Good fight on GG, for the most part!

You partialy hand builded BAs is very good! Awesome work! yeah.

p.s. But we lazy… If we start build it we do not have time for drink vodka

Well… For my own part and im just going with my gut feeling here, is that as long RED faction and AFT are on this server and poisen it with their bending of rules and cheating Im not going to interact with them to let those cheaters slap me in the face again in the future. I just want to log on and have fun playing, not frustration.

With that said I wish you all good luck and good gaming!

Loke out!

Im forcing myself to not bring any negative feelings into this disscussion :smiley:
Really strugling with that :smiley:

But im glad you like the game as it is now guys, and jeallous. I hate it, for me it never was worse. That whole OP+AG thing grown to abomination which deserves to be destroyed and forgotten. And ppl guilty for it should be punished by Punisher.
Performance wise i gave up even on collecting interest regulary, its highly annoying. Got back to War THunfder, more players, larger battles, 60fps, i like to fly a planes, at least theres some physics.

Well Ill wait and see. Its alpha after all, it might still change and become playable again.

Maybe you do not need to blame people WITHOUT any proofs? You more cheater than we all… So like in Russian says - Whose cow saying moo and whose keep silent.!

And also i would say what i dont like most of all is this:

Not sure how it is now but when i left before chrismas it was more about blaming other side of exploits instead of playing. I never needed to record Empyrion and not going to start with it. And as Rex said we all exploit the last possible shit out of the game. It feels like every patch i need to spend 100 hours by doing all testing again to see what exploit Eleon reintroduced to game etc.

But lets stay in possitive mood, its just a birth pain i hope and one day all rules will be implemented right in game and exploits fixed. I would really like to see that.

Config I was excited about is nice but cant fix all the problems. I did some rough total conversion and ended as you, BA in space and BA on planet problems, needs to be separated, and so many other things, for me its just going too slow and its not what Eleon will focus on im affraid.

Solar panels was just last nail in coffin for me. I swear ill NEVER put single one of that crap even if ill start playing again. And same for motorbike, why the hell its still in game :smiley:

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So lets finish all this crying. And continue to take fun from game. We do not cty when you takes victory every day in the last week. So and you stop cry after we push you a little.

p.s. Loke relax/ It is just a game. We do not cheaters or big exploiters. All in the game mechanics… You just do not want see wood in you eye but always see a sliver in the other eyes. Peace to you!

Verry nice read however very long winded, simply could have been exsplained “You where bested by alt/family sharing acounts with off-line protection and unlimited ammo!!”.

lets get down to it “Nitty Gritty”, Rex has rightly stated there is a problem with for a figer of speach Eliite bases! and anyone cought with there off line Elite bases will be perma baned!.

So lets evaluate the leagal aspect of this HWS is a offial regulated sever (Exstetion) of Elion, therefore the HWS, Elion and any other subsigery should have to comply with mutiple acounts/Family sharing under the terms and condisions set by Steam unfortsianaly that is fact. So banning people for leagaly perchased Alt acounts or Familly sharing is a breach of your own Terms and condisions!!.

My addvice wich i would encourage, find another way to sort this problem out because the way
that it is set out is a slippery slope threatning people with a ban when leagaly they havent broken any rules
is very unprofesional. i understand exsplioting is a problem but i still think we can all work together to find
balance and the right way to go.

PS. This in not a rant just a Observasion.

Best Regars All.

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Stop talking about alt. There is no any alts…

p.s. One of my account still in BAN after alpha 5.0 - But i just kill the other origin entire panet :slight_smile:

I dont have anything to add to the conversation, just want to say I am appreciating the discussion and the ideas presented all around.

Regarding lag. My direct participation has been limited this past week. However, some of my builds have been used. I can say, in all the alliance chat messages and conversations, never has there been mention of any intent to create lag.

Quite the opposite. Often times when the alliance issues a call to arms, some (including me) decline to participate because the lag becomes so bad. I also spend too much time building — cant keep up with you guys that pop out ships like baby bunnies in game.

Regarding use of multiple thrusters in vessels. This is a function of the performance numbers. Using multiple 1x1x3 thrusters provides the best performance compared to all the other size jet thrusters. I rarely build with anything other than small jets and lots of them for this reason.

SV and HV rcs is another problem area - we need a t2 rcs for sv and hv. It should not be the case that a class 1 sv or hv needs 80 rcs to turn well.

Increased performance of the larger jets compared to the small jets, plus t2 rcs for sv and hv would enable good, max class builds to be created with fewer devices.

I have seen no evidence to suggest anyone in the alliance is intentionally building to create lag.


Yep this is very important. Thrusters. If we mean it with that config i think its absolutly necessary to make largest thrusters best.

I havent done recalculation of N/kg for each, but on HV for example i noticed that if i use 2x directional, i have same thrust as 1x 1x1x2 thruster but more HP so its better to use 2 directional, luckily class limit blocks me from building whole HV from directionals.

Not sure, i might have obsolete informations.

But @A.F.T how are we on thrusters? So far for SV 1x1x3 was king, 1x1x2 was from old versions untouched by eleon so completly out of any balance etc., you know what i mean.

I wouldnt mind to use large thrusters if their HP+thrust will be exactly or more than what ill get if ill use 1x1x3 in same space.
If that reduce lag, ill be happy because game will probably perform better and ill be more eager to try it.


Fight was good over this week.
Im glad that base we have constructed with Loke and Zappy gave you so much trouble. I will agree that some private bases stuff was unfair. Im sorry about this.
On the other hand this offline protected attack base at the end was a king of dick moves on your side. Since we would never do the same thing to you.
Also im kind of sad that we evacuated turrets and ammo so quickly… since due to setting of bases we could hold you there fighting for hours.

For the first part we should make some rules between our alliances.
Otherwise it will end up with 100 offline protected towers shooting at each other.
BA meta is annoying but as long as those attack bases are not offline protected its ok. On the other hand replacing turets is only way you can defend base and its burning resources like Magnitogorsk funraces. Draining defender quite bit.
About lag do you realize that i have textured and painted whole base because vanilla armored concrete texture seems to be preformance heavy?

Family shared doesn’t mean eleon made more money lol

Its nice to see opposit factions communicating in a positvie way i liek it. you all like your pvp fighting okay your rival factions and so its So nice to see you comming to some kind of agreeing rules not only will it make the fights fair but it will help rexx and the server out and that is the min thing rexx is under so much stress trying to keepthe server running smoothly with high number of people he has in the server at the moment that all this drama is just added stress so this communication line Being oppend IS GOOD KEEP IT UP GUYS . And Happy fighting and hunting. See you on the play field.

Yeah i already make it enw set-up… But we have one problem… Too many different players SV’s. And all of it must be rebuild if we make it ( change it force wight and energy consumption from it size) and people can starts crying… SO maybe wait a little for a devs…

I see, well i would be more nasty and simply change it, also it probably wont be that harmfull.
We all use 1x1x3 for SVs, 1x1x2 for HVs and AAA will simply rebuild their 1x1x3 thrusters in HVs :joy: lol

So maybe if you keep 1x1x3 same, and adjust rest around this in SV case ppl will have absolutly same SVs, and they can start repulding, modifying slowly, Advantage of 13x thruster shouldnt be huge, just slight, to be attractive for players to use to make them using less devices. More music for less money.

Well i already see a problem, using larger thrusters will free space in class, so you basicly can use same amount but much stronger thrusters. Obviously large thruster should “cost more” in class calculations so we wont switch 100 1x1x3 for 100 3x3x13.

This is insane game, im running away! :joy:

You know im not playing, i might as well stay silent, but i would really love to see some more performance improvments, whole server feels a bit heavy.

Maybe plan thruster changes with release of 8.0?

Put modified config on experimental in meantime and give builders time to modify builds before 8.0 release.

Can you up the performance of standard sv and hv rcs?

I am guessing we would have to wait on eleon for a t2. A shame though, request for t2 sv and hv rcs has been raised in egs forum for ---- just about forever. But to no avail.

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Does this mean that it could be possible after the next bug patch/server wipe? As this could be put in place before players have researched anything (just thinking ahead) or perhaps I do not fully understand the mechanics of this, - sorry if I am exposing a lack of knowledge on my part!

Also another thought, if it were possible to restrict the OLP at new season or some other future time, then it probably would also be desirable to take out the OLP device from the list of devices returned by CB:recycle.

This is a bad precedent to set. Making changes to the config to benefit your Faction because you are outnumbered. If defenders have more players and are actively participating in the defense of a base it should be extremely difficult to take that base.

Dreadstart? About what you are talking? Drink too much vodka?

to Elfias and Swiss. We cant keep 1x1x3 like it now - it is too OP… About HV rcs… It is nerfed like the HV thrusters. For more balance on HWS… HV is laggy and flying like SV and do not take damage like it does

Making olp insane expensive only hands more power to big experienced factions like my own unfortunately. Raising the timer does the same thing unfortunately. We already crack bases in the 20 minute timer no problem. Making a rule against these one man faction olp bases is very good! This was just starting to happen on NA and I had been preventing my own team from doing this because it becomes as we say “A race to the bottom” I suggest a system where OLP is "charged up: by a faction being online for a certain amount of time per day. For example OLP ceases to function if faction X does not spend atleast 1 hour logged in per day.