Get the free mining ship twice if you loose the first one?

I lost this special free mining-vessel, you get in the cave. pirates-attacks me in the area of golden globe - i had bad luck by my first view there. My question: Is it possible to get the ship twice? I know that it´s not possible to spawn if you have one. But if you loose the ship, is it possible to get it again?

I doubt that… it’s also very unprotected, it’s not a vessel for PvP :slight_smile:

You can cross server warp and spawn the second one :wink:
But generally you cant have a second chance, If you lose it is lost. You need to buy one at Garage. There is no warranty on purchases.

I understand. I was attacked i a very bad moment - my mistake. Never doing these things late night again … Buying at Garage - i am looking for, but i think the type of SV-Mining vessel with 2 types of drills is not in the list, isn´t it?

there is the nomadder- 5HV drills and 5CV drills

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