Faction Planet Taxes now active

Hey guys,

so we thought long about it, calculated and the new formular is now:

Block Size * Devices / RP / Members (per day)

you have 1 BA which is 5000 blocks and 70 devices big and you have 7 RP this would mean 50k credits per day.
If you now have 5 faction members in your faction the total cost per day for everyone would be:
10k credits.

Yes, this means a guy alone has more to pay but he also has less structures than a 5 guy faction. So we think it is fair.

We tried some other variables but it had more complications than this one.
As I said in the other topic the main goal of the taxes is not to make you poor, it is to have a kind of self-managed system to the performance of one planet. We don’t want the situation again to keep adding pve planets again and again. :wink:

Let’s see how it turns out.

Some other facts (you can read everything in the HWS Guide too):

  • So the taxes will be paid every day at 9AM / 3EDT.
  • If one guy has no money in the bank it goes on to the other guy and so on. If no one has credits in the bank it will be taken from the inventory. And lastly if everyone has no credits in the bank or in the player balance the structures goes to HWS (this will be implemented later. Which structure, etc.)

If you have questions / feedback let us know.

Your HWS Team


Thank you - looks much better.

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Nicely done. We’ll see how this goes xD

Great work as always. Thanks for listening to feedback!


What about several structures? Are blocks and devices calculated individually for every structure or as a sum of all the structures in system?

Just to confirm, structures count as anything you can build? (BA, SV, CV)


It is the sum of all structures. 1 SV = 3000 credits + 1 CV = 11000 credits = 14000 credits / RP / Members

To be clear if my cv is in pvp land or space do I get taxed or is it if they are on the planet?

That explains it, but just to clarify my question: I meant to make sure that if you have 2 bases of 5000 blocks and 70 devices each it is 2x cheaper than to have 1 base of 10000 blocks and 140 devices.

I think There needs to be a BA, CV limit.not so much SV but just to stop people crowding the planet with lots of small structures

maybe a thought for the future :wink:

Only on the planet

Jascha is busy. I really need to be also 100% sure. Who knows what the code is doing :wink: Tomorrow every single question should be cleared. But this is my understanding of it

Yeah. Well sooner or later the SVs are set to HWS faction I guess :smile_cat:

Very well balanced ^^

Are there any thoughts about implementing a way to buy back the structures by paying the taxes owed on them or something? Would be pretty disappointing to miss a payment and have everything repo’d with no avenue to get it back without starting from scratch again, y’know?

One more, am I understanding correctly that if at least 1 member has 1 credit, the condition " And lastly if everyone has no credits in the bank or in the player balance…" that at least 1 credit would be able to cover the tax bill each day, you just basically wouldn’t be able to earn until you were actually earning enough to pay for everything?

Both questions are coming in the Planet Taxes 2.0 update I guess :wink:

Sounds good, looking forward to it!

Just got my taxes fined too early… Drove my SV away at 8:30am so it doesnt get fined. Had a look in the bank afterwards and 300k were missing already even not 9am.

Normaly I`d only have to pay 30K… Pls clarify

hm thats actually true :slight_smile:

the taxes were turned off. Money is missing not from taxes. Remember HWS Guide Slide 30 maybe :wink:

Ahm, no didnt die once yet.. Know I wont ever get any RP with my playstyle but nevertheless the counting should be right - 67x485=32495 - yesterday night I stopped with above 1,9 Mio today only got 1,6… Dunno :wink:

Didn`t buy non as well.