Got payment saying exploiting limits?

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What happened: I got charged as something for some structuce saying exploiting the limits. I dont know what that stucture is . Thats just crazy if that kind of payments and accusing of exploits is coming in game, there arent any info what heck this structure is i got payments, not seen it in structure list, not anywhere ??

Player(s) with issue: Niewitch

Server: EU


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If you are unaware of what this structure is then most likely someone else in your faction were the one to cause this.

There are limitations for vessels/bases depending on playfield and you(your faction) exceeded this limit and got charged for it.

The limit info can be found in more detail here:

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no one have done anything to brake limits purposely as i know. And in any list, i cannot see, any annex4 structure, what a heck is annex4, never seen as use that kind of name, iam not fun of this kind of payments coming in game ,how easily this are coming mistakely ? seems pretty random, and how we can even know this, if there arent any info, what, who and where ? I had to question my faction about this , payment seems so small, that structure could not be than few blocks, is this payments globally or gg or what ?

When this happens the structure/vessel is seized by HWS and deleted so if you were not online for the multiple warnings that are sent then it will not show on registry etc…

I am sure that an admin will be able to look at logs and clear up with you exactly what happened

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Thanks @Calo

@Niewitch Our system is not random. Maybe a delay (mistake) can happen but not random.
In this case it was quite clear and I recommend before doing a ticket, you ask your faction first. You got angry without reason.

So to clear it up:

  1. You had / have already a base Golden Globe as FIN called “Boring company”

  2. Either GrandPa or Lord spawned a second Base

  3. Pressing M and check bottom right or HWS Connect, you would see it says only 1 Faction Base

Everything clear. You’re welcome.

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Yes i did know one base, did not know that yesterday was spawned another one. Thanks for the info. Is this going to get debt to our new players that dont have money as i have to make sure this two fix theyr mistake to others ?

The only guy in your faction who is in Debt now is the “123” player. But he didn’t login for 11 days now.
The rest of FIN is either not active or have millions of millions credits. All good :+1:

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