Everything deleted while working on base including my ship

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: I was adding onto my base when all of a sudden everything just disappeared in front of me. My ship was sitting on top of the building, I reloaded the HWS NA server to see if it was just a bugged glitch, but everything was still gone. Plz Help me get my things back i worked so hard for Thank you
Player(s) with issue: NvisibleNv
Server: NA HWS
Time (cb:time): 4:20PM
Playfield: Prototype
Structure Name(s): Salty base / SV_Prefab_Tier1c NV
Structure ID(s): 11014583 / 13893022
How can we help you now: Can you please undelete my ship in base.

Did you take out the base core, and was your ship docked to the base?

No sir i did not take out the base core and yes my ship was docked to the base

Removing core and not replacing it quickly can result in server deleting a structure. When deleted, anything docked would also.

Did you create/spawn the base 7 or more days ago?

On starters, structures/vessels despawn after 7 days from time they were created/spawned.

Yes i been on every other day, i was in game when everything disappeared on me. spawn the base 7 or more days ago i think i did.

going to need id’s plz, check hws ite for info :wink:

What id who you like? Everything i put is in the support tab, but i still can look for the id you need.

11014583 / 13893022

How about the obvious question.

How long have you been on prototype? Has it been a week since you made your base?

If so it got deleted along with everything docked to it. You need to leave starter and get on to better things and glory abound.

Yeah it’s been about a week but i have been on everyday almost.

Doesn’t matter. Starter structures, aka anything on starter system gets removed 7 days after it’s created.

What? Really that suck’s so i just lose everthing and don’t get it all back.

Unless @RexXxuS or @Jascha is feeling generous then no. You should have been using the command cb:wipe to see how much time was remaining and packed up before then. If I am not mistaken there is also a notification when you login about structures that are near the end of their life.

Dude I started on the hardest one, I know I’m not going to redo all this stuff over again, if they can’t help me out that’s fine. I guess I’ll be off to the next server that can help with this type of stuff . I’m sad Thank

Bad for you. But ALL the info is there. If admins is going to help everyone that dont take 5 minutes to read a bit info even for the map they are on, the server will never get new features.

Starting over on a new server doesn’t solve your problem. Instead it creates new ones, new rules to abide on less populated servers. There is a reason why this one has the most population, we have a diverse community that can help, but sometimes even I have to look things up, and I am what some people consider a veteran on here. So bide your time for the being and wait til either RexXxus or Jascha are on and they may either show you mercy (I.E. here is your stuff, but you need to get off starter asap) or they may not. Read the forums, check the guides and learn yourself about the planets you are on.

Thank you, but i just login and nothing is there.

There is a reason why the first thing you encounter in game is HWS Info Center that tells you about pretty much everything you need to know, 7 day wipe on starters included.

If you can’t read the info given (or learn your lesson and move on) you should definitely consider single player & turn off auto-updates so wipes or loss of progress never happens.

Instead of doing that, I’d suggest you to suck it up as a cheap loss and move on away from starter, start focusing more on information given & strive in the best server there is.

I restored them, since you are new and the sun is shining outside :slight_smile:
But they are from an earlier backup. The last hour of work might be missing.
And now you know that there is a automatic wipe and much more to this server :wink: . But as the others said: The info is all there.

Thank you so much jascha you’re awesome.