Lets change this up a bit, and show a little patience and respect please

Alright guys, Ill be the first to admit that I have been incredibly guilty of this, as we transition into this new incarnation of our server, being a little overwhelmed by changes, and the lack of information. It can be overwhelming, confusing, and disheartening to see things that we took for granted change around us, and we find ourselves clinging to whats left, and rejecting things out of hand because they are new. But here is the thing. We are playing an Alpha. Things are gonna change. More than that, we have the pleasure of playing on what is hands down one of the best gaming environments that I have ever been part of, with a server that is truly active, vibrant, and above all else ALIVE. And a HUGE portion of that is due to the efforts of Rexxus, Jascha, and the rest of the admins, working for free to bring all that this game can be into a whole new level of awesome. It is the reason I am a multi time donator, and I know many of you are in the same boat with this assessment.
But I have watched everyone out there POUND the forums with questions, suggestions and complaints, and not bothering to listen when they say to hold on, that they are working on it, that it will all make sense, that we just need to give them time to sort this out and for us to give the new format a chance. Well this is the time for that to happen.
I am requesting that we stop making requests.
Its a simple idea really. Everyone knows that the new thing is difficult, the epics cant be found, the bugs are there, and strong. But if it is not a drastic and severe problem, and you just want to tell everyone how it can be better, lets keep it to ourselves for a week or so, and let the admins admin. I get the feeling that there is a breadth to this new universe that we have just begun to scratch the surface of. So PLEASE, can we all just call a ceasefire on the complaints, suggestions, and general bickering until the new year, and give the admins and the devs a chance to work on the stuff that we have brought up, without bringing it up over and over again everyday.
What we have said is out there, and has been noticed. So lets sit back and let it happen.


Appreciate what you say. Makes sense. I agree the HSW guys are doing a fantastic job (thanks Jascha Achilles etc… ) However my query is, if say your OCD went blank would you not want to query it? If we raise such issues here the guys can choose the most important ones and get around to it whenever is a good time for them.

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I agree, and thats why I said [quote=“mcprouty, post:1, topic:3009”]
But if it is not a drastic and severe problem

I am more referring to the posts complaining about not knowing how to do.


I hate those posts but I would like an admin response on why I can’t even.


I agree with all of this. Some of the stuff people have been complaining about they need to wait and allow emergent gameplay to develop instead of asking @RexXxuS to jump in and interfere before we even get the opportunity. Some stuff can be fixed simply by people playing the game and learning to do things differently than they may have before. If rexxus has to change everything every time a bunch of people jump up and whine, then that ultimately will be what kills the server. No one can handle things changing back and forth every week. Leave things exactly how they are for a nice long while and then revisit a month from now and if some things are still a problem fix it. I hate all the knee jerk reactions, that is what is the worst thing more than anything else.


Thanks for the post mcprouty :slight_smile:

in complete honesty my patience is starting to waver. The whole HWS team put so much into 5.0, I know so many people are happy with the outcome and you always expect some people to be hesitant to change and of course not fully understand HWS features…What i am finding personally, and this doesn’t reflect Rex the owner and Jashua the co-owner but, for me as full admin…players have got so used to having ‘Active admins’ that we are presumably at the beckoning call all the time…its not asking in the hope of help, its demanding help and if we don’t then threats of leaving the server start to come out.

what people really don’t understand is that 90% of problems are the games issues, and in Alpha its silly to expect anything less…i’ve played games that are near unplayable in BETA, we are in the first stages and maybe because the game is so far along in terms of content and game play people forget so much work is still going into, and needed to get the game upto standard.

We have the guide, Support YES or NO thread and still, like in school when your teacher says, look for the answers first and then ask…no, instead a lot of people are thinking ‘i cant be bothered’ i’ll expect someone else to answer my question directly thank you…and bam, Support…support…support.

We have players criticizing none stop and saying fix this please, fix that please…and then their next post is ‘Help me i lost a SV’…i mean come on, give us a break.

Those players that have been around a while…how many admins has HWS had in the past? how many are active now…Maybe some people don’t understand how much time it takes up, but im afraid we don’t have the luxury of not needing to have real jobs so the days are looong.

Rex and Jash it goes without saying they have committed so much to the server and now, as always the server is the No1…for me, i love to help people, but like in my real job i know some people can’t be helped…why? simply, they don’t want to help themselves.

It’s easy to pick holes in something, it’s human…and there is always a time and a place…but maybe, When it’s total ‘voluntary work’ the rope has to be a little more slack

one question to ask yourselfs, how many of you would cease to play HWS if the servers went? i for one never would have never stuck around, i would be long gone. It’s the unique, Special and role playing experience HWS offers that keeps it so awesome…not the idea that if i sneeze the admins will be there with tissues. Ofc active admins does help :wink:

HWS police was a feature of mine, it was meant to be a way that made players follow the rules out of worry that if they didn’t it would be hassel…that just turned into a place where petty things were being presented daily taking up way too much time to manage

So i doubt it will come back, not in the same way for sure.

The reason i am responding to this is because, very literally…i am un affected either way what happens here, i pay no money, i get nothing from trying to ensure the server and game can progress as much as possible, so if i left, it’s as easy as that. I don’t want to leave, i find motivation in helping others…I’m a physical rehabilitation instructor in the armed forces, So it’s not a passion its also my job :slight_smile:

But like i said, If someone doesn’t want to help themselves…why should i still waste my time on them?

I game when i used to lose ships, items, bugs, dramas etc 95% of the time, like so many other players…i just got on with it, Oh well i have OCD, I can build again, maybe a lose some hours work…but lets pretend i died in PVP anyway so yea it’s annoying but, If it annoys me or anyone that much, take a break from the game. Alpha, Beta games are not for everyone, you need to fully understand what a game at that stage means.

The whole HWS staff are always happy to help when we can, but the server and the overall gaming/role play experience is priority. We want to make it awesome for you guys as a whole, never will everyone be happy.

I guess i’m struggling to see if things will ever change…hm, maybe i can hack the website and delete the Support section :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, I love the community and the game and HWS staff are awesome. I will never run off, i want to be apart of the process, perhaps like i say to others, when frushtrations get high just take a break.

good job its Christmas

on that note, Merry Christmas to all.



From the perspective of a player, a lot of the frustration (other than those who don’t even try to read the guide) is that the guide is out of date and, while I understand that you are updating it, the inconsistencies mean that some of the guide is true and some isn’t.

If I could suggest a band-aid fix, striking out all the text that isn’t relevant anymore in the guide would at least show what isn’t true anymore while you are working on compiling a list of what is true for 5.0.

A notable example that comes to mind is the fact that the RP gains section of the guide is updated but the RP losses section (at least as of yesterday) isn’t. It’s confusing to read a guide in which a quarter of the rules are right, half are being updated, and a quarter aren’t even applicable anymore.

At the end of the day I agree that a number of us, myself included, have entered into heated and entirely hypothetical arguments and I hope my suggestion helps alleviate some of the stress the admins have been facing.

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^ Best advice.

Sometimes everything is stacked against you. Sometimes all bugs, imbalances, obvious exploits, lag, false accusations/punishments, unfair treatments, loss of items/ships or weird features that the devs thought was awesome hit you in the face day after day. Has been the case since first release and probably will be for a very long time to come. When it get’s too much: take a break.

Have seen some people ragequit. Some come back, some don’t. Just take the break in time it is better for everybody. You’re supposed to enjoy this game, when you don’t, take a break and wait for changes.

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Yes, I agree with you as long as the dust does not go down and have my ocd full of features to create a 4 cvs war, I’m going to spend some time on Planet Side 2 and shoot some heads and destroy some tank just to relax.

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@Achilles + HWS Team, You guys have hand down the best server in game. We DO APPRECIATE your efforts, so please don’t let the flood of complaints dissuade you. I agree that many folks forget you are not employees of Eelon and many of you guys spend valuable time supporting a game you love to help others. The ones that freak out and cause drama/crazy “insta-support” demands are the ones that need to step back and 1)take a break, 2) enjoy the holidays, 3) expect “changes” and “bugs”!

Not to say bugs should not be reported or if OCD or something is acting up to not say something, but to understand the HWS team worked their asses off to get us the update BEFORE the holidays, so that we all could have something to play while many of us have more free-time from work,etc. Go to SP or Creative, wait for more than a week to complain or request something be changed. I for one want stability, so let them do their job and fix things as fast as they can and roll with the punches in the meantime!

Give them a break folks, they do an incredible job!!!


Name me one development team that puts out content and bug fixes faster than Eleon. We ask for AMD in survey, a month later, boom we have them. We also got alliances, hv mining, and alien CVs in a short amount of time. We asked for some balance fixes (CV missile range) boom we get them. People exploiting POIs with drones, np patched under a week. Have the initial context/fixes been perfect in the first iteration? No, but that is what alpha is for, the devs are thinking about code, they don’t have the mind of an exploiter to catch all these things the first time around, that is what we as plaers are for.

Seriously some times I read global and I see ppl crying about stuff ‘wah, I want it fixed now today, f Christmas holidays, they can fix this quick’ and I just SMH.

On a side note Merry Christamas to all :slight_smile:

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Thank you all everyone.
I tried to reflect it here also

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