What will happen with garage ships?

What is the plan for garage ships in A12? As I understand it @Ju has been too busy updating POI’s for players who enjoy running those (which makes sense, especially if that’s what she prefers.) However, there hasn’t been a new garage ship, or even an updated garage ship posted to the garage this entire season. Mid last month, I contacted Ju with three garage ship submissions and a garage ship update. At the time, I asked about how many she had finished and she mentioned she hadn’t had time to complete any of the garage ships yet. I asked a friend if he had submitted a garage ship update and he has also submitted one weeks ago.

I’m mentioning this to say: what can I (and many others I’m sure) do to speed up this process from no progress to all of the ships approved or denied. I personally do not have the know-how to approve garage ships and frankly I don’t really want to. So I understand if we just need to wait longer, but I wanted to get a message out there to see - is there anyone interested in approving garage ships? Maybe there’s an HWP member or a community member the admins can entrust with this essential part of HWS. HWS is different from other servers because of it’s OAM, EB, rich player economy, and especially it’s garage ships.

I am not trying to blame Ju for anything here, she probably has a full time job she has to do, approving POI’s and accepting garage ships probably also feels like a full time job, so if there’s something I can do to help with this, by all means ask.



It would be nice if garage ships were updated yeah, but I think everyone is just quite stressed out right now.
Covid-19 woke a lot of issues, and now we’ve reached summer so some are preparing for vacations, or just in general busy with a lot of stuff.

I think you have to be an “admin” to be able to do this kind of stuff. Also the reason it’s Ju handling it is because she’s really good at it, and has a taste for building. But it would definitely make sense if someone could help her.


Would love to see some new ships being implemented. From A10 to A12 there has been and still a significant drop in the amount of ship for whatever reason. They used to be a focus point of alot of credits being spent


The issues with A12 have caused most of us to focus on recovering from and avoiding them. This has plagued us all. Designing and testing garage ships has been no exception. Imagine paying nearly 20mil and having it lost within 30 seconds of purchase because of an A12 feature bug. Thus creating a support ticket. Time better spent on resolving issues. We are currently in a state of A12 limbo until we can have the selection we want. The only thing we can offer at this time is patience and hope the issues will be less and less frequent as time progresses.


Apart from the already useful comments the statement is following:

I make Trello Tickets for Ju and discuss with her about what is going on at HWS.
Since we had not enough time for POIs for Alpha 12, the plan is now to update / remove / rework all the current old POIs on HWS for the next season.
This requires a lot of time and focus.

And since POIs is her biggest strength, this has a higher priority.
Especially since some things are still in the queue and need to be released before touching Garage ships.
New weapons like the Alien Anti Matter Cannon, a M77 Torpedo launcher and more.
The HWS Config is also overdue to an update. EWS v2 even.

I feel very sorry to say it feel right now like a huge dramatic bottleneck, at least for me but we are trying our best to make one step after another.

The Garage deservers for sure more attention and I miss the old days myself. I don’t even know what good DM Event ships I could use…
Over the years it got more and more complex and I want to bring back the simplicity back somehow.

So yeah, unfortunately only patience is the answer to the topic title. As with many things this season, I’m sorry.


Not really sure why you are apologizing, so far this season has been a wash for myself, constant disconnects are completely game breaking, not even POIs are worth venturing into at the moment with it as bad as it is. And so far Eleon has not done much fixing it, too focused on single player BS, and if I wanted that I would have gone with no man’s sky.

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Take your time and do what you need to do. Most of us would rather have a polished product that had time spent rather than have a rushed job. As far as the deathmatch events, a few of us are working on ideas to bring back the SV dogfight events. Currently in the process of designing ships for it. Perhaps the SV/HV/CV DM events could be community build ideas. This would help share some of the burden and leave the POI master to her best work.


I’m working on the same thing for community dogfight events, possibly even HV fights, but the big problem right now for me is I can’t find any players willing to protect the event, so we could get swarmed by TAW or something and all the new players would just get killed.

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Even protection is not a guarantee. Find a remote location in the random universe and go nuts. It will require a lot of planning and effort. Lots of trial and error for sure. Just be sure to have everyone cb:sethome before hand.

If you two come up with this, as i loved the season 11 fights from BOB, the hwp will help there we can…
And if rexx will allow it, maybe we can insta warp the partybus to a designated area. Atleast this way the travel there will be safer.
But protecting it would be going a bit out of our policy :pensive: but we can tell people to please respect the event going on :slightly_smiling_face:


I can’t imagine people would have a problem with that DQ and ABN gave protection the last few times as well.

At the minute I believe an issue is that we can’t make anything public. Would it be possible to massively increase the faction SV cap for Bob’s faction?

Failing that, could the event teleporter at EGS HQ be used to point at an empty pvp playfield (no resources, hard wipe every 24 hours) with structures there not counted towards the limit. Then Bob’s deathmatch could be run there as long as any other community events or grudge matches that wish to be fought?