Garage Warranty?

Could somebody explain what is meant by the garage warranty? I’ve asked in game a few times but haven’t had any replies. I’ve been considering buying one of the ships but as a new player it’s a pretty big investment and I want to know what I’m getting myself into first. Thanks.


Although you may modify your garage ship, HWS will no longer support that ship once altered from its original design.
Any damaged components, intentional or by accident can’t be restored as well.


“However with the Repair Bay + Console you can repair your HWS Garage ship to a certain degree.
Keep in mind that everything which is over the limit (e.g. weapons) are only restored to the server limits.”

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I did read that, and it doesn’t do a very good job explaining. Does this mean if I add some new blocks to it, it would no longer be returned in the event of a game bug?

HWS will no longer support that ship once altered from its original design.

Means if ANYTHING, absolutely anything happens to it, warranty is void.
Including shooting it once, getting shot at once or removing / adding one block.

Okay, that answers that part. If you do leave it alone then the “warranty” only covers game bugs, and not in game wear and tear?

Exactly. Only in-game bugs are covered.
If it gets damaged you won’t get blocks repaired beyond what repair console can do.

For example if you lose drill from garage sv, you’ll never get it back.

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Thanks for the info, That clarified all the questions that I had about the way those ships work. Probably best to wait to buy one until I have more gold than I need considering the risks involved in owning them.

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You are very welcome :slight_smile:
Only fly what you can afford to lose

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