Glitch Loss

We were breaking out of the Lucifer atmosphere last night when suddenly we found ourselves lodged inside of a base, far far away. We were somehow transported there and trapped. While we didn’t receive fire immediately, we were instantly vaporized by many many guns as soon as we attempted to leave the ship.
I was able to respawn back in my CV near Saturn, but alas, the backpack I was carrying was lost at the station.
The purpose of our trip to Lucifer was of course mining, and I wouldn’t mind the loss of items as much as I am heartbroken at the loss of a backpack loaded with gold.
Is there someway I can get that backpack back?
It was lost very near:
Level=20.00, XP=250000, Id=30711920

Any help would be appreciated

Hi and thanks for the report.

That is one of the oldest and most devastating bugs still around and not able to reproduce.

However since we can’t track down backpacks I am afraid to say that we can’t handle / restore backpack content.

The only thing we can do is restore your player from a certain save game. All progress you have till now would be lost and we would need the exact timestamp when it happened.
Since this is very time consuming we mostly do it if the loss is dramatically high.


Thank you sir for your quick reply.
While worthy of teeth grinding, I would certainly not categorize this loss as a dramatic loss.
I thank you for your attention and also for your hard work on this fine server.
All the best,

On this server there is never a need to keep gold on you, just convert it to coins and use eb:cointocr

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