False accusation?

I have wasted already a lot of my time with this so i put it to community. Please if you vote be unbias.

PKH and SWP met in orbit and battled

PKA messaged me about SWP using exploits to win in the situation, which we take seriously OFC.

Not just one or two accusations but a few. The evidence i was sent by PKA was little. SWP wanting to defend themselves sent me this.

Now, regardless of your opinion towards either faction and despite that horrid ship SWP has, tell me how are they CHEATING?

I checked the logs, and all was good.

how often do you think people claim SWP cheat?? daily

how much time do we spend investigating…alot

how often guilty of cheating? Never (yet)

how often using major exploits? (Never)

how often using minor exploits (that a lot of players use TRUST ME) 25%

do we punish any player for using exploit?? YES, Including them?? YES

if you have EVIDENCE of anyone using exploits/cheating you M U S T provide evidence and that evidence has to be good enough to state your situation. We can also check logs to help

from now on, and will be updated in laws/rules

if you accuse anyone without evidence, and will not respect the outcome. You will lose ALL RP (you’ve tarnished your rep) and also credits appropriate to wasting our time.

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Ignore the invisible this is a game glitch as SWP just warped in.

if you feel this is cheating write in comments.

Is the accusation of SWP cheating TRUE or FALSE?

  • TRUE Accusation
  • FALSE Accusation

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I didnt accuse them of cheating i just told admins thats it is very strange that this only happend´s when fighting swp.

I have defended swp alot but after loosing every time to buggs its something strange happening in the space where they are. I never have any problems jumping around otherwise and i have never seen my ship explode from the inside out exept when fighting them. It always happends when fighting them. This is what make me wonder.

And they have cheated before. Why do you think they have been to jail before ?

I’m curious, what exact cheat was SWP accused of using? It’s kinda relevant before judging whether or not it’s a cheat …

Maybe they had their “ghost” core planted 200 blocks behind/above/below their ship, in which case a close up video wont show any evidence and it will look perfectly legit. I cant see any incoming rockets at all, which seems kind odd … either PKH really sux at PVP or their rockets are circling around empty space behind/above/below SWP’s ship and cant be seen in the video.

Not saying it’s so, just offering an alternative point of view. It would be pretty hard to detect that in the logs …

Yeah I am confused here as well - what exactly is at issue here?

Same I do not understand what I’m supposed to be seeing.

Same here. Looked to me that someone got killed. Thanks for the show. :slight_smile:

There were several accusations, Instead of going into them i just wanted people to let me know if they see anything in the video that they would consider cheating/exploits.

The situation was a that they were telling me the entire situation from their point of view, i wasted a fair amount of time investigating for SWP to send me this video which disproved all allegations.

We are just getting fed up of players jumping on the SWP accusation and any other mainly PVP faction train. We have spent so many instances looking into it, and what we are seeing is that its basically…bad sportsmanship. No one likes to lose but having an excuse to jump on ‘Oh they MUST be cheating its SWP, i mean…how else could i lose?’

It really does damage the sever and can have a huge impact on new people joining, I mean if people are spamming the global with EXPLOIT/CHEATER/HACKERS!!!

whats a new guy to think, ‘man do i really want to play a server that allows this’

The thing is guys,We don’t. I tell you if you could see the amount of banned players you will be shocked.

Soooo many. The admins have tried to nip problems straight away, but being reckless and accusing left right and center doesn’t just effect you. It effects other people also.

This is why now, We will be strict about false accusations. Its not fair to others having to read lies and frustrations on global chat, I mean to use SWP as an example, a lot of players of theirs have left the server due to the never ending accusations, It gets tiresome after a time when there is literally nothing that points towards cheating…minor exploits yes, but i know for fact there are active players now who exploit…you just don’t hear about it because we pull them aside and say…‘Stop this or you be banned’

If im a new player and read on chat, OH SWP CHEATERS whats my first impression, best stay away from them!! your making peoples mind up for them, thats not fair.

We say harassment isn’t on, how many players have harassed SWP time and time again. How often do they bite…not anywhere near as often.

They took big loses the other night, did they accuse everyone of cheating and exploiting? No

Im not here to defend SWP im here to defend any faction that is constantly getting accused without evidence.

guess what, if anyone comes with real evidence and proof we also investigate to the same outcome they will get punished. whoever they are, how ever long they have played, and how ever much they have donated.

A planet donator has just been banned. Why? for not following the simple standards we expect from our mostly respectful, generous and mature players.

A little rant i know, Why can’t people just get along more and respect this is a game, you lose…oh well, rebuild…how fun is a game where you are never at risk?


Have fun all :slight_smile:


Once I viewed the video, I can see where the prob occured. When the ships collided they was able to (un-intentionally) fire inside our ship as they glitched through eachother. (at around approx 1.44). This cause the internal destruction of every fuel tank etc that the ship had, literally gutting the inside. No foul play, though at the time seemed that way (how 6 plates of armour was bypassed).

Now that the evidence had been presented, I could see for myself, and apologised. I will try to refraim from such comments in global in the future and will always pm instead, to save adding to the fuel of public drama. Though at the time it did seem like foul play, I can see I was wrong :slight_smile: It is more a game bug/glitch for the devs than foul play.


You don’t even need to collide for that to happen.

LBP has been accused of the same ‘exploit’ - except really it’s just lag and poor net code.

There is a reason why you see PvP ships with 'white space" designed to catch shots that pass through the first layer of armor.

Do this in creative. Spawn your ship. Turn on god mode. Now fly yourself just into the first block of armor - what do you see? If you see any internal components, you’ve got work to do.

Also - I would consider intentionally colliding with your ship and blowing away all internals a valid tactic. It’s on you to maintain an ideal engagement range for your ship.

Wait what this is a valid tactic? I know this is possible I just don’t use it because, it’s an obvious exploit!
Seriously we are allowed to use this? So I just make a tiny fast ship with max guns in front and just try to get inside other players ships and blow them up from the inside while they can’t even shoot back while I’m inside of them? And if I fail I just spawn another dirt cheap blueprint and repeat until it works?

Accidentally due to lag this can happen okay. That’s the way it is as long as it’s accidental. But the attacker should then leave the ship alone and not plunder it if that happened. But they did not. I changed my vote to guilty because of this. But it’s hard to judge because perhaps they did not know this occurred or various other reasons.

Perhaps we need some rules about [edited] shooting ships from the inside.

You seem to think that this is easy to do. It’s not. We try very hard to keep our enemies at 600m.

If you can build a CV that can reliably get inside our ships without being killed first - good for you. You deserve the kill

The one CV we lost in combat was lost by an SV managing to clip through the CV and kill the pilot in 1 shot. I have no doubt that it was intentional as he tried it again until the SV was finally killed.

I can’t even.

They’re guilty of cheating because the game is buggy.

What is wrong with you?

You have no clue what you’re talking about still.

Xanif told you to go test it. I suggest you do.

You really do not understand how missiles and turrets work if you think core location is relevant. Please stop spreading false information.

They are not guilty because a bug occured. They are guilty because (if this is the case) they accidentally used a game-bug and then continued using this by plundering/destroying the ship after they accidentally (if this was accidental) used that bug.

[quote=“Mordgier, post:14, topic:2187”]
You really do not understand how missiles and turrets work if you think core location is relevant. Please stop spreading false information.
[/quote]You are right I removed it from my OP. It’s unrelated to this topic + it might be outdated + the specific exploit could have been caused by something else but I did reproduce it in singleplayer one patch ago.

They are pirates. Not saints. They play the same BUGGY ALPHA game we all do. They probably lose ships to bugs too.

You win some you lose some. They are not guilty and under no obligation to say “Oh sorry buddy! Looks like a bug helped me kill you! Here’s some combat steel to patch you up - best of luck!!!”

It’s totally possible to build a ship that neither missiles nor turrets are able to target. It has nothing to do with core location in the current version of the game - it is also EXTREMELY obvious. As in turrets will literally NOT fire.

I must disagree here but I do know that this is a difference in opinion.
If you clearly see (again, if this is the case) that a bug occurred that destroyed/paralyzed/etc. your oponent, you should leave them and not further exploit the bug. Pirates or not. Ofcourse (if this is the case) and if this is considered to be an offense and if shooting ships from the inside out is considered an offense as well, then they should be punished. And the punishment severity should be dependent on whether or not this was an accident or intentional.

Same reason you don’t shoot someone that is clearly being helped by an admin (stuck or whatever). You do not further exploit their misery from a bug.

But if someone disconnects in the middle of a huge fight, will you shoot them (probably yes)? So this is kinda a vague area I can agree to that. I just leave it up to the admin to decide, which it is anyway.

Thanks for all participation, think the overall message was understood here :slight_smile:

Much appreciated