Explosives, and why they are so bad

So it has been bugging me for a while, but I always put it aside because bigger issues. But why in the world are explosives still so bad!? I understand they were originally created with a damage model for the tiny amount of hp relative to what we have now. But we are atleast 6 months after that change. Now it takes over a dozen explosives charges to breach a single block or armor. (proven wrong on later test, was an exaggeration)
The question is this: what damage model/ modifications do y’all think we need to make them useful again?
aka stack size, blast radius, damage, timer length, etc.

Didn’t the damage stack? Dropping 3 explosives at ones will wipe everything. In my last test some weeks ago at least.

Just ran a test, takes currently 7 explosives to destroy one block of combat steel.

I know it has nothing to do with explosives, but what I would like to have in my CV is a self-destruct mechanism, with a timer of at least 30 seconds and a maximum of 1 minute, in cases where you can not have Your bp falls into the wrong hands and you prefer its destruction than having your ship captured in a battle and at the same time to be able to blow up and take some enemies that have damaged your ship together and also who may cause damage to the enemy ship.


That makes PvP risk free and not fun.

Do you talk about what I posted or about the explosives issue?

Your idea. Having ships self destruct makes PvP boring.

Self-destruct has always existed in science fiction and has been used in many movies and series and a valid mechanism, however clear that if it is created in the game must be a console that if destroyed, can not be reset in pvp systems, only in pve and it can also Emit sound alerts on the ship so everyone knows and can flee or try to find the island and destroy …

Because I must not have the option of destroying my ship in a situation that I was surrounded by 5 enemy ships in a scenario where I can not win or escape and I make the choice to destroy the ship by letting it be taken by enemies … yes I think it’s valid , But of course there must be conditions …

I think if it were done in the respect of making explosives charges more effective, it could be done right. You are cored in your ship, surrounded by enemies, and no hope. You pull out a backpack with a few dozen pounds of explosives and set the charges, all the while dodging enemy fire.
THAT could work.
Not so much a magical button that vaporizes your ship.


Multitool everything that’s worth anything and log out.

But… Explosions??!

Xanif you’re just looking from the side of the attacker.
It is preferable to blow everything up, if you have a chance, than to leave you a loot, or even take you to hell, or you will also have a risk in approaching me and your numerical superiority in summary will not guarantee you victory and always There will be a risk to the attacker

I am gonna go ahead and tell you, you put ships that blow up on command and damage ships around them, and you are gonna have a LOT of kamikaze ships.


Then what’s the point of piracy?

I kill you and you self destruct then what?

You’re looking to make PvP pointless and you’re accusing me of only looking at it from one side?


It would not work Mcprouty, you would have conditions to activate the console, something like destroyed devices, warp core type, the warp core tank, a certain number of turbines, rcs, and even a percentage of the ship’s life, only then self destruction it would be possible…

Seems very arbitrary, and very little to do with how the current game is configured.

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I do not say that this is possible in the current stage of the game, but it can be useful in the future, especially after 6.0 …

And what’s the difference for those who will die and lose everything, in one way or another, in one day and take everything, in the other you win and take nothing, but both are part, being that in the second and a defeat for me With flavor of victory.

So a consolation trophy for the team that loses… but game form. And taking away the winning trophy. Gotcha

The system you suggest removes all risk for the defender. That’s bad game design.