Greetings Thruster Jockey's!

Hello everyone,

New to HWS and I can already tell that this is a worthwhile server.

So yeah, anyway, My name is Jed, I’m Twenty-Nine, I work a full time job and have my own hobbies and interests. Gaming being one of the MANY facets that make up an extensive list of things i like to do for fun when I’m not working.

Back to the game though: I’m liking the atmosphere of the server. I can’t talk a whole lot about in game features I’ve never had the chance to use so, expect a more fleshed out personal review of HWS features. As far as I can tell, there is a bit of a learning curve here with the custom scripts and whatnot but I think this should be quite an interesting time haha

If you’d like to say Hi in game, please do; I’ll more than likely return the gesture
See ya’s in game or here on the forums!

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Glad to see a new face to the forum, welcome! :slight_smile: