Got ammo drained?

Our base on Uranus - EU got attacked by another guardian for almost 4 hours and attacker died almost for 50 times it seems. Seems way too suspicious, logs are like this:

Looks more like he was dying in sv/hv/cv to me, rather than by foot. You can tell by the multiple numbers of each.

look at the time stamps though; he died in like 7 hc and 7 sv in the last 10 sec of that log

there was only 2 deaths between 05:26 05:55, each log could be receiving damage not just loosing a ship, takes multiple hits to kill a vehicle.

I think it’s important that I come here to defend myself because I have read the rules and I did not break them.

Here is the rule, specifically:

  1. You’ve decided you want to attack/grief/spy/visit an enemy structure
  2. You are killed by automatic turret fire
  3. You are presented with options to respawn and choose “Current location”
  4. You are killed by the automatic turret fire again
  5. You repeat steps 3 and 4 until there is no ammo left

As I have admitted in game, I did attack IYI base and I did fight on Uranus for around 9 hours that evening, but eventually people stopped defending and I didn’t stop attacking.

I have lost 3 SVs and repaired/patched up/deconstructed another 3. I crafted ammo the entire evening, to be able to take on that base and I fought.

I started out by shooting their turrets from a distance, but they found me and we had many SV battles. I won the first couple of encounters, but then I started losing because they came with a heavily armored SV and I didn’t have homing missiles. I went away to prepare a different version of SV and when I came back an hour later, I almost immediately got into a fight with their heavy SV. It was a long fight in orbit, but I eventually had him on the run - he went back to his base with a broken SV. Hellbent on using that momentum, I went back without restocking or repairing and continued to wage war on their turrets. They had around 100 turrets because the base consisted of 3 bases, so it took a long time. I didn’t manage to shoot that much more before they defended with another SV, which I barely escaped. So I went away to restock and repair and when I came back, there was nobody around to defend. So I continued.

I continued to fight their base for many hours and by the time I was done with everything, it was more than 6 am!
And I actually had to sleep a couple of hours and work that day! - But I was excited and I wanted to finish what I started.

I have to say that I never intended on using any ammo draining technique at any point, nor did I do it. And I looted plenty of ammo from their base when I finally breached it and destroyed all of their turrets, so I could walk around and loot.

Most of my deaths are during the very early morning hours because they dug an incredible underground tunnel system with sentry turrets. Now, you tell me how I should approach that situation. They are calling me ammo drainer because I died, but I didn’t ammo drain anything. I looted 5.8mm ammo when I was done.

Here’s what happened. Those underground sentry turrets are a pain in the nuts. After destroying all above-ground turrets and there was about 100. I found their underground entrance. It was buried under some combat steel. For obvious reasons, I couldn’t kill their underground turrets with my SV. So I went away and came back with 10 hand held weapons and lots of explosives. And little by little, I destroyed their underground turrets by hand. I died many times, yes. But I didn’t ammo drain. I attacked their base fairly and hell, it wasn’t easy. I almost gave up. I lost plenty of weapons and explosives in the process in impossible places where I only had 1-2 seconds to fire a shot or place an explosive before getting killed.

And I have to mention, that during this entire underground assault. My SV and I was completely out in the open. Anyone could have EASILY killed me. When I finally killed the last turret and started looting their heart vault and hauling that stuff back to my SV. I was completely defenceless. Someone could have killed me and taken the SV and EVERYTHING.

Bottom line is. I fought for 9 hours against players and against AI. I risked everything and I did this by myself.

These people asked me in the chat why I did this. And I even gave them a roleplay story.
I never flamed these people. I never broke any rules. I faced this challenge head on.

And now they are on the forums, trying to get me punished because I defeated them. I understand their frustration, but this is how it goes sometimes and this is a game with risk and PvP.

I have only one thing to say to them. They should deal with this defeat in game by rebuilding and maybe going after me. They should not be trying to get me punished for rules that I followed.

The rule clearly states:

You repeat steps 3 and 4 until there is no ammo left

There was a lot of ammo in the base. You can imagine how little ammo it takes for a sentry gun to kill a person.
I really struggled and died many times while fighting their turrets. I fought hard and I killed their turrets while they were still operating/shooting at me. I don’t believe that I should be punished for that. This is how a raid against an underground base is and this is what I did.


You make it just by saying this but do u have proof of this? we did not have any dogfights or anything at all wtih you. We are working at same office with my faction mates and none have had such SV fight? It is either your fight with another faction or imagination. If you can send logs of that it ll be appreciated. We did not have heavy sv at all only 2 sv i spawned from blueprints and stashed in hangar and 1 of the did not have any ammo in it all since we are just prepping for space exploration and noone used those SVs beside me.You are mixing up factions and attacked us instead. We had those many turrets because another faction almost did the same and stole our CV so we had to tighten our base defenses.

I cannot see any logs from the evening of 6th of march, but I can show you the oldest that I can see:
Aeonbug is in PAK and this shows him (or maybe its DaddyStu) killing my Eclipse Warrior and me returning to fight after 54 minutes when I got a new ship.

I may be mixing the various factions of my foes here, but all I know is that I was attacking bases and I had many SV fights before eventually people stopped and I returned to keep fighting.

I think the admins can get old logs if they need it.

I have no interest in debating this, but I will obviously answer your questions. I don’t understand what other questions you might have that since I already explained everything in my post above.

About more evidence. No, I did not collect evidence of me attacking the base. You are accusing me, so you need to provide sufficient evidence. This is clearly stated in the rules:

You are expected to report any bug/abuse/exploit that you come across to the admins via the HWS Forums (https://forum.hws.global1) – Many valid reports are rewarded in-game!
3.1 Evidence is required: Logs, Screenshots and preferably Video evidence.
3.2 Important: If it is a bug/exploit that refers to things such as duplication/cheating etc please contact admin via PM over the forum or discord. DO NOT POST PUBLICALLY

Your evidence is not sufficient. I gave my testimony and I don’t know what else I could do except tell the truth and try to explain in details what happened. There is nothing I can do if you don’t believe me. In fact, you are not neutral in this case, so I don’t see any reason why you should believe anything I say. You want me punished.

And finally, I think it’s absurd for you to ask people to take screenshots or videos when they attack other people. It takes too much time, while alt-tabbed. Already I’m losing time to defend myself on the forum and explaining everything when I actually want to play on the server.

I will answer if you have any more important questions, but if not - then I will stop posting anymore because this is really too much. I defeated you fairly and fought many people and ACTIVE turrets in the process of that assault.

As i stated it was suspicious and sent logs here to clarify, you accused us that we chased you fought you in orbit etc. and told in global chat that you know us said exactly this

“Intelligence sources from senior officials in the guardian administration told me what kind u are.”

“As i said, i have my information from high up in theagency. They know what you did”

I can sent screenshots of these conversations from my phone aswell if needed. you are accusing in this thread aswell so you need some proof to make also. You are definetly either mixing up factions you fought or just imaginating so admins can look into this. And guardians picking up on each other is just another low action without a fair cause aswell. I am trying to achieve here that without having hard proof you attacked another guardian base.

Loves this post, sounds like a hell of an adventure. But there is one thing I want to point out that many people mis interpret here.

People read this and interpret it to mean that you didn’t ammo drain as long as there is ammo remaining, aka you didn’t FINISH draining it. Now again, reading your post I can see exactly in that intruder log how that would play out, and I believe rex frequently says the same thing, that as long as you are not respawning and dying instantly but rather are respawning, trying again, getting gear, and dying elsewhere while fighting: it is not ammo draining.

The issue here is how easy it is in this game to just keep hitting that button and lose nothing, while the auto turrets waste ammo on you. Not that you died to turrets in general lol.

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Yes, I understand that.

The problem here is that people got defeated and now they’re out to seek retribution.

I never intended to drain any ammo. I was just trying to break in the base in the way that I saw it possible.
And at one point I started to die a lot because of underground turrets in their hallways. So I went away, I crafted plasma cannons, rocket launchers, explosives and plenty of ammo. And I came back to continue my raid, destroying 1 turret at a time. Sometimes I died 5 times or more just to destroy 1 damn turret.

You tell me what else I’m supposed to do?

How can I drive a tank or fly an SV into an underground facility? That is not possible and not practical.
I often got ‘cannot send to dedicated server’ when I was using HVs to dig a lot, so the possibility didn’t cross my mind. And there is a 250m limit for digging.
I would have to use HV guns, to destroy the terrain. Well, I chose a different way. I found their secret entrance elevator and went from there.

Digging underground is already a huge advantage and there is a reason why their base was so big and well developed. Most people don’t bother, but I did and it took 9 hours and was a big challenge against players, against AI, against their smart base design. But I made it and now they want me to be punished.

If these people want complete safety. Then they should simply build on a PvE planet.

Spawn nearby should get grey’ed out if you if you die in the same place too often but thats a dev problem and it would effect single player so meh…, but from what the log shows here, it’s obviously not ammo draining.

If your argument was “why am i getting attacked by another guardian” then why did you put ammo draining in your heading, my thoughts are you are upset and want to grief your attacker by looking for a way to get him punished by admins…

About what you said, DreamWalker.

Maybe I didn’t fight you, but I attacked different bases on Uranus that night because, frankly, I couldn’t always get my bearings, and I just wanted to PvP. I think it was a good night because I fought a lot of different people. It doesn’t even matter who I fought because I was against everybody. I eventually focused on one of those bases and I was successful.

Regarding the quotes you have. Yes, I said that.

Someone asked me: Why did you attack us?
I said: Do you want a roleplay or non-roleplay answer.
I got a grumpy reply, so I responded in roleplay.

About accusations. This is your topic. So you are accusing me of breaking the rules. I am defending myself and in my defence, I am pointing out that it feels like you are upset and trying to get retribution outside the game.

About attacking other Guardians. I watched a video made by the HWS developers and he clearly said that it’s not against the rules. Honestly, I would love to fight pirates - but I couldn’t find any.

I do understand that the logs don’t tell the full story and that’s why I came here to explain myself.

Really, bottom line is this:

If you choose respawn at the same location > 5 times in one hour, Rex is likely to send you to jail. The rest of the drama around the story nobody’s got time for. If log = >5 deaths on intruder log within a short timespan, without leaving time to do what McProuty states (totally legit regearing and retrying – several minutes between deaths), it’s gonna be a bad day. That’s considered ammo draining.

didnt read through all the popcorn magic to pick a side, but thought i’d add that distillation.

Well, I completely disagree with you Hopskotch, but then again - you’re not interested in attacking bases.
You claimed to be a ‘pacifist’ in another topic, so you’re not neutral here. I’m sure you want to make it impossible to raid, so I would take your comments with a grain of salt.

So what is the purpose of having origins then? Afaik origins is solid concept in this server and encouraged by admins aswell. If you think that way why don’t you play as a pirate or a hunter?

Anyways if there is something to be looked into and needs action, admins will do or close the thread.

If u can attacked anyone u want, there is no sense about different origins mentality. On the other hand if u want to attack anyone u meet it is better you become a pirate.

By the way lets talk about my (also my teammates’) role play vision. It is also relevant with yours. As a guardian we should help other guardians and traders especially new ones and fight against unfair things. Then We think you are not a real guardian and you are a betrayer that lives in guardians. So that as guardian we should warn other guardians about you. If you are against everybody it is normal all guardians are against you.

If you against everybody why you selected guardian origin. It is at the furthest point of your thougts. Your playing style is not fair for this server’s story.

My last words for this conversation we are complainant about you. And let the admin judge you. We will accept any result of this judgement.

He was agreeing with you and saying you were in the right…

No I didn’t. Obsey claimed it. And I accept your disagreement! Thank you! :smile:

That said, while I don’t necessarily partake in the base raiding drama, I have opinions. Just lake all you blokes who don’t spend time mining in PVE for gold have an opinion about that. :wink:[quote=“ZtyX, post:14, topic:4940”]
I’m sure you want to make it impossible to raid, so I would take your comments with a grain of salt.

Nope - Completely baseless assumption and irrelevant to the discussion. I’m simply giving you my experiential feedback on ruling made several times in the past. I dont care if you go to jail or dont.

Does this add support to the OPs ammo draining complaint?

Certainly further origin breaking actions at the very least - guardian on guardian.

9 13:09 ZtyX COP 171 Uranus RunAbout
9 13:10 ZtyX COP 171 Uranus RunAbout
9 13:14 Cokiemonster Dia 31 Uranus Uranus Base
9 13:17 ZtyX COP 171 Uranus Uranus Base
9 13:21 ZtyX COP 171 Uranus Uranus Base
9 13:24 ZtyX COP 171 Uranus Uranus Base
9 13:25 ZtyX COP 171 Uranus Uranus Base
9 13:27 ZtyX COP 171 Uranus Uranus Base
9 13:28 ZtyX COP 171 Uranus Uranus Base
9 13:29 ZtyX COP 171 Uranus Uranus Base
9 13:31 ZtyX COP 171 Uranus Uranus Base
9 13:32 ZtyX COP 171 Uranus Uranus Base
9 13:34 ZtyX COP 171 Uranus Uranus Base
9 13:35 ZtyX COP 174 Uranus Uranus Base
9 13:36 ZtyX COP 175 Uranus Uranus Base
9 13:38 ZtyX COP 175 Uranus Uranus Base
9 13:39 ZtyX COP 178 Uranus Stus HoverTank
9 13:43 ZtyX COP 187 Uranus Stus HoverTank
9 13:45 ZtyX COP 191 Uranus Stus HoverTank
9 14:31 ZtyX COP 194 Uranus Uranus Base
9 14:32 ZtyX COP 194 Uranus Uranus Base
9 14:33 ZtyX COP 195 Uranus Uranus Base
9 14:35 ZtyX COP 196 Uranus Uranus Base
9 14:36 ZtyX COP 197 Uranus Uranus Base
9 14:38 ZtyX COP 198 Uranus Uranus Base
9 14:39 ZtyX COP 198 Uranus Uranus Base
9 14:41 ZtyX COP 199 Uranus Uranus Base
9 14:42 ZtyX COP 200 Uranus Uranus Base
9 14:43 ZtyX COP 202 Uranus Uranus Base
9 14:45 ZtyX COP 202 Uranus Uranus Base
9 14:46 ZtyX COP 203 Uranus Uranus Base
9 14:47 ZtyX COP 204 Uranus Uranus Base
9 14:49 Aeonbug Pak 142 Uranus Stus HoverTank
9 14:49 ZtyX COP 205 Uranus Uranus Base
9 14:50 ZtyX COP 206 Uranus Uranus Base
9 14:52 ZtyX COP 207 Uranus Uranus Base
9 14:53 ZtyX COP 207 Uranus Uranus Base
9 14:54 ZtyX COP 207 Uranus Uranus Base
9 14:56 Aeonbug Pak 142 Uranus Stus HoverTank
9 14:56 ZtyX COP 207 Uranus Uranus Base

Again, I’m not draining your base from ammo. I’m fighting and dying because that’s the only way to destroy underground turrets, which is impossible without dying… It has nothing to do with draining ammo, This is a list of me dying in your base.

I even respawned at a nearby base that I created for my attack, so I didn’t use “current location”.

I guessed you would come to the forum and complain about getting attacked and stating that it’s against the origin is bogus and shows another reason that you’re here only to get revenge and didn’t read the rules. Maybe you didn’t read the rules about ammo draining either. The developers clearly stated in their advertisement video that it is not against the rules to attack your own faction. I even made a roleplay story about how I am a Renegade Vigilante Cop. My ship designs and my chats show that I’m roleplaying.

So, I have recorded video of this and I will show it to the admins if they think it’s neccesary. I really don’t want to use my time recoding videos of every raid I do and upload it to Youtube. It really breaks immersion and I would rather just play, but I also don’t want to be punished for PvPing.

I don’t think only providing logs is enough evidence. Especially when ther person knows himself that he has an underground base with turrets. This topic only serves as a way for these guys to try and get revenge outside the game

I have a better case of griefing. Should I report you for griefing me last night when we had to logout due to a server restart and you logged in faster than me and destroyed my SV without giving me a fair chance to get in and fight?