Golden Globe Patch

Hey @everyone,

here we are! Let’s discuss about the, no THE PvP planet in the whole HWS universe or even the whole game: Golden Globe!

Disclaimer: I know it has some disadvantages to have only one big PvP planet and I try to finish for coming week a rebalancement of the other PvP planets to provide a reason to stay everywhere - more or less.

So let’s take few things out of the way so you hopefully DO NOT SPAM this topic about this again and AGAIN (we have it already hundred of times elsewhere):

  1. Anti Grief is currently under rework at Eleon. Do NOT post your drama about it here!
  2. OP in combination with Anti Grief has some issues. Do NOT post your drama about it here! OP itself is good as it is now.
  3. All the other “Eleon needs to fix it since pre alpha” stuff like Minigun turrets, lags, class calculation, etc. etc. Do NOT post your drama about it here!

That is a lot of popcorn + tears canceled, so what is this then about you ask?

It is about how can HWS improve the situation with the tools we HAVE, right now.
For coming week I have a Golden Globe change in mind, which is more or less fixed but I am open for quick suggestions.

Let me visualize my idea and you refer to it with your poll voice or GOOD comment below.

Check the Poll option if you like. Comment otherwise

  • Golden Globe will be full wiped at 1st December. Move out / recycle if you want to keep your stuff!
  • CVs are not allowed on the planet during prime time anymore (from 5PM until 9AM server time. From 9AM until 5PM you can spawn CVs / bring your HVs to the planet).
  • Faction Base amount drops from 10 to 1. People with a bunker have this as their bonus. People without a bunker can build a good custom base.
  • Surface will be golden again and surface wiped every day (5PM) to provide best performance as currently possible.
  • Gold Deposit amount will be boosted by setting the current random 17-30 amount to random 25-30.
  • Max. BA Class you can build on top of your spawned Class 7 BA will be increased to Class 10.
  • Max. FA SV count will be increased from 10 to 30.
  • REST is untouched.
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I think this is an overall good boost to the gameplay, fairness and performance for everyone with the options we have!

ONCE again: If I hear accusations against other factions here or not related things to the poll above I will probably just delete it. Poof.

And a little hint: very cool stuff is coming with the next major alpha patch before christmas, allowing us cooler things! Stay tuned!

Your HWS Team

P.S.: I appreciate if you can keep us / me out of any drama until christmas AS GOOD AS POSSIBLE because I am working on a massive redesign of HWS Connect and want to give you really a nicely X-mas event! Be so smart and just do it.


I like all of that stuff, really every one sounds like a good change

( btw we can only choose one option on the poll )

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Fixed it. Please poll again

I suggest making the class limit mechanic eject over class ships from the play field immediately (on all class limited playfields). 1 faction BA allowed on GG and no private BA. And max of 5 faction cv/sv/hv on planet at a time(no private structures at all). Any ships violating the limit get ejected from the playfield immediately instead of being seized. Any bases that violate the 1 BA get deleted instantly. You guys do great work and we try not to bother witgh drama, it seems like NA server GG has alot less cheese lording going on than EU and Im sure you guys have better things to do.

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that might be enough for your faction, 10 was not enough for us on a saturday operation


“OP itself is good as it is now.” - I know you say no drama, but when you post this it makes me wonder if you even play the game you host a server for.

OP is not good as it is now. At all. It’s game breaking. When is it going to sink in that invulnerability with infinite fuel and ammo is ridiculous in a PvP zone?

And with lag issues as they are, you want to push the number of SVs to 30? You want to see GG controlled totally by alliances with members from different time zones and becoming utterly rich? You want to balance this out for the newer players but hand it to the hard-core players with nearly all these changes?

Again - do you actually play the game you host a server for?

It actually would reduce our ability and make GG better for smaller factions. As it stands now saturday we get all the gold deposits mined out within a half hour of refresh. Im getting super rich but that doesnt help the server.

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Fair comment. Letting smaller factions get a chance is good for everyone. Let’s agree 10 is OK then. 30 could lead to a ton of HVs littering the place as defenders


Ah, nothing better than a fresh salty accusation.

Yes, I play the game still. Even more if people like you wouldn’t bring drama to me.

Maybe for you. Maybe for your intentions. But the pure meaning of OP is fullfilled, “perfect”. Without back thoughts. Without “possibilities” you probably want.
Infinite fuel and ammo was implemented for a reason, I don’t need to explain for a pro gamer like you seems to be.

Yes, I want to encourage SV fights since they are the least technical performance causer at the moment. SVs are not an automated thing, you have to fly those. And even if you are in a faction of 10+ people it does not mean you control the whole planet.
Especially after nerfing CVs and BAs.

Again a lazy silly statement. New player, so what?¿ New players can be also in a 30 man faction. New player can still get gold by coming with a CV outside of the prime time. etc. etc.

Any further salt or actually constructive feedback?


Having high SV limit does not increase lag as they don’t auto track or fire, it also lets big factions be big factions and doesn’t encourage them to splitting up into a lot of small factions, so I definitely give my vote for 30 sv as its a nice and welcomed change.

Think you just miss read its only SV that’s getting 30cap.

Also thanks for this post @RexXxuS, its difficult for us when we feel we aren’t heard or left in the dark but this post definitely cleared that all up.

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Im glad i see some trying to improve situation which is currently in need of fixing.

CVs not allowed I dont like that much, small CV with miniguns like gunship is fun, going with class 7 to tank dmg from BA is not fun. I wish you could set what class is allowed, up to 1.00 would be nice, but not huge problem. (I mean being able to set x.xx, decimals its called, dont know word)

Faction BAs. This is necessary. Would like to see 2. One main Defense, 1 for Attack, doesnt have ot be pushed into AG and shoot all around, more like repaibay and some defense during siege. We wont be able to use CV for this, also some factions might prefer defesive stance, 2 BAs, no attack. 1 BA is not that much of variability.

Surface wipe cool, planet needs to be clear as possible.

Gold deposites…im not sure about this. Amount of gold inside is insane, it might create real gap, if someone has time to get all that everyday and some not…good thing is that defending them from being mined is not easy without BAs. Maybe smaller amount inside, it will be everyday there…

BA Class 10 i like, its a lot of concrete, but same firepower. BA firepower agains 1 is ok, against 5 its not ok. I miss one more base at least, spawned when on defense, recycled and used for attack maybe.

FA SVs 30 is just no from me. Cant be. Class 10 base will be not that usefull in terms of firepower, so what to use it for, probably 10 layers thick hanger with prespawned 30 SVs, 3 factions 90 SVs ready…keep it at 10, large factions still have HVs, noone is online in 20 ppl, 10 is enough.

Rest untouched…well ok.

I know where will be problem, number of bases/number of cooperating factions. But i guess its up to ppl to unite and use same, we will see. Definetly it looks better than what we have now. Good job, appriciate the effort to improve situation, thanks.

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I understand what your saying and sure a relay base for repairs and stuff will be nice, but people can abuse it by spawning it by your base then logging off, so I’m highly against it, I think a cv can perform that action a lot better as it can only use small guns. Hv’s can defend that relay CV, rockets are still strong.

From what i understand we wont be able to use CV to land nearby and offer some resupply and repair and little firepower. SO in this whole scheme i miss something to do this.

I dont want to go for repairs over whole planet and back. It will slow game down a lot. Where or how ill get repair bay to front line is my question.

I understand what you say about BA, but its just one BA…faction which wants to compete for GG should be able to kill such attack base imediatly, if not its not prepared for GG. Dont get me wrong i really understand but its not hard to strip BA of turrets and then its useless.

But yes, if only one BA then we should be allowed to use CV all the time, but small one, flying hangar. I dont like taking out of options, CV made for planet combat is simply fun, we have gunships, dropships etc. I know they are not forbiden all the time but…

Its about CV gunship, HVs under it and SVs around going to assault, dont take this away, or allow to spawn 1 Forward outpost for siege.

@RexXxuS is it possible to allow different sizes of BAs? 1 class 10 and one small maybe?

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Yes if surface wipes daily, the deposits should not refresh daily. It would cause hyper inflation of the economy even worse than now.

I think I can design such a Ba that would take 40+ minutes of continuous fire and still have guns left afterwards, would not say how but its definitely exploitable.

But yea that would work :stuck_out_tongue:

Also with people online, a Tanky BA with Sv’s and Hv’s defending should be enough and a lot more fun that base wars, I think we need to look at the fun aspect aswell.

Since when is a BAse meant for attacking? Only in the current meta (which will be fixed with the next patch anyways (spawning inside AG))!

Also 2 BA would be again not fair for no-Bunker owner. 1 is not much, but really fair for everyone. All have the same chances.
Regarding Spawn to BA: yeah, you need to prepare good now.

It is needed to prevent a current meta: spawning big CV to ammo drain and causing disconnects for people. That was my recent cool idea.
You can bring your Dropship outside of prime times.

I didn’t mention that but I’ll will do

Still don’t see an issue with it and never saw 10+ people from one faction online at the same time at the same playfield anyways. But we will see.

I’m shocked that you feel that way. Since when I gave a feeling of not hearing or don’t adjust things if needed… hmm sad.

Just to clarify, are we all agreed, ZERO private structures on GG ?

New spawned stuff starts as private of course, so we can’t have things being instantly warped into space for being over the limit.

Would be nice to see the over-class warnings seize things a lot faster, as currently someone could bring in a class 7 SV and tank damage for quite a long time

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yes zero prv and just 1 faction base as 91% have currently voted for.