GRAND RE-OPENING! United Space Trader Marketplace Lounge!

The United Space Trader Marketplace Lounge is opening the gates at the Elemental Marketplace. Visit us the coordinates: -1324 -2515 -3214

You can look up our incredible offers on HWS Connect in the NPC-Trader-Tab!
All you have to do is a short trip to the Elemental Marketplace System and walk right into our Shop

Right after the Welcome-Message you only have to type “TN:BUY” and confirm with “CB:YES” to get our amazing Allround-Package! Dont forget to make some space in your backpack!

As a special service for our fellow customers, we offer some food, oxygen, and health care (as long as the stock last):

See you soon at the United Space Trader Marketplace Lounge! 24/7-Shopping!

You want it? We have it!


Aw I just wanted to make one myself in Milky Way after Friday wipe. Looking good though!

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If you got any suggestions to the package, let me know. With some customer feedback i can adjust it.

Sadly I can not visit :(. I’m stuck in Milky Way if I leave I have to cb:reset to get back.

You can see the Package on HWS Connect.

Dumb question Whiz, why do people use lock codes on crates for public stuff, then put the lock code next to the locked item? I don’t understand how this prevents abuse or anything.

Oh easy to explain. The stuff i put a lock code on are intended for public use. As the 0000 doesnt work i needed a passcode for this devices and a way to let my customers know how to access them.

I will do the same at my new Station: