Gabriel balance

I just heard that Gabriel apparently has all the gold meteorites. But this is mostly a PVE planet. And it requires RP to stay there and as we all know, PVP = bad for RP.

So in a PVP oriented server & universe the only planet worth mining (since Lucifer and such seems to hardly every drop any meteorites at all for me) is mostly PVE (71% of the time)…

How does that make sense? Or is this info wrong?

When I was on Lucifer it rained gold meteorites.

With that said the whole RP system is currently incredibly broken with only a few who play all day having the RP to benefit. If you have a job, forget about the RP systems.


Job isnt relevent as just 5 or so rp avg would get you there. But pvp loss of rp is very relevent. The best part of the game removed just so i could sit alone on Eden (250 rp with a job). But none of the exciting pvp.

I dunno how you managed to get your RP, but the people that I have talked basically managed it by working from home and just logging in hourly for their 1 warp per hour before logging out.

5 warps a day to get to the 70 rep would mean 14 days of playing without ever dying. (sorry I’was thinking of a different world for 120)

Seems a bit excessive - and 5 hours a day is pretty dedicated.

Either way my point remains, 14 days of warping around with an epic, that you need to first get, is pretty steep.

You’re doing it all wrong. Put some explosive devices on your ship and crash into the marketplace.
When you respawn you respawn in Eden + 7 virgins. No RP needed.


It’s even worse, because it is not enough to have Rp to enter these planets, imagine the following: You got the 250 rp to enter these planets and of course you will be staying there to build your mansion and will hardly jump to any place, Well of course you will not have RP, however the cost for this on the planet is 250 Rp and you have this value right or one more than that, that’s where the problem comes from, let’s imagine that you starved for an oversight, or fell In a hole with a low hp or fell from the ceiling of his mansion, or died for an aliem, you know what happens, you lose the rp and from there you are kicked from the planet and can not enter until you reach the same 250 RP again, the Which I think is that after unblocking a certain planet, it should remain permanently open and not require more Rp to return to it, or at least require that the player who unblocked the access, has at least half of the maximum rp required to unlock the entrance in the planet…

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[quote=“Mordgier, post:2, topic:3647”]
When I was on Lucifer it rained gold meteorites.
[/quote]Were you alone there or with other people? Was it PVE or PVP at the time?

On PVE server the droprate can take hours even while it is PVP and while you are on foot. Not sure what kind of dance I have to make to get them to drop.

PvE - with what seemed like the rest of NA server.

Also I felt like a celebrity because people followed me around and took screenshots of me and my ship. :heart:

Then my HV drowned in lava…

At any point there were asteroids all over lucifer all weekend. We mined a few million credits. And couldnt kill em all. But gabriel and its low low grav is very nice. :flushed:

Then this problem is related to the PVE server I guess. It probably drops meteorites based on how many people are online or in the playfield. Meaning that if you are there alone, it’s not even worth mining.
This is also broken because then basically there is no point in playing until more people login (and possibly go to the same playfield). So you can either AFK a lot or bring along bots/dummy accounts or wait for other people to join. And if they never join, you are out of luck because there is nothing for you to do then…

Gabriel and lucifer both need to get nuked. Or remove the gold

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Most of the server is just playing minecraft. PvP is practically dead.

Doesn’t help that anything more than 1v1 in space is an unfun lagfest.

I can only speak for LBP but our most recent PVP has been pointlessly laggy or buggy.

Go to Darkworld/Iceworld - get shot but HVs and turrets that I cannot see while lagging horribly.
Go fight CVs in a 3 v 4, lag horribly while one of our guys freezes entirely and needs to relog, ends up outside of his ship and the pvp fight turns into a ship recovery op instead as we have to pick him up from planet surface and give him a ride to his ship in orbit.

Really my most satisfying fights in 5.0 have been in HVs - as odd as that sounds.


Yup, me and my crew of 5 were actually there mining by hand…chasing them down w/ T2 drills… i wont comment on who it was that found your backpack… but it wasnt ARC…but we heard it did have several Epics in it :slight_smile:

Watching this thread makes me want to tell you where to stick it… Go call a Whambulance… i have been busting my rear to get enough Rep… I wanted to go to the planet w/ 160 rep. and maintaining 150+ w/ the scan that i cant Op out of…
and yes the rep is way to intense… get out your Egg timer … this last week i managed to only get 15 rep. so far.

Im not on this server for only your PVP enjoyment… I like a mix of both, to be honest many of the Trader friends and groups have already LEFT the server over the fact that PVP is forced so much… you want a nice juicy target … then let us get fat and ready for the picking… not us starving for where to go and be in peace and not worried out stuff is going to be destoyed while we are off line…

Yea im ranting but as one of the larger Trader factions that tries to help many get started… Pirates are still a HUGE threat, but that is also expected and we enjoy that threat to a point. what would this place be if you manager to push all the PVE/PVP community away… good luck with that … and sadly i have been seeing it for that last few weeks already!

Yup. 5.0 slightly improved targetting but greatly destroyed PVP so far.[quote=“Arlongkpr, post:16, topic:3647”]
Pirates are still a HUGE threat
[/quote]How are they a threat? Only mine when they are in their PVE rotation I guess.

Thumbs up to whoever did it. It was the right move.

PvP is amazingly easy to avoid as long as CVs are able to just warp away. Traders are a giant hugbox as long as LoT is out there forcing all to ally with other traders.

I’m curious where you think the PvP goes too far - I don’t agree that everyone should have a safe place to minecraft but everyone does need a safe place to get basic ores. Gold? Not sure on that one.

Really right now most issues I have with PvP are related to bugs and lag. Traders and Guardians are in huge alliances and able to field absurd numbers against the pirates who are unallied - but it’s pointless as any large battle turns to a total lag fest and more ships get killed to bugs than anything else. You can throw a 5 to 1 ratio at ZC on darkworld and all that will happen is that you will lag out over their bases or crash to desktop and spawn outside your ship and instantly killed by turrets.

So I don’t think there is anything horribly wrong with the HWS world as it is - if lag and bugs were not such a big deal. With that said, they are and the world needs to reflect that reality. Hopefully CV mining will go a long way towards good mineral sources.

  • You can buy a safe place with a donator planet with real money.
  • You can safely mine gold during PVE rota (how does this promoto PVP?).
  • PVP is insanely horrible right now (bugs, exploits, lag, imbalances, universe problems, etc) as you already pointed out on many areas.
  • You can safely abuse starter planets and mine there.
  • RP promotes even more PVE play (will be changed at some point though).
  • NPC traders are not disabled and are still causing imbalances. On top of that with the current LCD’s they are unfair as well for tripple imbalance…

So basically you can get basic resources, credits and even gold 99% safe. I’m not sure how this is a PVP universe.

But Rex can never do it right anyway. Some people want to minecraft, some want to PVP, some want to hoard, some just want to trade. Impossible to satisfy all.

Yeah I think that’s actually a problem more than a good thing right now as those with planets (at least on NA) are move wolves than sheep.

On NA there are several PvP factions that are playing a very different game than the rest of the server.