Event Announcement: ESR (Elemental Space Race) Successful!

Hey Racers and Survivalists out there,

it was about time! The popular Event ESR (former ISR) is back!

What: A SV race and capture the flag food! High reward if all food is collected!

When: EU - Sunday 13.11.2016 at 9PM (UTC+1) (HWS NA on sunday 06.11.2016 at 4PM (UTC-5))

Where: HWS EU - Elemental Event Orbit / Planet. You will be able to jump to there (HWS NA on sunday same time)

Long story:

Former known as ISR (Intergalactic Space Race) it is now back as ESR (Elemental Space Race).
In this race you need to collect important goods to survive - but you are not alone!

Try to fly through all checkpoints and collect the goods before your enemy can do it. The space / orbit is PvE so the fastest racer wins in that part. But be careful… Aliens try to steal your show…

But activate your weapons and enter the real fun. The invincible “Elemental Event Planet” (contains completely out of BedRock)!

Customized and ready to rumble it is waiting for you and has the final good you need to collect. The more you get from it the higher the reward! Just keep in mind that this time it is PvP!

Rules of ESR

  1. No OCD allowed
  2. Only SV allowed
  3. Only o2 / Ammo / Fuel (SV) are allowed to bring to the event
  4. You have to follow the ESR POLICE orders
  5. Detailed instructions will be announced on the start / goal line to prevent preparations
  6. If you don’t follow the orders or misbehave during the event you will be disqualified
  7. You can only participate once


The more you collect on the Elemental Event Planet the higher your reward. But still: you have to be first in the goal to win! Decide how much you take with you or fly faster.
Only if you collect everything needed and be the first you get:

1st Price: 8.025.000 million credits (equal to OCD level 5) (+ credits of your loot)

2st Price: 3 Donator Resource Packages (+ credits of your loot)

3st Price: Choose one of the available NPC Trader packages and get it for free (+ credits of your loot)

Everyone else who participated: 7 RP (Reputation Points)

Good luck everyone and see you on friday / sunday! :slight_smile:

Your HWS Team


O2 forbidden too?

Ah no. That is also ok

Eh… So early start, wouldnt be able to participate(((

It is evening… we can also say 9PM if it is overall better?

Yes! Its looks much better.

6 PM - its end of work time, than 1 h to go home, and 30-40 mins to cook some food xD And we got free, only at 8 PM (if everything go ideal, without any surprises, that happens not so often). So I think, 9 PM looks much better.

Ok, I changed it to 9 PM for everyone

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Ooo… This looks like alot of fun… Im on. and need to rebuild a new SV for this

So if i get this right those checkpoints gives you food, and down on the planet you will collect certain items?

More or less correct. More infos before you start the engine on the start / goal line :wink:

All you need to know for now:
prepare a fast SV with some gun power :slight_smile:

Some info about size?

(As I saw one day, SV sized like mid-CV… Epic fuel consumption, but also to much armor layers)

If you bring a monster SV you only might smell the thrusters of the guy in front of you.
Since the first part is PvE you need to concentrate on a fast SV (even though some Alien Drones might interrupt you) :wink:

Later on the planet you need to be armored though… or fast enough to dodge everything.
Good balance is the key here ^.^

This is… omg so cool. What a neat event. Can’t wait!

aye this is very cool :stuck_out_tongue:

im in i got my hws race trophy to defend lmao :yum:

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Important Announcement


Since the EU server is again quite unstable we don’t want to create even more losses or chaos with such a cool event.
We have to delay it till the devs have released their solution they are working on right now.

Because the NA server seems stable for now we stay with sunday for now there. Event on EU as soon as it is more stable again. Sorry guys :slight_frown:


No problem. I think its best decision for this moment. Better got stable conditions and gg, than got headache after dat crashes and errors, which we had now.

ESR Event today on NA server! 4PM (UTC-5)!
Prepare a good SV!

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ESR Event on NA is done! :slight_smile:

Vakharn won the race as first! 8,025,000 million credits! Congratulations!
Robob27 won the race as second! 3 donator packages! Congratz!
We had no third place :smiley:
But Veber still was able to collect 36 Eggs (360k credits) + 7 RP! Good job!

I hope you liked it and the ESR is coming to EU next!

EU - Coming Thursday - 10.11.2016 - 9PM (UTC+1) :slight_smile:

Thanks for my nice Police supporters
Achilles, Bellyke, Errowid :slight_smile:


Had I taken that backpack… But yeah, thinking fast is definitely not my thing.
But It was fun nonetheless. Thank you for the great event!