Filler tool for defense stand

Update: Removed dirt from the hangar to comply until new rules are established.

So recently some of us have gotten warnings from Rexx by using the filler tool for filling dirt over blocks on bases.

The base in my case is not invincible. People can shoot what is under the dirt when its not rendered beyond 200m. Only until players get really close up does the dirt render. The dirt can be destroyed like any other dirt using an HV. My dirt protects a hangar entrance which an enemy can easily shoot through the hangar doors, only the walls and ceiling have dirt but not the main entrance.

Its how we have always killed underground bases using HV plasma. Its like saying we cant have bases underground because they are covered by dirt and indestructible using an SV. Easy solution enable dirt to receive damage from SVs. Because its pretty much just preventing SVs from rushing a base entrance and flying in.

Another way is to completely disable the new feature that prevents terrain from resetting around a base. But this would mean the base I built in the sky on GG that ACP, TAW, and ABN + others hate will be removed and they will rejoice.


Come on man you are clearly exploiting. Not only is it Invincible if the dirt has not been rendered the dirt cannot be destroyed by using an sv or HV that has been fixed in 8. 0. not only that but it has created the most laggiest Playfield I have ever seen in my two years of playing this game.


Opposing factions can damage the terrain when they kill the land claim which is above the ground and in an obvious position. We already know the issue to lag is that it loads the entire playfield, which has been mentioned by Rexx and a possible solution on the way for testing.

I will be removing the dirt, our issues was using new terrain dynamics for base defense/construction and then warned not to use it in such manner.

This is just what I mean about crippling bases. The AG device is easy to remove then you dig to the core. Now people want UG bases further hindered. It just seems like if we keep going this way that a base anywhere is pointless as they are being nerfed again and again. This is only because some PVPers feel that if they attack that means they should win. There are no rules/measures in place to fully have a base attack fight. There needs to be something that forces you to take a base by finishing the fight on foot outside your OP flying bricks. That or perhaps the rule needs to be all thrusters and cockpits must be exposed and can not be buried in the blocks. Perhaps Third person in SV should be disabled even. It is already unbalanced when attacking bases as there is no way you can repair a base in the same time it takes to repair SV/HV. Now those ships can even be rebuild to original specs in minutes. Bases still lay in ruins. Turrets do not work UG so you can not move the fight in there again these ships. At this point 2 people 2 SVs are invisible as they can not be stopped at all. Even 2 HV with Artillery are invisible against a base. Still though people swear it is the base that is OP. Where are their bases? Likely hiding in PVE or deep space where they have no threat of loosing. If the terrian was not meant to be used to defend a base then blocks would not be able to be used UG. Eleon has not made that happen yet. So as long as there is a large enough doorway to get my SVs out the enemy can get in.

I think the time has come to start setting rules that do not benifit one side of PVP.

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Indeed, but the more people that complain that they cant take on a base to Rexx; stuff starts getting changed. Its like an HV tank called the Yako. Our alliance has been using it for the looongest time and just out of nowhere its illegal.

Reason I don’t really play anymore, I just build and maintain the base rarely then proceed to go play other games. I come on only if there’s an actual battle that is taking place to defend bases. But for the past 1-2weeks, its been nothing but oversized HV bombs that rain on our bases or SVs dive bombing hangar doors to get into parking garage.

Well you have to remember Rexxus and his team do their best and need feedback from everyone. Problem with that is many will not bother to get involved. So then there are only one or two like us that feel the scales are tipping to one side. Why not get your faction on in this thread in support of stopping the bs?

I am with you it just is not worth it to build something if those that are always attackers keep trying to make their job easier and easier. Nothing is every impossible if you put your mind to it. Sadly though and Rex is not the only one does this. Rather than thinking something out people just start making noise and push for change to nerf things to they can play their way. Add in there are a great number of followers, well there you go change going to the loudest side. It is how this game has moved closer to a build sim then a survival game.

Personally I am watching how Rexxus handles this revision of the rules. If more is done to nerf bases so no though is need to attack them then I am out of here. I will poke back in at 9 but will be done for 8. I left when the PVPers decided that OP needed to be off because they should be able to claim your base at their will. I will walk away again. I will always respect Rex for what he does but I do not need to like it or play here. I can not build a ship to save my life. I enjoy building bases but I am not wasting time if restrictions are going to keep making bases weaker when they can NOT repair automatically where ships can.

Just keep it fair we have been quiet for to long. The filler tool with the current game meta is broken.

Isn’t that the same oversized CV that was shot down above our base on GG?

Empyrion Galactic Sand Castles

I see you Rex, knock down that exploited base lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Then Kit Kat, and 1 class 1 BA limit per faction, maybe 2 class 1 sv :smiley:

In this video at 0:48 you see it very good (no matter for what the “WIN” should stands for)

As soon as the Land Claim Device is covered with dirt in any way it turns off (from blue to dark).
The Land Claim Device only works above the ground.

@Ryan: it is similar to the recent situation on EU. Splitting a monster faction into smaller only for an attack and then return back to the big faction is an obvious act of exploiting how the game and our limits work.

If I say “invincible” base, I don’t mean obviously the whole base, but the whole act that you circumvent something in your favor.
Sure, your Land Claim Device is somewhere (maybe not filled with terrain as it was last time) and it works and you can just say “destroy my Land Claim Device and all the terrain is yours”, but that is not how all of PvP, the Land Claim and overall gameplay is intended (regarding filling terrain as armor).
Your Stonehedge floating base for example was fine the first time I checked. But some of you overextended this exploit while I was in vacation by putting too much terrain around the base. Hence the device turned off and everything failed.

So again, yes, you force me to put out another redundant rule out there because no obvious and reasonable gameplay should tell you, to use the filler tool for another armor - invincible armor on important parts of your base.

I don’t have much time to think about it at its whole now… asking Eleon to remove the filler function… is it really used… try to hack something in our HWS Config… communicates it to everyone with images to showcase… removing Anti Grief all together again.
It’s always like that so please: keep the Fill Tool out of the game. (even in PvE it can be used for exploits…)

I am myself not happy about all that underground, turret shoot through terrain, etc. meta but please let us not create another conflict area while we have already ones in place.


@RexXxuS Looks like win = fail.

Appears to be as soon as the terrain reaches the height of the land claim device it shuts off. So is this theory of an exploit debunked for good?

What about the other outstanding issue of bringing in CVs, SVs and HVs well over limits onto GG? I don’t mind people bringing in a bunch of stuff to do an HV bomb drop over the bases, as I enjoy the scrapping of those afterwards, but it is an exploit taken advantage of as well.

Dropping bombs is fine for me and part of PvP. Both have cost - the bomb creator and the guy defending against it.

Regarding oversize limit we tried to cover it already. Technically, hence it is our Class limit feature, not much we can improve on that except making the punishment even harder


Yes it’s purple Bob what color do you want tonight’s version ?


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I could have sworn it was pink…

I just showed the video as and example. surround it with blocks then cover it. You want me to spell out how you guys are exploiting ? Stop wasting the admins time stop exploiting and trying to justify it most player won’t argue but so many are leaving because of that crap. Just stop man stop this shit. I am only doing this for Rex and others. Lest get back to PVP and smash each other


Wasn’t me exploiting, and you won’t catch me doing it either. I don’t control anybody else within our alliance, much like you don’t control those within yours. I don’t need to exploit to attack or defend, I would much rather have fair fights on both sides, and if we lose then so be it.

@TheRaven Covering it in dirt turns it off. If it’s off it won’t work and the dirt covering it is useless.