HWS 6.X.X update | Taxes | Missions | New HWS Connect era

Hey @everyone,

a quick update of what is coming this week before I go to vacation from Thursday till Sunday.

Wednesday = patchday

On Wednesday 23.08. 9AM (GMT+1) couple of things will change or better to say: adapt to the promised changes for 6.X.X

Surface wipes for the Homeworld Sector

We skipped it but then we will run the surface wipe for all Homeworld Planets.

The reincarnation of Armageddon will come in 7.0 due missing time

We also surface wipe Golden Globe again and in general all these planets on regular basis.
Every Wednesday morning there will be the surface wipe to provide fresh clean resources.

New Tax logic

After a lot of feedback I decided against all orbit taxes but instead implementing a dynamic tax system. Giving the choices and gameplay more to you rather than to us.

As soon as any playfield reaches 200 cores it will be automatically taxed. If it drops below 200 cores no taxes have to be paid (except CSW, ECC, Penthouse and the starter systems)

This means basically two things:

  1. this is the reason why on Wednesday the global scan cost you only 1RP instead of 150 RP and check easily how many cores are on what playfield. Make sure to check out the guide for that feature - otherwise you might wonder why you lose 2 RP per day ( Origin Abilities ).
  2. it should motivate you to respect the capacity of the game performance and move to another place if one playfield is too full. Combined with the debt change soon that if you are in debt structures get automatically seized it will be all handled in auto mode

New Missions

Another bunch of missions will be released on Wednesday.
However remember to restart your game after the server restart also to have the new missions visible in your PDA, otherwise you only see something like “Chp55” or so.

They will contain some solo aswell as faction missions with RP as rewards mainly.

HWS Connect 2.0

It’s finally there, thanks to Jascha. All preparations are done and I only need to have some time, water, good music and some food to code it but yes, a new era of HWS Connect is coming where you can play the game over the website in a certain degree.

If some of you are interest go ahead and share your ideas but the “API” allows us for now:

  • change your credits (Bank or Player) over the website (adding or removing)
  • give you items over the website
  • (ex)change items in your OCD and their amount (adding or removing)
  • warp you to playfield W, at coordinate X,Y,Z
  • change your RP (adding or removing)

It’s really huge. In my first “test pilot” I want first develop a kind of Daily Quests System (inspired by Hearthstone etc.). Like

  • Login once a day to HWS Connect to get +1RP straight away
  • Some Quiz questions like what ID has the Epic Plasma Launcher. If correct = +10000 bank credits
  • Continuous logins give you some items

Very plain and basic but you see the idea?
There might be more, way more options now, even one of my big 7.0 feature might be possible with this now…

However before you start idea storming keep of course the little disclaimer in mind:
There can’t be too much “deep” interactions be made like a marketplace over the website because it only updates every 10 minutes. So if you would buy 100 items for 1000 credits because it’s possible in that moment you could have emptied your bank in the game meantime and still would get the deal because we can’t check all the time if the order you made is legit or not.
So restrict your ideas more to such simple stuff for now like mine above.
I know that later more complex stuff is possible like my planned stock market or interactive Hunter Board integration.

So yeah, most likely after my vacation a lot of cool stuff will happen before we full wipe. As you saw new planets for 7 will come (I work on some of them) so a full wipe is a necessary for sure but the timing will be again dependent on the Eleon team. So the best spot is for now “HWS full wipes as soon as 7.0 comes out”.

With season II a lot of other things will change too.

  • The universe layout? Maybe, depends on your feedback about the current one.
  • Donator planets / Donator Space? Yes, they will come but with a special deal for existent planet donator aswell
  • HWS Story like only 3 Origins as mentioned in the HWS Survey? Yeah, although more feedback for that is needed
  • More to be announced

Let me know your feedback and thanks again for the support so far!
Really appreciated!

Your HWS Team


Excellent ideas here - thank you

Re: current universe - I like the current design. Only wish is for more universe - but, know performance places limits.

Q: Is there still planned a new season start around Sept 7, or will this be scheduled to coincide with 7.0 release?

My top wish list (some of this on eleon):

  1. Eliminate the underground turret exploits
  2. Eliminate ‘ghost’ core exploit (very hard to prove - but have seen things occur that a ghost core would explain)
  3. Green barrier teleporting ship bug - this hit me about 1/2 dozen times this past weekend
  4. T2 rcs for hv and sv
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Yay features! :smiley:
Love the taxes idea. Same for HWSC

As for universe feedback as you seem to ask for it… while i understand the idea for separating PvP and PvE, its feels kinda forced and artificial. It feels more like a pentax drain mechanic rather than a division mechanic.

If i wanna go back to penthouses orbits from PvP, i need to fly again all the way around to PvE and back into “orange” zone. I’m not saying i have a better idea, but the actual system might not be it, it doesn’t feel right, i feel more like climbing a ladder up all the time rather than flying around a universe.

HWS Connect 2.0

Best update ever to HWS Connect cannot wait I use it all the time when playing the game. I even check things out on it while work. So looking forward to using it.

Have a great vacation now and rest some.

We will be here trolling the forum while you are away…

Great work with the update,


Ha Ha you know it. I am always around.

Have a good one @RexXxuS

Interesting features. Enjoy the vacation Rexx!

I do have a question what is the time in which the ‘intruder logs’ update?

Tax idea is good. Send out warnings at 80%, 90% and 100+%

  1. Don’t build a base on every PvE playfield.

RexXxuS can you limit the number of structures to every PvE areas? I think there is a lot of redundancy too.

The proceeds of our money in the bank could be made by the hws connect, different from how it is done now, it is strange to have to go to the bank so that the same of the proceeds of your money that is applied in him, even nowadays in the life Real iso would be something, meaningless and logical, even at the beginning of the banking system this never worked well … I think that the levels of the bank could contemplate this comfort level two.

New tax logic

As analyst i can promise you that this will cause just one issue : Overpopulation of Ju, as this will be the only place in the universe to build tax free in PVE with direct connect to PVE and PVP playfields.

Your system is also not fair : It is not the fault of the players who settled first in, lets assume peacekeeper, and then some fugging noobs come later in, neither interested in server performance nor anything else but themselves push the cores over 200… punishing the first settlers.

My suggestion : Just tax the players who pushed the cores over 200, not the ones who settled there before. This ensures that the just the guilty ones are receiving the punishment and not everybody.


I’v told Rexx something similar before but i guess he decided not to implement that logical change.

About the Intruder logs it seems it doesn’t update every 10 minutes. If i was to guess intruder logs update every 1,2,3 4? days? Its hard to tell it looks so messy and confusing.

If Rexxus can point to a definitive answer to how and when intruder logs update and refresh that would be a big help.

Maybe i should open a thread to bring attention to this “important subject?”

so no more 9/7 wipe then?

Usually the best solutions are the ones where nobody is happy… this looks like a good start, your childish and short sighted comment about “fuggin noobs” aside.

I would imagine tracking only the people who spawn cores above a limit is not practical - what happens when the cores are at 220 and you decide to chop up your old HV and upgrade to a shiny new one? Now all of a sudden, you’re on the list of “noobs” clogging up the play field, then you are back here screaming “It’s not fair!” again. Because now you are taxed, despite being there first.

I would think a technically easier solution would be to simply lower the hard cap of cores, but I’m guessing that’s a game limitation.

First off what part of why do the first people to arrive in that planet be taxed because the last few arrived late and now the first ones to arrive have to pay the taxes too? That makes no sense. Taxes should only be given to those that arrived late and that made the core limits go over.

Now why would nobody be happy if this fair and logical system was implemented? Like taxing those that made the core limits go over and not everyone else who got their early?

Arriving early should be incentivized and rewarded not punished because some people arrived late from starters. Thats called logic and common sense.

Yalll are applying ideas and theories that are beyond the limits of what can be done with the tool at the moment.
It is incredibly more feasible to set a playfield to “taxed”, than to track every single structure on the playfield and determine which ones arrived most recently, then tax only the owner of these ships for only THESE ships. It is not a matter of fair here, It is a safeguard. Playfields should not be ALLOWED to get overloaded. If one becomes overloaded, it becomes the responsibility of all in it to lower that count, so that it does not corrupt, and wipe for everyone. Its simple, Keep track of the core count, and if it starts getting high, bug out. The only thing I would suggest implementing is some sort of rule prohibiting the transport of >20 cores at a time into a playfield. This way they count does not jump up drastically due to one selfish person carrying a fleet of useless cores, and ruining the playfield for others. There is already something somewhat similar in the tax logic, which penalizes multi core owners more heavily per ship. This would be more of a policy in writing, to allow easy action if someone does decide to throw a playfield over count singlehandedly.


So you read the first paragraph, decided it didn’t fit whatever narrative you are trying to push this week, and responded - sounds about par for the course.

Why not take it in the opposite direction? Tax those who have been there the longest? They shouldn’t be there anyways, since this is a PVP server - isn’t that what I am always hearing? And older players are more likely to be able to afford it… sounds like a win/win to me.

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Dangerous to ask for ideas but sure :smiley: What about the tax increasing exponentially if people keep overloading even thou they are already being taxed, so that if the planet is about to burst with cores the tax will be 10x that of when it first gets overloaded, this will force people to leave as soon as possible if the planet is about to collapse.

For people saying that it is unfair, it would be unfair for the first people if more people come and overload after but at the same time it would be unfair to the new people if the planets are all already full, so the only option as has been done now is to have a universal rule so that players can adapt to it and change their game style accordingly Example: live on a CV so that if cores get to much they can just lift off and then move it somewhere else so they don’t get taxed to hard.

Another thing that is a problem is that each player will naturally build on every pve space available to them so they have safe bases everywhere, with the current tax system + an exponential tax it will be too dangerous for people to have bases all over the place as they wont be able to deconstruct them all in time if they start getting overloaded, so naturally people will learn from their mistakes and not build all over, stay mobile :] It sounds like a fair trade off since pvp is dangerous so if you want to live on pve, it only makes sense that it has some danger’s as well so people don’t just dump their stuff and stagnate slowing down the server.

Guys, Israel and myself just place suggestions to make HWS a better place for everybody.

“if no one is happy it is a good change” is just as stupid as “a relashionship is only good with stress, fight and struggle”.

We could also go to Ju instead and look for a nice real estate after 7th of september already.

Got the message ?

You would need at least 2 CV, one to define as homebase and one to fly around. Otherwise you risk becoming stranded on the starter planet after a loss in PVP. Thats a lot flying around as 2 CV are not allowed in PVE playfields.
As you see this will not prevent the coming mass exodus to Ju.

Hmm you have a point what if you where allowed 2 CV split between the peace keepers, then you could leave home CV set as home in one of the peacekeepers and spawn a 2nd for moving around but then peace keepers would have to be exempt from tax, and there would have to be a way to stop people from overcrowding the peacekeepers…maybe have the peace keepers on the sanctuary server, so that they don’t live out of them but its a backup ahh but then home option wont work arrg… I don’t know … I guess with a 2CV limit among all peace keepers amount of Peace keepers can be increased to accommodate all active players, its the none active players that could be a problem thou as they could get to peace keeper get bored of the game and then leave, so that’s 7 days worth of players that already left, wonder what the best method for handling that would be.