Fairplay Query - deception, impersonation, espionage

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Weird day.

Abn came over to eu, under fake names/accounts to disguise their Intentions, said in the chat something about doing it all in anger at being punished for breaking the rules.
pretended to be new to the game while flying single thruster seats at the base to assess it for weakness.
waited until it was undefended and then took it out while we were absent.

A well thought out bit of espionage, which on a unrestricted server would be commendable, however: as this is believed to be banned outright by the HWS server we find ourselves confused as to if we could sink to the same levels, feels a bit like we’re having to fight with our hands tied behind our backs always following the rules while our enemies constantly ignore them.

Query to the admins is: is that type of espionage allowed? could we do the same type of deception and misdirection or would it be punishable? would be good to get some clarification on this.

location: EU GG
2 days ago.

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It’d be easier if you followed the template.
What time a day (servertime) was this??

For now I see no evidence, no time frame, and lots of accusation. If you think anyone’s been cheating, then why wait 2 days reporting them?

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Lets check out the rule!

1.4 Sabotage and / or Infiltration: You are not allowed to sabotage and / or infiltrate other factions. If clear proof and evidence are provided, we may investigate suspected violations of this rule.”

Did we try to sabotage or infiltrate your faction? We did not. This rule seems pretty clear to me.

JVI would log off if ABN or even myself came to EU last season and there was no waiting until it was undefended. By definition, this was not espionage and people are allowed to change their names and their factions as they please.

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I see no evidence of “espionage” by definition. Would you prefer if pirates were to let you know of their attacks to make sure you are better prepared or is using intelligence to get around a game play style a banable offence now? “Truth” is not a “rule” here at all. Seems everyone has their specific tactics. This apparently this includes unnecessary time wasting witch hunts. Too many times much time has been wasted due to lack of information and skills to overcome obstacles. Please end this cold attempt to ban an entire faction for your own shortcomings. The game is not that important to get this upset over every loss.


9. Living in PvP

9.1 With the exception of Fairplay Rules, Bugs and Exploiting, almost all bets are off in PvP playfields, and you should be prepared to risk it all if you dare to venture there.

Let start with you (jvi) had 8-11 faction members online and at least 1 member sitting at the base. So being undefended it out of the question there plus you live in pvp which I posted the rule for you up above to revisit. As far as the name changes its within I rights to change the names as we did not try to get into your faction. And per the small scout ship… its a scout ship what do expect? There is several videos of the assault if you wanna look.


So in that case we should change our names when we go to NA.

Give you a taste of your own medicine.


1. If we could keep this thread concise that’d be great.

2. Firebeard, plase follow the ‘get support’ template to optimise everything.

3. The more messages/flaming here, the more Rex has to wade through before he can pass judgement.

Best regards,

PS: No hard feelings Bob, but best to leave the threads asking for rule- clarification/possible punishment to Rex. Cheers!


As far I am aware, changing your name is not against any of the rules at all. Enjoy your alternate lifestyles here in NA :slight_smile:

before you all start getting defencive re-read it,
This was a request for clarification from server admins.

If they say it was foul play, then I’ll raise it as a ticket.

and to answer your question dark, because I have to work to pay bills, so after getting over this headachewhich caused many to step away from the game for a short time to cool off and finishing my the first part of my weekened shift, I raised the ticket, currently on a lunch break.
When the ticket is raised should not matter.
We want Rex’s comment on the matter, not yours, you are too involved politically.

The query is: does this fall under name change, impersonation or espioniage, and is this kinda of thing allowed on HWS?

If it is allowed particularly since they pretended to be noobs in global not just saying its them with a new name, I wont raise any more tickets, just tip our hats and move on knowing this perfectly fine to pretend to be a new to the server noob for PVP deception on hws and we can do it too, if its not allowed then I will raise a seperate ticket in the proper format to address the issue directly.


apologies but this appears to be another request for punishment. the rules of infiltration are quite clear and I see zero evidence of this.

1.4 Sabotage and / or Infiltration: You are not allowed to sabotage and / or infiltrate other factions. If clear proof and evidence are provided, we may investigate suspected violations of this rule.

unless I’m missing the part where they infiltrated your faction, i see no reason to waste rex’s time when he could be concentrating on making next season better rather than picking apart how everyone plays. if it becomes a rule that you are not allowed to change ur name, would that mean alternate accounts are next to be removed? i just have issues with prosecution demands. they waste more time then can be imagined.


@Nuclear deaths the reason why there were players online and not in the base is the name changes and the faction change to prevent us from seeing who was online so we COULDN’T mount a a proper defence! ‘Ares’ aka ‘Chaotic’ also posed as a new player earlier in the day at our bases to gain intellegence and i think that is clearly deceitful.

@Oz stop lying by saying your reason for the faction and name changes is so we won’t log off; This makes ZERO sense. If you wanted a decent PVP battle dont try and hide the fact you are attacking you did it so we couldn’t mount a defence and was poor form! Chaotic intentionally changed his name and posed as a new player / noob to gain information on the base earlier for an advantage plain and simple.


TL;DR: A group of players attacked us successfully, but we found out it was ABN so we made a report about it

You know even with a name change your bases have an activity log/ping?

Edit: missed a word

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We are not disputing the successful attack though are we sir

Never said you were. But you are absolutely in the support sub forum making a report about it. Maybe instead of spending your time and energy wasting the Admins time and energy you could get better at the game your playing. Show me another PVP game where this kind of attitude gets you anywhere?

You and others clearly have missed the point of the original support post, so again i’ll spell it out for you so you don’t have to get defensive. Firebeard made a request for clarification on a rule from server admins to consider…

But the rule is very clear, it’s even been quoted in this topic.

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@BrickTop I still don’t see where any rules were broken It was just a diffrent tactic that you were not used to and it took you by surprise. As far as being deceitful. Maybe so because we aren’t your friend we’re the enemies.

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Also: “Query to the admins is: is that type of espionage allowed? could we do the same type of deception and misdirection or would it be punishable? would be good to get some clarification on this.”

Ill quote the bit that makes your intentions clear a second time: “would it be punishable?”

Take the L. Be a good sport. This report on a loss culture that has grown so out of control on HWS needs to stop.

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To gain information on a base is now being frowned upon? How would this differ if he sent someone else out there to scout and report back? I still see nothing wrong here other than the time and energy that has already been wasted on this…well i am completely unsure what the actual purpose of this entire discussion is other then to cause more problems.

Also not against the rules. It seems loosing a battle will revert to excessive tattling and end up causing unneeded drama. I shall remember this before deploying any unannounced attacks from now on. Would this help to alleviate the stress of living in PvP for you?

Rules can be changed / amended if people are trying to gain unfair advantages by being deceitful in the play. Which is why again we want clarification on the tactics used in this case

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