Facion v factions challange organised event

okay i have an idear, may take more work from jash or rex and im sorry for this
i was woundering if you could set up pvp fights so like 1 faction has a planet for 3-4 days to set up a base and amo it
and then have another faction come in and try to take it out. it will be timed to see how long it took to infaltrate the base and how much loss the other faction took
and then the rols are reversed winer takes on next faction.
Also not only does it help us to see the weekensses in our builds as pvp players but also brings factions together to work as groups.
This can also be done with cv’s too in space or defending space using cv’s and a base space.
we need things to do as groups and on a reg bases as factions. maybe the over all winners of the factions can have some kind or reward.
like a trophy for best faction on server and others come in and try to knock them off the trophy wall.
if it is a reg thing then factions have something to work towards on a reg bases as far as creating a better buil as well as collecting resorcese for it
every faction has to patisipate inoder for this to work. and if there is for example one 1-2 players in that faction then im sure that we can combine 2 factions together to double there numbers for that time.

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