Gold Base Attack - Question about Intruder Logs

I logged out last night, everything was more or less stocked with ammo/fuel. Logged in this morning and 98% of our bases aregone, it looks like whoever did it cored every single one of them and then they despawned.

I can’t seem to find the Intruder Logs on who attacked though, I’ve got a few but I think those were when I was online last night. It also would have been impossible to core all of these bases without getting close to register on the Intruder logs.

Is there some glitch on these? Can whoever attacked confirm they did indeed wipe the bases out or was there some sort of glitch?

This is my intruder log for last night, and majority of our bases are not represented on here as having been attacked.

Easy for a inside guy " spy " to take out all the cores and no logs would show it.

Not saying this is what took place. Check to see who was last on around them times ? But proby a current game mechanic that is at work and the " intruder log " not showing it.

Yeah, it had all the workings of an inside job when you look at it. It’d be next impossible to snipe those towers out and not register on the intruder log. Wouldn’t be too easy for an inside guy to take them out either though, but food for thought.

Btw Token… I miss you :frowning:

Come be a pirate :slight_smile:

I disabled all 5AT bases (15 to 20) on Gold Planet last night. I don’t know why it does not show on the logs. The name of the ship is “SS BBQ”. One of your members was manually controlling some turrets, so I’m a bit surprised that the 5AT faction has no awareness as to what happened. It did seem they logged off about half way through the attack.

I assume your only concern is the intruder logs and not with the attack itself, since the base was built such that your turrets were covering gold ore. I don’t know why the intruder log is blank. /shrug

One guy solo 15-20 bases is why pvp atm is so broken.


Could you post a screen shot of your intruder logs ? Really curious to see if it is just the log that is not working.

We (+Ivanov) rarely see proper intruder logging when we get hit when we attack. e.g. this morning we attacked a few more bases, got hit a bunch and have no logs showing that except a couple. Somewhat annoying.

Just one question you attacked them alone, I say walk only with personal weapons? or you were attacking an armored hover.

Capital vessels

They come in with CVs - and nuke the bases out of range of the base turrets. It’s easy but dull to do.

We did it a few times as soon as you got allowed to use CV direct fire weapons in atmosphere - pretty sure we spent more on fuel than we got as loot from the bases so we gave up on it.

There is nothing for Gold Planet in my intruder logs. All I have is Xerult & Jagal from the past 14 hours.

also not forget the ammo is not as expensive, but it has cost …

The strange part is how all of our bases are just gone, no cores, no sign of scorch marks from sustained fire. It looks like you cored everything without missing a shot, and some of those bases were built on odd angles to make that difficult.

What’s even stranger is that I have intruder logs of everything leading up to that attack, and everything after it.

I’d just like to say two things though -

  1. No problem about the attack, you don’t like 5AT I get it.

  2. We actually weren’t covering any gold :wink:

With anti cheating off, I smell cheating engineer…

Ranzeth, you might want to read up on homing rockets, CVs and the latest patch notes. It seems you are confused as to how they function and are attempting to throw mud.

As mordgier said, we came in with CV with homing rockets and can fire out of range.

As far as bases disappearing, we noticed a couple small towers disappeared after cores were destroyed. Lots of stuff was left. Maybe someone else came long.

Homing rockets (150mm)

Not throwing mud, commenting on how strange it is. Several of those cores were underground, just by virtue of that alone there should be been splash damage on the surface.

There was also wreckage of a HV and SV with fully functional cores down there - so we have two vehicles with cores, and we have bases that had cores that weren’t easy to get too, combined with no intruder logs - you can understand why I posted seeking understanding of what happened.

I know that homing missiles will target functional cores, so it’s quite the feet you cored a base that had a SV parked next to it without coring the SV at all.

Is it strange? Yes, it definitely is.Combined with the fact that there was no intruder logs it makes it all very weird.

As for ‘throwing mud’, you notice I didn’t say you CHEATED CHEATED! I just wanted to point out that our turrets weren’t covering any gold deposits, especially not the ones that were in the valley. I just want Ivanov to admit you attacked us because you don’t like us, since the ‘you were covering gold’ excuse wasn’t really true.

To prevent cheat rumors and other dramas it is officially known:

with the last patch they introduced this:

  • CV: Allowed Rocketlauncher/Pulse Laser (fixed weapons) for planetary use

So the stats are not correct. It’s fixed in the next patch though

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