Gold Planet - SFT Base - Glitched Turrets

Just wanted to report this to admin as a glitch - not a hack.

I hit some of their turrets head on with 160 3 or 4 times and they wouldn’t blow up. It was a straight shot, impossible to miss, didn’t need to angle. I shot some turrets next to the glitched ones and they blew up.

Not sure why, probably some new glitch having to do with the new patch.

Hey Ranzeth,

Thank you for pointing this out. I’ve made a note of it and this matter will be looked at.

This is RAT’s base, and we are encountering the same buried/glitch turret problem. Those these ones are farther underground than SFTs were.

Submitted a video to RexXus as well.

Thanks. This bug is an enhanced version of an older bug introduced in 4.3.
If you are not in the chunk of the tower / terrain you shooting it, you just see an image so to speak. You need to be within a small range.
Problem of rendering.

Send it to the devs, they try to fix it asap.

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well the other problem is, they can shoot those turrets from HIGHER than bases range with manual missiles/ pulse lasers.

Higher range than what the description says even, is this intented by the devs? i doubt it,makes Base defenses Useless.completely USELESS

Hi Rex,

So here’s something interesting, after a prolong siege last night I made a few discoveries

  1. Turrets shooting through the ground because of ground not rendering - this only aseems to happen around here.

  2. Turrets hastily placed during combat were able to be destroyed, old ones could not. Also, the new turrets were farther away then the old ones - that’s strange since we thought it was because the turret wasn’t rendering correctly.

  3. After digging through the ground and tunneling we discovered their turrets were not actually placed on any blocks, I could destroy all the ground underneath them.

I have screenshots to support all about point 3 - #get-support

I’d like to ask for their turrets to bse raised above ground and place on proper blocks since the only bases that seem to have this issue are the ones who bury their turrets like how theirs are.

You idiot i told you it was a visual glitch.

Let’s hold off on the name calling. The reason why I’m bringing it up again is because after studying how some turrets are placed, and others are not that it seems possible that you can exploit this glitch if you know what you are doing.

I would rather give SFT the benefit of the doubt, I don’t think they are exploiting it, but their base being essentially invincible does damper the PVP experience. That is why I would like for it to be looked at, because I believe their turrets can be replaced to get rid of the glitch, and restore the PVP experience that we enjoy on Gold.

If CV homing missiles can get in range and blow up ART turrets, but none of the flak/rocket turrets that are closer to the CV than the art, than that suggests something could be done to not accidentally or purposefully exploit the glitch.

And as you know Raven, rule 1.1 says “Don’t use any kind of unfair bugs or exploits that allow you to do things taht weren’t intended by the developers.”

So, like I said I don’t believe SFT did it intentionally when they setup their base, but they are using this particular bug to their advantage now. I’d be more than happy to guard them with a CV while they fix their base up so they aren’t violating rule 1.1.

  1. Turrets are not shooting through the ground, please post video proof. You’ve died multiple times because we are shooting at you. Without giving away our tactics, to you it may seem like turrents shooting underground, but I’m sure after Rex takes a look he will see we don’t have any turrents placed underground. You die too quickly to know what happened so you assume that turrents are shooting underground, but they are not.

  2. Old turrets have been destroyed as we have stated multiple times. We’ve replaced them and you’ve destroyed some of the new ones but haven’t been able to destroy others. That is not proof of an exploit.

  3. ALL turrets are placed on blocks, it is impossible to place a turret without a block… Please Rexxus do come take a look for yourself!

  4. As was mentioned before, what you yourself are attempting to do is an exploit, but you are upset you can’t do it. Staying so far out of range that the gun isn’t rendered properly and then trying to snipe the guns that cant even shoot back because you’re so far away – that is an actual exploit. We find it ironic that you are upset that you can’t exploit a legit base that has NO exploits whatsoever and then come to support to complain.

In summary, we aren’t violating any rules at all. We have placed all turrets in accordance with the rules and none of them are placed underground or exploited. In fact, a quick flyover Gold planet and you will see many people doing the same thing. Your problem is you haven’t been able to successfully assault our base as of yet, so you are trying to say it must be an exploit. Well sorry to tell you, just because you haven’t been able to take the base, and just because you’ve died nearly a dozen times trying, doesn’t mean something is wrong. It means we picked a strategic spot and build a good base and maybe you should try a new tactic rather than sniping or digging. Keep trying and I’m sure you will get the base one day -albeit after a hundred deaths.

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+1 to this… Render distance…come by closer and you will see man.

  1. I posted pictures showing rockets flying from out of a hill, and then I took another picture showing no turrets anywhere close by.

  2. I’ve literally sat there and launched 160 at turrets over and over again - nothing. Then your boy Pysc put up a ART turret… further away from me and I blew it up in 1-2 shots - so distance to me wasn’t the problem.

  3. I dug under ground and found turrets not placed on blocks - but that was hectic so I’ll concede it’s possible I didn’t the blocks properly.

  4. Shooting at range with ships is not an exploit, you can ask any of the Admin that. And this isn’t about who is doing what, this is about me reporting a bug I noticed with your base.

Anyway man, the vast majority of your turrets can’t be destroyed, but then you put up the occasional one that can be - that means there’s an active bug happening and that is a violation of game rules.

I’m not busting on you guys for trying to enjoy the game, I’m saying I’ve taken down multiple bases, same tactics and yours won’t go down. People say it’s a render issue, but then turrets are spawned farther away from me and I can blow those up just fine… th say aat means there’s a bug defending your base.

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  1. This IS about who is doing what. You are saying there is a bug, which Rexxus has already explained to you what it is, then you say we are violating rules but in fact YOU are actively trying to violate the rules and admit to it. There is not violation of game rules happening here. There is a violation of your ego happening though. Just because you haven’t managed to penetrate our base doesn’t mean there is an exploit or bug. I don’t care how many bases you’ve managed to take down using the same tactic. Maybe it is time you tried something different instead of assuming your tactic was so superior that if it doesn’t win someone MUST be exploiting. Get over yourself.

Rexxus, please come by and shoot each one of our turrets with a multi tool, you will see, like we did, that they ALL do take damage. If you find some that don’t take dmg, please remove them. I’m confident you will find they all indeed do take dmg, and the problem is they are trying to exploit by sniping outside of render range.

And as you know Raven, rule 1.1 says "Don’t use any kind of unfair bugs or exploits that allow you to do things taht weren’t intended by the developers.

Don’t feel bad TheRaven, Ranzeth did similar mud & accusations to us one of many times we wiped his base because he doesn’t understand homing missiles.

This is confirmed temporary visual glitch from recent patch yet he is still here throwing mud.

Ranzeth consistently & commonly calling others cheaters/exploiters when he can’t win is very toxic for the community.


Lol… too funny.

Well this is funny! :joy: @RexXxuS @Achilles @Pumpula @Booyaah @Ranzeth

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Curious why you are posting on a forum post that is this old. Unless to start drama?

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Curious why you are posting, unless to start drama?