First HWS+ Teaser | Upcoming HWS RE Season Compensation Sale | 5 New Support Packages | New HWS Patreon Benefits

Good Morning HWS Community

a quite exciting Friday this will be for me and hopefully for you as well. Let’s get straight into it!

The first HWS+ Teaser | The Elemental Story

Even though still work in progress, we wanted to start with our HWS+ Teaser round. If all goes well you can expect a new Teaser every Friday, showing more and more insights of HWS+.
Yes, creating those teasers consume time as well but we think without teasers, our efforts are kind of wasted anyways and who does not like teasers, right?

So let’s start with the first one, the Elemental Story or Campaign:

This is almost nostalgic but we finally realized my initial idea from 5 years ago, that it all revolves about the Elementals. No surprise, since there is the Elemental Capical City (ECC), Elemental Bank and so on.

I won’t spoiler but those Elements need you! You have to free them from a serious infection… it will be very hard… it will require cooperation… in PvE and PvP… but you will be rewarded with something special, you will find nowhere else!

Upcoming HWS RE Season Compensation Sale

The 33% (for Patrons up to 63%) discount sale has started here! We appreciate your support a lot!
Why 33%? Because we will do a full wipe one month earlier than normal. 33% will compensate you about this month basically. Read more about it here:

5 New Support Packages

Even though it was “only” running 2 months, the last HWS RE season was very popular and a lot of players have send me feedback along the way.
One frequent one was the request about new Supporter Packages and some Patreon Love. So I tried to fulfill that and we offer you even more convenience packages now. Please check them out here and really make sure to read the READ ME FIRST text:

The new packages are:

  • 30k Faction RP (:warning:The READ ME FIRST text is mandatory before purchase)
  • Your Own EB Zone
  • Your Own Recycle Zone
  • Instant 10k UPs
  • Instant Level 25

Note: all of those packages are designed as convenience packages. All of that is also achievable by playing for free or using our free features like HWS Connect Skill Tree for example.

Semi related: I added also Filters

New HWS Patreon Benefits

Something I will make use of in HWS+ even more, our automated integrated Patreon Check ingame allows me to do cool stuff with Dialogues.
Right now you can grab an unique Helmet Skin already in EGS HQ.

With the upcoming 1.6 season HWS Patrons get some one-time benefits as well. Yes, for example the new Support Packages from above.

That’s it for now and we hope you got your individual goodies out of all of this.
We are really excited to release HWS+ once we feel it’s ready and seeing you, discovering almost a new game.
Until then, we are thankful for your patience and continouus support!

All the best,
Your HWS Team




9 months for this…

If you goal was to alienate your veterans as much as possible then I think you have done an AMAZING job!

It takes hard work and dedication to annoy away your last few supporters.

When people said they wanted PVP, they meant Player Vs Player…Not Pokemon Vs Pokemon.

A few of my mates saw the trailer. They laughed hard, not because they were laughing from joy, but because how bad you botched this.

You already have RE as the dedicated PVE server. You just refuse to admit that RE got you beat on the PVE content and you spent 9 months on… THIS?!

The saddest part is that RE already has ALL THE THINGS YOU NEED to create a proper PVP config because of all the shield types, weapons, armor types and more. You could have taken that and just increase the projectile speed on some weapons and done!

I have to applaud you on how out of touch you are.

I will not be looking forward to HWS Pokemon +

I think you misunderstood something.
This is not everything which has been done on HWS+. There is a LOT more, also many things which don’t have much to do with the things in this video.
This is just a small teaser, not a video meant to show everything.

You can’t really compare RE to HWS+. RE is a singleplayer scenario made by different creators. They don’t really have much in common. HWS Scenario is multiplayer, and Rex has much more experience in creating scenarios, since he has spent 5+ years doing it. Not saying RE isn’t good, it’s awesome to see so many players online. RE is a great scenario, but it can’t be compared to HWS Scenario since they are extremely different.


some will be unhappy no matter what is given to them. those that appreciate the work will remain. the entitled will fade…


What a rude and ungrateful comment–if you can dream up something better, have a go yourself. Perhaps you and your friends should hold judgement until you’ve seen the whole thing rather than judge HWS+ based on the first teaser…

Also, your understanding of RE is extremely naive if you think the complex engine it’s built on can handle PVP at a similar scale to that we’ve enjoyed on regular HWS. It would require a complete and utter reconfiguration and that has never been the priority, with it merely being a pleasant diversion until HWS+. If you want to create an ideal PVP environment out of HWS RE, then that’s something you should try–after all, the HWS config was in part inspired from tests done by GMC and AFT [a member of SWP].

I for one am extremely excited to see what’s around the corner, and my only regret is that most of my time will be spent studying. But I’ll be sure to try and carve out some time in the next couple of years for HWS+!

I’m looking forward to it!



At least there will be more space on the servers for the unentitled.

Personally i like the mix of PVE with the option to be pillaged by overpowered clans in the PVP zones - adds to the gameplay.

I can understand maybe not being too keen on some of the slightly cutesy style adopted BUT the childish response above i would’nt expect from my son - he’s 7. Especially to a minimalist teaser trailer.

There is blatantly a lot of back-end work on HWS and it is a very different experience to the majority of other servers I’ve played on - especially with quick responses to issues.

Rexxus and team - thanks for all ye work and i’m looking forward to HWS+.