HWS RE Full Wipe Announcement

Good Morning HWS RE Community

Many wondered about a HWS RE full wipe in combination with the 1.6 Patch, planned on 21th September next week.
After a lot of thoughts I want to inform you that we do a full wipe for Patch 1.6, but with a little offset, on ~24th September. That means this season is 1 month shorter than our planned 3 months cycle (we started this RE season at 24 July).


  • Patch 1.6 contains not only new Factions and POIs but also new Reforged Eden content I want to have included for the upcoming 3 months. Something I can’t add during a season. The little offset is done because Vanilla stuff needs to be merged to RE (depends when R/V is done).

  • There are currently couple of Missions from RE 1.5 that do not work because they got added after our season start and some players are upset they do not work.

  • For the first time ever Eleon published a “release plan”. Patch 1.6 = 21th September and Patch 1.7 = 7th December.
    While I don’t know what Patch 1.7 will contain, it makes it easier for us to plan ahead. If we don’t full wipe with 1.6 we neither got the 1.6 content in time nor the 1.7 content, since the regular full wipe after the regular next one would be the 24th January.
    For HWS RE we kinda rely on those cycles cause I’m not only dependent on Eleon but also on Ravien/Vermillion, the creators of the Scenario. This unfortunately means it’s not always our 3 months cycle. The previous HWS RE season for example ran 5+ months.

  • As compensation I will for one start a 33% discount on coming Friday, running for 9 days and add new Supporter Packages. Second there will be a new added temporary compensation feature to allow OCD and Recycle usage globally, even with level 1.

  • HWS EU/NA are not affected by this. HWS+ EU/NA still needs more time.

As always hug your best friend:

Your HWS Team


Good Evening again @everyone

because some concerns and questions were raised about the full wipe and another thing about PvP on RE, let me clarify please:

  1. Some players have bought a Supergate or OCD Zone for 3 months and feel now upset that they got cheated by 1 month. I thought I did cover that by offering a 33% discount (up to 63% for Patrons) , worth of 1 month they lost. But maybe this isn’t enough or they hadn’t planed to play in the next season anyways. So to those players who wants to get compensated for 1 month but do NOT make use of the 33% discount , I offer to contact me and I will either respawn their stuff in the next season for 30 days (or whatever fits the 90 days period) or giving them ~33 HWS Ingots back in value. I hope those that are upset will take my additional offer and understand the reasoning behind the full wipe, which is always a tricky topic, especially when I’m dependent on Eleon and RE.

  2. PvP on HWS RE! For some a surprise but the 0,01% is actually real! I was almost about to remove PvP (Homeworld PvP System) completely from HWS RE but I see it gets more and more active. To a point where limits had to be enabled again or actually set in the first place. With a full wipe they got removed and I had the misconception that there is no PvP anyways. Only now I got reports in, that the limits were missing. To provide smooth PvP there needs to be limits of course and they are active now! (press M to check them at the bottom right)

Sorry for the inconveniences and feel free to send me questions you still might have.

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Never mind, had to read it again to belive it :rofl:

Hello. When will OCD be available everywhere?

It’s already active

Will we be able to use ocd after the wipe everywhere too? Or thats only before wipe?

A feature only for compensation or special events.