READ FIRST: Will You Receive Support? - Yes or No

Dear HWS Player,

even though Empyrion got released as “full version”, it is far from finished and can be still seen as Alpha or at least Beta. That means there are bugs, a LOT of bugs and things can happen you wish it would never happen.
HWS is the only server which takes care of this by not only spend our free time carefully with your problem but also reports everything to Eleon.

No matter if you are a Supporter or not - we unstuck you, we warp you, we give your resources which you lost, we give your ships which you lost, we use our impersonate feature to help you faction related stuff and be almost all the time there - as a Server or as a Player ingame — as long as you stick to the rules below.

HWS Reforged Eden Notice

The Reforged Eden Scenario is not done by me. Ravien and Vermillion created it, hence they can give you answers to your questions and solve issues, that come with that Scenario.
Please remember this, we do not give support in that regard and will always redirect you to the proper places like:

Support Yes:

  • Urgent need of reset your player (if cb:reset does not work) or big bugs happen to your escape pod / start location
  • Losing stuff due our mistake (bad wipe announement for example)
  • Helping out if you just can’t do anything (empty inventory, no EC, no factions to help you, warp bugged)
  • Hardcore bugs which cost you a lot (which needs proofs via video nevertheless or player rollbacks)
  • If you lost something due an error popup (CoQ) we can ONLY help you, if you provide logs of your error/crashes! So we can send it to Eleon so it gets fixed and does not create an infinite bug / refund loop.
    Your Log files are located here:


Support No:

  • Asking for compensation or in general coming back at the very last moment before a full wipe. We may or may not help you in such cases, depending on the workload we have. You should prepare for the full wipe earlier.
  • If you play via Geforce Now we can’t help you at all. It’s a system Eleon does not support at all so you do it at your own risk and accept the losses automatically. (Only exception would be video proof again)
  • Restoring specific container content or connected logistic inventory (yellow). Because of the amount and untrackable records for us, we can’t help you here unless you have a video of that incident.
    We will only ONE time give you items back if the loss is big. Based on blind faith.
  • Restoring your structures which were destroyed / damaged by Patrol Vessels / Freighters / Drones. Those things are bugged like crazy and we can only help if you provide a video of the whole process.
  • If you request structure restoring even though it has less than 50 blocks and you have enough resources to spawn a new one with ease.
  • If you request structure restoring but has already changed something on your broken / corrupt structures. We only restore structures, when they are untouched. In PvP use the cb:destroy command!
  • If you request stuff back only because you can, we may or may not return it. Based on our current time schedule or other circumstances. You have to realize that losses can always happen and we ONLY should be your last option, because you would be stuck in HWS otherwise!
  • Everything what can be helped out with the story (stuck in orbit cause no Pentaxid - call for Federation, Helpers or HWS Police!)
  • Warp from here to there without urgent reason
  • Structures without names (standard names for example “Small Vessel (SV)”) won’t be restored anymore! You have to provide the ID of such structures.
  • Giving stuff due bugs you caused - not logging out while the 5 minute timer is running before restart for example
  • If you ever broke our rules or was part of such things, you lost any right of our services immediately and forever!
  • losing ships, bases, credits, items and reputation due to something that we have covered in the guide. Unless your playtime is under 5 hours there is No exception.
  • “He insulted me” - those kind of posts or any form where we have to play Judge and “educate” a human, will be ignored / deleted. Such public posts are nothing else than fame or shame with consequences. Our behavior rules are set to stone and either you respect them or deal with the consequences. Hence, if your feelings got hurt or you see some ugly behavior in the HWS Community, report it via PM to us.

So all this is not set to stone. Some of them are more strict than others or not strict at all. It depends how burned out / spare time I / we are / have at the moment.

If you consider to write a forum post to get help, please give us enough information, which you will find in the Ticket.

Thanks for your understanding, have fun and stay safe.

Your HWS Team