Golden Globe

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Golden Globe is the most well-known planet in the whole HWS Universe.
The name is not just a name but indeed the nature of it.

Video of Golden Globe in 9.X


HWS Factories is a big integration and implementation of different features all combined together as smoothly as possible!
Be it the fight of a Land Claim area, be it the regular loot you can get per hour, be it the trading in the Factory Shop, be it the decisions you have to make regarding hacking or the just cool looking POI :slight_smile:

Golden Globe especially will give you the important choice to trade lucrative or to hack and be able to mine the Red Gold and get the Factory Loot transferred to your inventory.
Because once you hack the Factory the Land Claim Device will be destroyed and the Red Gold is free to farm for the next 60 minutes.


Besides the big HWS Factory integration you have now 2 Red Gold Arenas West and East, you can fight for / control. But then again, is the -20000 Reputation loss for Zirax or Polaris worth the Gold?