile:
  5. 5DC will update this statistical information periodically.

Nice Work Nikola, makes for interesting reading.

Ooh Ooh, Do NA next. :smiley: