G2 Starter Sv Lost to Spawn Glitch

hey guys if i was unable to get back to my sv due to a mob spawn glitch would i be able to restore it? i parked near a poi after shooting up the place/drones for awhile with no mobs/turrets on the map waited for about 5 mins to ensure the poi was infact dead and as soon a s i exited my sv i got blown to bits by instant spawns. i was unable to get back to my sv as i lost everything i had.

882035 i believe it was this sv

Ive already built smaller svs and am saving up for a cv but if it can be restored or not really would only save me a day or twos work.


Please refer to

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This isn’t a hard core bug just that you left the SV and mobs spawned destroying the ship.

Unfortunately we can’t restore. Use your Ocd to store large amount of items. It’s why we created it for you guys.

Thanks and have fun out there.