Garage Ships - is there an ETA for new submissions?

Good day all!

I just wanted to mention garage ships again. I completely understand that HWS is a busy place. @Ju is working on POI’s and approving updated garage ships (or not), Jasha is working on tools, tickets, and administration, while @RexXxuS is busy adding new and improved changes to all of HWS.

However, I wanted to be sure to mention garage ships again so they were not forgotten. It has been over six months since players have been able to submit garage ships, I know of 8 ships that have been created for the garage, but not submitted due to the garage closure. I understand this is a huge time sink, but it is also part of what makes HWS so distinct and player oriented.

I am bringing this up just to ask - is there an expected time the garage will accept new submissions? Keep in mind, you will probably get dozens of requests for garage ship approvals as soon as you open it.

I wanted to close by thanking all of you for the time and effort you have dedicated to HWS, I completely understand why the garage submissions are closed, but I look forward to them opening again.

( I mentioned this 6 months ago, if you want to go back to the last topic, here is a link What will happen with garage ships? )


Particularly, I’m looking forward to a few ships that you can’t purchase at all right now (none for sale in the garage) some of which include tanks, utility, and explorer ships, and there is only one fighter for sale at all. I have had a tank ready to submit since before the garage closed, but have been unable to submit it. I would love to be able to purchase mine, or someone else’s, ships, but there are no tanks available (pvp HV’s), which is the garage ship I want most.

yes time is the major crutch for everything. i remember rex posting about a rework of garage ships. fingers crossed for advanced core on sv so we use cv devices again :wink:

submission date is less important to me than knowing what the the new restrictions will be. if we had a head’s up, we could start designing now so when submissions open…

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