Good fight on GG, for the most part!

Hey folks, I just wanted to give a shout-out to OPG, RED, L, SWP and our allies ACM, ROR, UST, AAA for the fantastic fights we’ve had on Golden Globe. It’s been a hectic last week in which our base area was attacked daily, and we survived multiple attempts to take down our bases and we had a blast fighting one-another in HV/SV (and sometimes even INFANTRY) combat!

To RED: We thoroughly enjoyed your HV push both times, you guys are (most of the time) honourable combatants and in those two HV pushes you fought with honor and distinction!

To L: You’re still rather Mysterious to us, we don’t quite know how you suddenly appeared, but GG to you guys also, as even when you began you guys were switched on fighters, and now you’re getting better!

To A.F.T: Thanks for all the Vodka, but next time i’d prefer lemonade as i’m teetotal.

OPG: It was fun having you guys trying to attack us as well as the RED+L+SWP. Hope you guys keep up the good fight in our absence! Always fun to see a brand new faction have that kind of fleet-wide fighting ability!

Ok now here’s a single negative: It was frustrating that the only way our base got taken out and disarmed was via offline protected-ATTACK BASES.

Yes you there, reading this, is probably saying ‘what the hell, how can they have an offline protected attack base?’ Well it’s quite simple really, you spawn a base, ammo it up, fuel it up, and then log off, whilst your mate tanks the enemy bases turrets until your tower is offline protected, then it can fire at the enemy base with unlimited ammo and unlimited HP.

Due to a rather pathetic strategy being used on our base (A tactic that GMC has never, and will never use) I consider our week-long stay on Golden Globe to be a complete and utter victory. Especially as we managed to evacuate nearly all of our major resources from GG. With only several boxes of crushed stone from prior-mining operations remaining, that myself and two other players promptly trashed.

Whilst i personally made around 37 Million from that week, and we as a faction gained between 80-140 Million; we’re still counting!

So this week has been great fun for the most part, i only wish that it hadn’t ended on a down-note. Would have been nice to see RED/L/SWP or even OPG take our base using good ole’ fashion HV/SV assaults. Maybe we can discuss a rule between us to never use offline protected attack bases again? As to-be-frank, they’re no fun for anyone.

Anyways best regards and if RED/L/SWP agree with us on this then there’ll be Vodka and За здоровье – Za Zdarovje all round! :slight_smile:

PS: This is not the end for us on GG, we wanted some respite for a few days anyways, the back to back fighting has made us see enemies everywhere, we shall return, with vengeance in our hearts! :wink:


Hello Friend! Thank you and continue to fight with us! It’s really cool!
About offline bases I want to tell. I hope my Google translator will cope)

Faction “L” our friends have a lot of them and they are good fellows.

Faction “SWP”, he plays alone because his friends can not play because of bad computers, he does not want to go over to us categorically.

Faction “RUS” I personally know them badly, they are few and they asked for protection and an alliance to dig for. To take them to the faction is stupid, we do not know them well.

Faction “UMB” is the same. I do not know them at all!

Faction “SAW”, he also asked for help on the GG and the alliance. Yesterday he started attacking you! And we supported, that he left the game, he explained that he was playing at work and went home, and at home the child and play is difficult. By the way, he still stopped by.

We honestly do not use alternative accounts and are not going to share a faction that would have more towers. Yesterday just coincided.
P.S. Well, at least once we must defeat you.
P.S.S You are always more than us!)

Thanks again, friend for the game! Let’s continue! :slight_smile:


Yeah that fight was be fun! And i want just put me one euro cent :slight_smile:

offtopic: All goind good, we try fight with full honest and glory. But after you plasing some private towers behinde us one day before. My patience is exhausted.

About OP bases:

  1. Like you know you have 3-4 faction bases very close. And sometime (during day) half of it always under the OP. So we always meet with it face to face.

  2. We break you defence by one base and some HV\SV duting daytime yesterday without any OP. GMC defence was be destroyed completly. All you faction go to offline ACM, GMC, ROR. So you do not left to us chance to continue daytime attack (out numbers was the same - you alliance - 3-4 players and our 3). So you do not want fighting without lags (when 10 players of playfield not 25). Becasue you know then you loose. In the lags our damage do not goes like it does.

  3. And only after our attack (and destroing the defence) to GMC ROR BA. I placed turrets to my BA. And yeah i do not enter the game at evening (my night) becasue i have some buisness.

  4. We always ready for honor fight. But you always do not give a chance to us. Even last fight - you just take all res and delete you BAses… And for what we fighting? Ok in the next time i do not let you take even 1 SV rocket from my tower. You just do not want to accept a defeat. Scorched earth tackicts is not the best solution.

  5. About OP bases - we always ready for negotiations.


Awesome week, good fights.

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Discussing the underlying issues to improve

I am certain like any system/technology/equipment Off Line Protection (OLP) will always be exploited as skilled PvP players (of any faction) look to find a competitive edge in the game.

Inevitably once any player or faction starts to use an exploit/loop hole/technical advantage, others will start to do so in turn, until a escalating arms race starts to build up.

To counter this arms race, there are the systems of; server rules/code of conduct/police, or game software rules/code etc, in ether case if these rules are not enforceable then players restraint will fail/degrade over time.

So now what?

I think we have reached the point where the use of OLP and alts/family accounts etc has now started to negativly effect the gameplay of the larger factions/ experienced players. Our efforts should now be on what should HWS, Eleon and our player community do to improve the situation. There is little to gain in any mud slinging.

Personally I think it is also worth noting that the HWS season so far from my perspective has been very successful - the server numbers have remained consistently high. The new HWS specific configuration file has made a style of game play that appears to be preferred by the community, the universe design and unique mods must also be working. The recent PvP wars on (EU) GG that I have witnessed have been great. And I think the OLP has helped so far, but is now in need of further review. I would also love to hear from the newer unestablished players to HWS as to their view - I suspect they would be more in favour of the OLP!


So does anyone have constructive ideas and or suggestions on what can, could or should be done to improve the gameplay further on the server? (Probably with season 8 in mind)

To throw one new suggestion into the mix for discussion...

Constrain OLP supply

Would it be possible to limit the supply of OLP devices? If perhaps OLP was made like the Alien core, that could not be spawned, or constructed this would make the use of the device more valuable/careful. From making them available via FA:supply, or NPC purchase or, mission or some other HWS connect/mod mechanic.

Note: This would also need the removal of OLP devices from the OCD as has been done before.

Block BA spawning on PvP playfields

I think this has previously been discussed, but it appears a very straight forward solution to the problem and no more attack bases. Personally I think this can only happen if BA spawning on PVE playfield remains, so that players can produce their lovingly designer crafted “homes” that PvE plays like. Thus appealing to both communities.

Anyway that is my contribution to the discussion! I know there are many in the community who are far more knowledgeable of what is possible or not with the game mechanics/systems than I, so I am confident that we can come up with a good set of proposals to build further on what has been a successful season so far.


Thanks for the feedback and I already wondered why it is so silent recently. But drama will come, always until now. That is the fate of PvP (good that we have big PvP again).

Now first of all I will ignore any finger pointing because I saw everyone is playing cheeky. In the end it is all about winning so really everyone is playing here and there dirty. Period.

Then I agree that it is not the intention to circumvent our rule and philosophy of fair play by generating one-man factions.
So I’ve added a new rule:

That was part one. We are still relying on reports for that to take action (not an automated system).

Part two and what can be done about it even more:

Yes, this has been discussed and is coming hopefully in the next big patch. Then we will have a completely new meta where building fast and in best cooperation within a faction is needed. Preventing any BA vs BA meta. Stay tuned.

This is a very interesting idea and I already tested today some constellations.
But same as the epic weapon we can’t do it anymore after people researched it. We can only hide it in the tech tree for new players.

So realistically only two options are left:

  1. We agree on a new template which is insane expensive for Offline Protection. Like 999 Emitter Force fields + couple of all rare resource + mass fusion cells etc. etc. And of course wiping them from OCDs.

We increase the OP delay timer. Although we could discuss now IF you were not able to take down these “dummy” OP bases within 30 minutes than you maybe got either too much distracted by the defenders or you need better strategies.
Anyways with the new meta maybe we increase the delay to 1 hour?
In combination with our new rule you should not face small satellite OP factions but instead skill is required to press frequently B to check who is online, and take down the objective within 1 hour if the target gone offline.

What we CAN’T do is:

  1. allow / Disallow OP on certain playfields
  2. remove the ability to shoot and have infinite ammo while active (that is still good!)
  3. other game mechanics related to this.

Overall I liked watching the fights.

Guys relax and take fun! OP not OP. It is PVP. It is fun even if you do not win. We try whole week to siedge you. And it is was fun even without success. Yeah wi break you defence when you have the same playes online and then just take the initiative in our hands. But do not need start cry. Wiseman + and respect. So lets try make fights more honor and honest next time. We do not cry when you send agro SV full of standart thtusters to our bases or when you put the HV on the top of our bases. To agro it. We all use little bug or wrong game logic always. But i hope devs can fix it sometimes.

About alt accounts and 1 man faction. Yeah it is not good. But: for example SWP now is most one man faction - bacuse guys cant goes into the battle because of “weak” PC. And about new faction create from one person i agree - it is not good.

But the another side of accounts… every selled copy of the game help devs to make this game. For example i have 5 Steam accounts. 3 of it have the independed EGS copy. But i use on HWS only ONE of it. Another for another servers sometimes.

p.s. Lets try make more clean fights… without laggy crowd… We have not fun only lags and server restart… And pve noobs start cry: Why server is restart again? I am just start to take oranges from nearest tree!!

peace and goodluck for all HWS comminuty!

p.p.s can you give me advice… How i can split myself to the three parts? I want have my clones but do not have money for make it… :slight_smile:

Well AFT lets try and fix this by ourself.

No more attack bases / towers. I can promise that GMC, AAA, ACM, And ROR will aply to this if you can get your side to do the same. We will fight with HV / SV / CV and keep it like that.

For me personaly i hate Attack towers and attack bases. I use them but i dont like them :slight_smile:

So lets agree to not use them. We are the 2 biggest alliances here. If we agreee that should be it. You sad that you where open for negotiations.

And just to say. This week has been one of the best PVP weeks i ever had on HWS.

Lets build fortresses and fight and live on GG :slight_smile:

And do not put new turrets on BA then ok? :slight_smile:

well every arty tower costs like 500 erestrium and the same in za so i have no problems with rearming. You need to take them down faster then they go up . :slight_smile:

ACM Agrees to all terms. No attack bases.

We cant fight with you big army… Because you always make attacks\ defences with outnumbered players… We just die in lags… And one of you “pve” plaer just walking and place new turrets…

I donot play this week i make test. And see many things… With new turrets HP it is impossible to take bases with many defenders… You just spam by turrets. And cut off the attacker bases. Maybe need nerf the damage fo BA blocks from SV? In the first versions of config BA was be more strong.

well you had the numbers last night… 10 from Red plus you is alot.

Sorry to say that the lag comes from HVs… Maybe get rexxxxus to change Hvs to 5 ? SVs are still the best attack vessle… and SVs dont lag as much

About HV i agree it is unkillable lag machine when it moving

So lets try and make things better. I know @RexXxuS is reading this… Lets drop down the HVs to 5. During this week the server have always crashed when we are having toi many hvs in place. SV seems to be alot better.

About turrets. Well you can do the same. i have no problem with that. its a resource mess keeping artys up. We lost over 200 artys in this week… thats 200 stacks of erestrium…

Our numbers aren’t relative to the lag, our numbers are relative to active players we have. And yes maybe limiting the numbers of hvs might help a great deal. Our alliance never fought with each other but for each other that is why we mass every time as we know given a chance your alliance will reply in kind. Lets agree that were all gonne throw everything into every fight because there is only one victor. And we both want that title.

Further awesome long week. Great fights and sleepless nights. Well done GMC/ROR/RED/SWP/AAA/UTC/OPG/ACM/UMB/IMP/RUS/RU amd everyone who visited GG.

I like Pie

And i want cangrants all East players. GMC ACM AAA ROR you take new level. You start try to fight, do not always run and etc! I think we just infected you by Russian spirit! Come dont giveup! :slight_smile:

Its the vodka im sure.

We cant do that… drones and players killed instantly from bases or hovers! Turrets have the main target is player or it drone. Even if you have some vessele near it attack you… :slight_smile:

p.s. Elfias maybe you just finish you writings? I see you try it more and more but do not see you message :joy:

You need bases not towers if you want to repair them. Our base had hidden tunnels where you can run and replace.

We spend alot of time bilding bases. That is why we can defend them and rearm them more easy.

And dont say you cant. i have seen SWP bases that where so big it took us 12 hours to break. and then only 2 persons defended it.