[FST] FrogSwarm (French)


Forged in the EVE-Online’s flames, scattering tears and white flags across the universe, we were known as the mighty French Alliance T C F - Tau Ceti Federation in EvE Online from 2006 to 2010. Former of the RSF - RedSwarm Federation coalition composed of GOON - GoonSwarm Americans well known group from the Something Awfull community also called Goon Squad and RED - Red Alliance Russians bears with big ships and big guns. We, RSF, were the actors behind the well known ‘Great War’ in EvE Online that became a book of our stories. (ear it in video).

Back in 2010, tired of the game, we leaved and created FrogSwarm a strong community with it’s own culture, first in World of Tanks then in Star Conflict, War Thunder, Armored Warfare, Elite Dangerous, Albion Online and many others. We mainly evolve in real MMO sandbox games (even if there is shitty moba in the list) because it’s our favorite flavor. Our community has seen more than 2,000 members in 6 years and more than 400 active members.


Conquer the universe and prick your cookies! FrogSwarm is a thirties+ corporation, PvP oriented and wishing to have a significant involvement in geopolitics. We do not want to live in safe systems, but have our own path, territories and homeland. In other words, we are an organization who wants to have large old school broadside space battles with allies and enemies of the moment. We do not want to be a random corporation with no activity, we have ambitions and we want to succeed in that way whatever the game we play.


You can find out all our videos on FrogTube.


FrogSwarm is an enlightened dictatorship community. All officers form the executive council in which we listen and debate ideas. Three leaders called “illuminati” settle and choose the most appropriate direction for the organization. If the enlightened dictatorship can afraid some minds, you should know that we have the firm conviction that no democracy has never worked in a game.We are fortunate to count in exceptional leaders who have advanced experience in the space battlefield 'nuff said.


We help our newcomers regardless of the game to make them quickly autonomous. Our trainers are concerned to show them the workings of things according to their own wishes, accompanying them for several weeks before the release into the wild. Our mumble helps to stick all together according to members activities and play together so our veterans can pass their advanced knowledge to future generations.


All and nothing. We are known in the gaming world for our very special humor that may be too focused on troll for some.


“Ah frogs, incomparable, bastards when you are in the opposite side, troll meat humor eaters. We like or don’t, but I love them despite my countless ships number drifting among the asteroids of EVE still smoking their shots. But I should have stay out from where I should not have been. Curiosity have always been my worst default. I must say they are the only ones to be be able to explain your mistakes by trolling you.”

“I was a thousand miles to imagine what you were, there is a gap between what people say about you and the reality. I love you !”

"Cyrillic sheets in English to French attention. It’s sadomasochism. If I was good I will answer you the same to chew your face in, but it’s not like amphibians were reproducing at a fast speed .BEWARE YOUR TADPOLES !! "

“The Frogs, it’s like a bad STDs: once caught, you never get to get rid of it.”

“Damn! second time we gossip and laughs with you on mumble! And the tought is the same for us both! You are awesome !”


Strong members for a strong corporation! Traditionally the corporation is communist. Players bring a portion of their resources, they pool in the corporation so it helps us to provide many services to our members.

But also a 100% ship replacement program in case of loss during corp or alliance operations. Our goal is to help and make our members richer as we can to make sure they do not lack anything for having the hangar of their wishes and our expectations. We want to have strong sectors of activity, such as production, resources or exploration. Our core business “PvP” is costly, we want to give ourselves the way to practice it at all times and not be limited by personal budget issues or ship hangar.


Well… In a daily basis ? Let’s see this in image in games.


We are a French speaking corporation only. Even if it’s sad, a lot of French aren’t unable to talk English and wont join a multilingual organization because they are lazy and stupid. Then a long time ago we decided to stick in an organization based on language for the dumb Frenches. Also, we don’t recruit in Empyrion for now, because we still are on the creation process of our infrastructure to be able to recruit people correctly. However, french people can still contact us and come play with us in the wait of our official opening. Only one way to get recruited : http://frogswarm.fr/apply


Our Private Mumble. You will be 100% sure to find us here and with a secure way.

Our Public Discord. Only reserved for public relation, we aren’t really use discord for obvious reasons.

A diplomats embassy is available on our forum to contact us for any issues or official need to talk.

For anything else just check at our Wiki Page : http://wiki.frogswarm.fr/

Did you noticed ? We fucking own at propaganda.


Don’t miss our new music rendez-vous
Friday nights starting at 11:30 (PST) - 20:30 (EST)

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Don’t hijack a recruit post if you are actually not interested in that faction.

Just ally, ignore or start a war if you don’t like their politics.