GRAND OPENING: United Space Trader Marketplace and Holiday Resort on Destiny! With our NPC-Trader!

You need something? Come to the United Space Trader Marketplace and Holiday Resort on Destiny at the coordinates: -2590.6/30.6/-263.2 and we will provide you everything you need.

Nobody of the United Space Traders is online? No problem, fellow customer!!! Let me introduce you our brand new NPC-Trader!!!

You can look up our incredible offers on HWS Connect in the NPC-Trader-Tab!
All you have to do is a short trip to Destiny and walk right into our Shop to the red console

Right after the Welcome-Message you only have to type “TN:BUY” and confirm with “CB:YES” to get our amazing Allround-Package! A special service for our fellow customers!

You want it? We have it!

See you soon in the Destiny Marketplace - 24/7 Shopping!

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Nice!! Is this through using the €20 donation? Might pop round for a look as long as Zen has his guns put away :stuck_out_tongue:

Totally love the work you did there!

Going to review my space station for a more “Advertisable” version.

I would like to get all those shops on Jupiter, OUR planet.
Can i ask you why you did it on Destiny? No way to keep it safe on Jupiter even if is a “social” base? (We all need market to buy things, even pirates)

Should be no problem, nobody would ever never shoot at you… When he is sober… :smiley_cat: But if he yells something like “GET OF MY LAWN” you should run… :skull_crossbones:

Right, Jupiter is to hard to protect, in special for a social base like this. It was our intention to build a POI. There are a lot of customers, eh, people on Destiny. Because of that we wanted a base there where we could provide more customer, eh people, without disabling the guns every time. Just finished today to manage it down below 700 devices… Thats why the backyard is a little bit rustical. But as soon as i can i will rebuild the park for a more satisfying walking path then now. Need to remove a few more devices, so i can build some nice spots in the park.

Love it :smiley:

So is this from the donation trader?

Yep. Every NPC which is for now not “Military NPC” or “Economy NPC” is a custom NPC Trader :slight_smile:

Now 6 x iron ore / 3 x mag ore / 3 x sil ore / 1 x cop / 1 x cob -

for only Cr - visit us ;D

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That’s way below what market price was a few days ago… And i see no reason why the drop wouldn’t go further.

Old but gold…

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