Forcing me to go pirate lol

WOW this game just went backwards for me lol we fly around in the future in cv sv hv and warp but yet still no easy way of seeing who is who,faction and pirate at least in this real life century we have gps on our armies so we know who is who lol at least in the old days old days of empyrion you had a server message saying swp just entered planet lol then in 4.0 you had a p t h in faction name now in 5.0 you have to fly up to them look at their faction go to pda find them OH OH too late they shot me…im dead…lol again…so in my answer to this easier to go pirate and if you feel like blasting peeps at least you wont get in trouble for it LMFAO
Merry Chrismas every one :christmas_tree::gift::tada: HO HO HO HOES lmao

A radar feature is coming soon


HWS or Ingame?

Honestly you shoud not be flying up to people on the off chance that they are friendly. Unless you are a superhero at diplomacy, your foes outnumber your friends still. My general rule of thumb: If they come at you, shoot at em. If they are friends, it wont fire/wont do anything. No harm no foul.

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