Golden Globe Playfield Limit Suggestion

Think that Golden Globe CV restriction should be the same as homeworld where no cvs are allowed on the playfield. To me that’s would make the gameplay on the planet fair for all involved. Example: cant drop a CV in the middle of a base turn it off where it’s not being targeted and blocking most of a bases turrets and I know it’s a tactic of some but it would stop people from just hovering over dropping tank into the middle of a base doing the same as a CV would in above statement. What are yall thought?


I’ve been out for about a year. Back when the NA alliance was holding GG we would get drop-offs all the time. Interesting to see that that’s still a thing

No, on the contrary - CVs should be allowed on HW and Eton too, they make game much more interesting overall. There might be a rule added about dropping stuff on bases though.

maybe a rule but could you give me some examples? i just feel on planetary fight beside dropping off/picking up supplies or doing base drop they serve no purpose as most of the turrets and weapons do not fire on planet.

Cannons fire on planet and their damage have been increased recently, and there are garage CVs with HV weapons.

I wouldn’t disallow CVS on planets, instead have block limits. You don’t need a massive CV to do drops and pickups from planets. Honestly you can do the same thing with less than 100 block CV.

need to be able to drop an HV/sv… so nogo from me!

That’s a good idea with the block max.

That used to be the case, not sure why it isn’t anymore.

I don’t think they should be disallowed anywhere though.

you talking about no cv on gg, :slight_smile: some guys using 2 cv’s on gg.

and this very helping to crash the playfield

Currently, yes you can use a class 1 CV per alliance on GG without any risk of it being taken. One CV doesn’t by itself crash a playfield. That is more like Empyrion devs working on making things look better than fixing the core issues of multiplayer environments.

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Block max is bad idea either, CVs are primarly used for fighting not droping hvs

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Fighting on planet? I have doubts on that one.

On planet they should be for nothing more than dropping SVs/HVs and cargo, used to be that you could throw a ton of minigun turrets and cannon turrets and do damage to everything in front of them, but they are not effective anymore due to shields, so that argument is now out the window. What other option is there on planet now other than giant tower condoms?

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Ever heard of garage CVs with HV weapons :D? They are used for planetary fights for a long time, at least on EU


You can buy Hercules drom garage and make it class 1 CV by removing all pve stuff, it will be really powerful weapon on the battlefield.

Oooh how about 100 block CVs? Express some creativity with design while still serving it’s function to drop off packages.

CV functionality is to fight not drop packages

What if someone from UPS is trying to deliver a crate of supplies to a base and the crate is too large for a delivery SV so they have to use a delivery CV? I don’t think they’ll want to get into combat with their delivery vehicles.

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