Global scan - how is it working?

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So, it clearly says that i can actiavte as soon i got 1 RP (or more exactly 3, to pay for it)… but then when i try to activate it…

Is the forum tooltip outdated?

We just changed it but the tool is not yet updated.
First time that the forum is ahead :wink:

Tool update will come soon. Until then its still 150 RP.
Sorry for the confusion.

yep, sorry, will come asap

Okey. Can close topic :slight_smile:

Lemme hop in and ask a relevant question though, is it still automatic activation? Can we make it not? Because If it activates everytime we get RP, and takes 2 per day… Well let me just say I have 8 RP at this point, after playing the role of Trader all season. If, on top of the low RP return, I have to worry about more RP being removed each day, It will make it nearly impossible to keep track of, or have a positive balance.

I don’t know where you have it from but it wasn’t a “passive” ever. You always have to manually activate it with fa:scan.
It is a toggle though. So fa:scan once = active (3RP cost) and fa:scan twice = deactive (free).

You don’t get.

Well I know you play also other games now so I don’t worry that much… but active traders on HWS have 100-200 RP. So I think your post last week “RIP Trader” is on personal taste.
For example would the default Trader Calculation till now for the season I approx. 250 RP. Combining with POI and PDA missions over 300 RP.
With the start of 6.X.X and your bank balance you could have about over 1000 RP.

We can’t boost RP gaining for an Origin which probably don’t fit your playstyle because other would profit from it even more.

But that is another topic.

Was thinking of this post. Prior to this statement from Jascha, it was found out that it was automatically activated once you hit 150. Never looked into it again because we didn’t want to hit that much RP in 5.0 because it would have taxed our donor planet into oblivion lol. So apologies for the out of date information, was already addressed, apparently.
As for RP amounts, I would not suggest more boosts for Trader, atleast without it matching the playstyle. Honestly ever since RP was tweaked to require Warping in 4.0, my interest in RP has only been in having greater than 1, so that faction supply was accessible. But I do see and like the new RP oriented additions, should bring significance to RP, which is excellent.

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