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This is what I wrote, if you want to see some of these in game be sure to voice your opinions!

-Add the Advanced Core, the one with the 10 Mil CPU boost, so we can design new garage ships with CV parts that are fun. Maybe make the Advanced core super priced in the garage? Maybe something like $20 million just for the core? That way it will siphon off excess cash from server giants.

In that same vein, instead of just getting a copy of my ship and other goodies if my submissions win, I’d rather get a commission for each sale, like 25%. After returning from a long break, I find myself not that interested in PvP, but rather ship design. Getting space rich from occupying GG is too time consuming. I’d rather sell the shovels than prospect for the gold.

-Maybe make a playfield where only the advanced core can enter, so everyone has a garage ship and is more or less on equal footing? Epic loot there?

-Speaking of gold, phoenix system needs at least two gold asteroids now that it is a critical component for CPU extenders. Maybe throw in Mg, Ti, Pl, and Al ones as well? Also, consider including CPU Extender components in HQ POI’s loot tables like the matrices and bridges. Perhaps also include extenders into the POI blocks themselves. No Man’s Land has done this and it felt good getting that as both a reward and a deconstruction bonus. It also helped lower the start curve when I played on their server.

-Another thing which I enjoyed from No Man’s land was the expanded universe. HWS feels a bit small and there seems to be no reward for real exploration. Perhaps there could be a star hopping mission or just a glut of a specific resource at a distant star that only come from exploring? What I did not like though was the utter lack of PvP on No Man’s Land, because of it’s enormity. They probably have ~10x-20x more systems than HWS, but that seems to be too many. If I had to to guess what would work might be ~1.5x-2.0x as many as current.

Also, as a thought, you could duplicate GG for platinum and set up an exchange rate for it like gold? That way there are more options for control/dominance pvp?

-Cave miner needs to be more special and seems like any other SV with carbon blocks.

-Perhaps make carbon blocks (or some other block) more viable by requiring aluminum as a construction component, but also increasing HP?

-In the same vein as above, is there a way to make like light weight or low CPU draw variants of thrusters, like what you did for jump distance and CV drives? Because those variants would make the game much more dynamic. Are you flying a beefy, full HP warmachine that moves slower, or are you faster but more fragile? Less CPU draw, but with higher component input/lower HP? With the CPU limits non-block components are having a higher impact on design.

A further example might be light weight/draw shield gens that still give as many points of protection, but recharge slower or are less efficient like the warp drive.

Maybe have these things as rare alien tech from missions or really hard POI’s as an alternative to just having them in the constructor?

X-Lastly, the thing that disappointed me the most when I returned was seeing that I was locked out of warp because I was being attacked. I just had to sit there and die in my weaponless mining vessel which I spent hours grinding t4 extenders for. Poof, gone, not fun. I get that you are trying to cut down on the running away and recharge shield cheese, but there has to be a better way. Maybe make a lockout timer from the playfield or an extended drive cooldown? I don’t know, but it was really frustrating being completely helpless.

It was extremely wise to go to PvP on that vessel. I hope you took and lost all your garden stuff there. Next time you could use a detector.

Its really funny to read suggestions from zero PvP-experience players about how PvP should be organized. They all like one wanna be invulnerable and want to guarantee their safety in PvP, which is nonsense. While HWS focuses on such players, nothing good will come of it.

HWS needs an event where PvP hotheads can fight on equal terms in equal teams. There is no such event on HWS still. Eton can be won only by mass or “illegal exploity” smart moves. xxDMs are a bit better, but its only 1-on-1, inconvenient system of applications and participation, vessels are far from PvP engineering, we should be able to bring our BPs there. So, in my opinion, we need smth like fixed teams (3-3 or 5-5) without possibility to bring endless reinforcements, BP spawning, running away via poles or planet/space. I think CTF (capture the flag) mechanics would be best here.

And of course we need old EWS config back, cause current implementation is the worst HWS ever saw, in my opinion.


Bro, thats the most annoying crap people can do.

Combat log is more annoying, don’t you agree? :smiley:
There is a CTF style HV battle on New Age server. If you go to pole zone you just die instantly and your HV is wiped. You can do it with modding. So its just a question of programming skills and desire to do something.


@RexXxuS This… this is probably the best feedback ever! Honestly

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Well, I don’t remember exactly how it works, maybe you don’t die… maybe you just thrown away from event… Whatever, but everybody knows going to pole will end your participation on event one way or another.

@IceDrugg as an elite pvper, what other suggestions would you make?
Personally, i think Homeworld planet should be the only place allowed to have bases. and the moons shouldnt. Would make for a more interested pvp play. Meaning pvp players cant just run 200 meters to get to their base after being attacked while mining. It should be waaaay more risk for your reward. IMO. I think bases should either be removed or more limited… especially if the config is the way it is.

I have to go now, I’ll try to answer you this evening.

Gold in Phoenix? Really…there already is almost zero reason for people to come to PVP…I believe gold is the only reason. Why dont we just make the servers PVE only? I agree with Ice…funny hearing pvp suggestions from someone with no pvp experience…just wow

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The “make it pve only” joke is a bit old.
Seems the PvP factions just want everyone to be forced into PvP.

There is a nice balance as it is. Not being forced into PvP is not the equivalent of the server being PvE only, or whatever point people think they are trying to make with that nonsense.

It’s all a bit childish. Play how you want, and let others play how they want. Stop this “omg they can get everything in pve how can i kill them”. It’s childish.


It’s really funny to read replies from tools who don’t even know me but yet assume I have never pvp’ed.

Balance? How many PVE systems are there? How many PVP? You PVE daily…I havent had any PVP in days. So wheres the balance? Again a PVE player suggesting something he knows NOTHING about…balance ppppffftttt.

We’re clearly speaking of a different type of balance.
The balance is where everyone is able to choose whether they’d like to PvE or PvP.
Clearly you’re just disappointed you’ve nobody to fight. Which is fine, but having the attitude that everyone should be forced into PvP is, again, childish.

When I started here you couldn’t even get Sathium in PvE. The changes to PvE over the years have actually increased the number of players here. Just because you have nobody to fight does not mean people should suddenly be forced back into PvP again.

I’ve been around nearly as long as you have, and have played both PvE and PvP. You can make a lot of assumptions if you like, but you’re just sounding arrogant. Not knowing who I am or when I started here is pretty poor ammo for you.

If you want someone to fight, just leave your faction. Nobody told the PvP factions to collect all the PvPers and stop fighting each other. You made the problem yourselves. The server and PvE players have nothing to do with your PvP issues. Stop trying to justify things that will kill half the playerbase.

Clearly we are now that you care to expand your argument. If you’ve been around a while as you say then you have noticed the decrease in server population. Yes the PVE population has grown, the PVP population has not. With increase in PVE playfields and a decrease in PVP playfields over the years, how can you not come to the conclusion that the server is heading to a PVE server. All the PVP factions helped make this server what is was…and now those same PVP factions are getting screwed by the decrease in the ability to enjoy their game style. So I will continue to be outspoken in what I like as long as Rexx allows me a voice here. For you to dismiss someone’s opinions as “childish” because you disagree is in itself “childish”…don’t you think?

You wont bother me by being outspoken. If you care about the community at all, then at least have the foresight to realize many of the changes PvP players suggest will cause PvE players to just stop playing.

The PvP population has certainly grown, but all the PvPers are in like 3 factions. It is nearly as bad as GG on EU.

If you want more PvP, change your own playstyle. Start a new faction, set up a base on GG. Get yourself some PvP. Nothing is stopping you. There’s plenty of PvP for you, you’re just not taking advantage of it. Instead you would rather bait new PvE players into PvP, having an extremely negative impact.

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Were you not just saying something about me making assumptions? Wow…who says I don’t have a base or three on GG, HW, LW, IW, DW? Who says there’s plenty of PVP for me? I am in PVP daily, hunting, but all I see are scared little miners. But I’m sure in your finite wisdom you know why I only find miners huh? As I said earlier the decrease in PVP playfields, which is counter to what you said

has caused a DECREASE in PVP players and thus PVP factions. I’m not trying to attack you personally but dude you really have no clue what the PVP server status is…not on NA or EU, especially if you’re always in PVE. And if that’s your thing, then enjoy and stop putting your worthless two cents into a topic you have little to zero knowledge of. Feel me?

To be fair, Dok’s only PvP experience is from the TAW-FU-FLN Mega Alliance from S9X and S10… The only real competition back then was ABN (who was in a dry patch) and then FV…

Making the galaxy bigger just adds more issues, less overall content as Rex has to spend more time on the other systems.

You were around in the carbon meta of Season 10. I think everyone can agree that we don’t need to go back that far into the stone age.

This server is a hard server, not made the for the weak. That means having to risk everything to get one resource. Adding everything to PvE makes the gankers and PvP’ers sad and then they take it out on noobs… Noobs get rekt, sent to starter, then rage quit.

This is counter productive IMO. You drain money from the server and then add some back in. At that point, you can buy a garage ship for essentially 55% off once you add in the Meta Patreon discount.

Warp Cooldown is great, it keeps people from running away when they start losing. If I spend 20k rounds of ammo shooting you, I expect to be able to kill and recycle your shit too.

Why be a part of a large PvP faction if you can’t find PvP?
Seems to me you’re just excluding yourself from a lot of PvP.
Leave your faction and try again.

If you want more PvP, take some steps yourself first.

All I hear in this thread is “I want more unprepared PvE players in PvP”.

You’re in the wrong topic I think.

This is why we cannot even have a feedback channel in discord, because some PvP players like to instantly and personally attack any suggestions from PvE players. It’s simple, make your own suggestions and stop berating others and speaking condescendingly to people trying to have a conversation.

Your opinion is not the only one that matters. Contrary to what you believe, even PvE players suggestions can be useful to improve PvP. Make your own suggestion to fix PvP and stop personally attacking others to mute their suggestions. It’s really sad.

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It’s not a joke at this point… most will agree that the true pvpers are on the edge of just quitting the server/game.