Groovin1986 showing in (2) factions


I agree, we need MOAR PvP!


Mcprouty we are not recruit peoples from deferent country’s so we always have peoples online. I was new to Op4 and they didn’t recruit me because I was from EU and I’m online when they are not. Its so stupid to think that we will pick peoples because they are different time zone. I’m from EU and still playing on NA server and I’m not crying about time difference. EU guys can get on NA server and attack us when we are not online.
And we are not raiding them faction JEL ask me for some resources and I give them more then had I give them one big cv. So please shut up you should be one helping and your buddies PKA, not we as hunters. :smile:


Someone needs a hero :laughing::laughing::laughing:


To the OP, that is legit what shows up when you cb:reset. It is not a duplication of the person, it is just them changing origin. The old name will disappear from the previous faction after a while.


“We don’t need another hero. We don’t need another way home. All we want is what’s beyond, the Thunder Dome”.

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K. Thank you. Being new to the server, have no “skin in the game” related to much of this discussion. I have two thoughts to add. One, I think we should be prepared for attacks from where ever. Two, I think origin swapping is a “cheese” tactic beyond spirit of origins intent and hope its made impossible, or at least very costly with 6.0 server changes. Either way, we plan to be in a position to send home some dogs with tail between legs after 6.0 :relaxed:


Indeed, it’s easy and can be exploited. It’s intended for when you decide you picked the wrong one for your playstyle so that we don’t get stuck with pirates in trader etc. but that just happens anyway. Lol


I am pretty sure the CB:Restart will be a non issue in 6.0. you still need to lvl you’re character up to spawn stuff in and get off starter and there will be no OCD access.

If people aren’t protecting themselves on the origin planets that is their fault. The planets are PvP for a reason.

To quote a very powerful man, “Today it’s like National Geographic, last water hole for 400 mi in Africa, 500 thirsty zebras and 100 hungry crocks in the water”. Too many bored PvP peeps waiting for 6.


How would you recommend they do that, while they are offline on a playfield that was introduced as a place that was meant to be “safe if you keep your alliances up”? Legitimately want to know, do you think there is something that people can do on origin planet to protect from offline raiding?[quote=“Obsey, post:16, topic:5291”]
I am pretty sure the CB:Restart will be a non issue in 6.0.

Also, both of these are the case right now. Are you saying that it is in any way difficult? All you have to do is get off the planet, and have your friends hand you the gear to raid your new origin mates. Yes, you have to level up, and cant just spawn in something immediately after dropping in a pod. But it doesnt make it fair if you then have access to your enemies that you didn’t have before, and that they don’t have to you. Never mind the complete lack of RP following.

Personally, Id love to see someone who was shown to be not following the rp guidelines forced to freelancer, and unable to cb:reset from there on out. Of course that would require massive admin intervention.


Leveling is easy, as all here likely already know. SV + Gats + Meteors. Maybe held 1 or 2 weeks to starter following restart? I watched g1986 rise to level 7 before I logged within very short span after he restarted.


The rules state “If factions are created within one Origin they are per default not allied at the beginning. You MUST request the alliance actively if you want to be allied with other faction members.”

Your assumption that allying is a requirement or even a good thing is kind of carebear thinking.

Alliances are tactical and earned. Not everyone should be able to live on an origin planet. Look at Uranus; Everyone wants to get up in there. You have so many single person factions with so many cores and pretty soon you’re spamming the server every 10 minutes if you auto ally with everyone.

No a faction needs hold territory and set some guidelines like WKN did on C7. We started small and fought for everything we had there. We would kill, recruit the killed, and repeat. Once we had established a “Semi” safe environment we began allying. Any Freelancer faction of 2 or more ACTIVE players is more than welcome on C7. Single player factions are “Encouraged” to join one of the existing ones. If they want to stay solo they can ally and live in space and visit the planet but not build on it.

Each Origin can figure it’s own crud out. That worked for us.

If you want to get into the role play aspect of the same rule " if you want to hunt and kill, don’t be a trader, choose hunter, pirate or freelancer." We never should see Traders holding territory in heavy PvP area and they NEVER should be doing anything more than running guns to both sides if they are “Roleplaying” Too many traders abused the Origin system for the FA:supply package and PvP options which is why it is being changed.


Note please that I never said anything of the sort. My issue with this whole situation is this:

This implies that if you maintain good relations within your origin, and with the factions of said origin, that those are the only people who can go there. But through the loophole of cross origin faction joining, we have hunter, pirate, and freelancer factions allowed to enter literally every origin planet. How is it that you do not see this as counter to the intent of the planet? If it were a faction like PKA fighting UMC, for example, and attempting to grab control of the guardian planet from each other, that would be one thing, because it is the intent of having this restricted planet remain pvp. I dont want it to be pve, in fact what I want is irrelevant, because to be honest after we saw what was happening on the origin planets, we moved off, and advised everyone else we could reach to do the same. What I want is for someone to acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, the whole enemy origin raiding thing was a bit shady, even if not explicitly forbidden in the rules.

As for[quote=“Obsey, post:19, topic:5291”]
We never should see Traders holding territory in heavy PvP area and they NEVER should be doing anything more than running guns to both sides if they are “Roleplaying” Too many traders abused the Origin system for the FA:supply package and PvP options which is why it is being changed.
Why is this? If you are so hungry for PVP, why would you be so upset that an origin based around commerce, trade, mining and building would have an interest in gold hotspots, and securing the ability to mine there? Are traders just supposed to run around the galaxy with no weapons at all? Would that suit your idea better? Because I think you mis interpret the Trader origin. Yes they are not intended to be for people who actively hunt other players, or push people around, or pirate ships in open space. But nowhere did it say they couldnt fight. Particularly if it is over resources, or resource rich terrain. Or to keep themselves safe. We could go on and on all day about rp guidelines, etc, but at the end of the day, nothing changes. Nothing at all. It is meant to be a guideline, a starting point to write your own story and to be more likely to be around people who have similar mindsets to you. A trader who fights over resources is no more out of character than a hunter who kills for no bounty whatsoever, for the sheer sake of killing and looting.

Plus you never answered my question. [quote=“mcprouty, post:17, topic:5291”]
If people aren’t protecting themselves on the origin planets that is their fault.

How would you recommend they do that, while they are offline

This is the crux of the issue. You forget that unless you have a massive amount of people, the chances of having someone online 24/7 are slim to none. And the chances of a base surviving without defenders is absolute 0%. So in all seriousness, how do you recommend someone protect against offline raiding by a faction that isnt allowed to be on that planet?


Wow that’s a lot of words.

I want PvP on a PvP server but unlike OP4, WKN doesn’t need or desire a direct mainline of it everyday. Some of our members want more PvP which is why we have alliances with more aggressive factions so they can join in. Heck some of our members play exactly as you describe and carve out gold territories to protect.

The offline raiding thing that you’re so frightened of. Simple solution which I did answer. Recruit. WKN doesn’t recruit for any special time zones but as you grow larger you get people that play at different hours. If you get hit offline oh well. It’s a chance to rebuild and a debt to be paid.

I’ve only really ever seen you and maybe one other LoT member on-line I think. You use your allies as puppets to protect your stuff while your offline. I totally respect that. It’s what alliances are for but if you want more protection grow in numbers just like in real life. We broke WKN up into War and WKN because we go too big and making that many different people happy becomes it’s own issue. Try to find a balance @mcprouty and you’ll be a happier man. I work too many hours to focus too much on keep ing anything in game alive too long lol.


Not necessarily afraid of, but wary would be a term I would use freely. And yes, as you’ve noticed, we don’t openly recruit. This is because I put a much higher emphasis on quality than quantity. Unfortunately, this means we have a small crew on, particularly recently, but bright side, we all know each other, and that none of the crew would sell out anyone else, steal, or otherwise screw up anyone else’s game. This is critical. If it comes down to it, I’d rather play in a faction of one, than have people at my side who I cannot trust. We have done, and seen, the whole big faction thing, and honestly y’all havent even hit the danger zone yet, but I see it coming. A little foreshadowing for the woes of the “large faction”:

  • 80% of your player base is offline most of the time, with many players rarely if ever logging on

  • Someone, somewhere, will screw over the whole team. And there is no way to tell who, or how.

  • Logistics become impossible. You want ammo? well you better make it yourself and keep it in private storage, otherwise someone will grab it and use it for themselves. Food? Good luck. Money? best forget about that, because the more people in the faction, the more likely it is that someone will forget and leave a ship in taxed zone, and cost every single person in the faction.

  • Interpersonal drama becomes one of your biggest issues day to day. Forget mining, you have to deal with why person a’s feelings got butthurt by person b.

Again, just an idle conversation point, and not really a complaint, but rather my motivation for not “openly recruiting”.


No Mattcore37K, I cant wait till there back so that you can be shown that you guys are pirates. atleast then you will know to choose the right origin next time.


Just because your clan is a hunter clan and you have pirates in it doesn’t mean they can go to diff origin planets, it just means they get to go to theirs alone. @mcprouty.


If someone has a problem with raiding on planets they can move to deep space :wink:
And my guy on EU dont have conections with NA i said for NA that i will let player build and i am but im not thinking to sit and watch at my constructor until 6.0 i will play on EU have fun!


Just leaving this here for the sake of conversation


Here’s my take on this. If you build on a PvP planet, you are at risk to attack regardless of time, origin, or faction. It is up to defending faction/factions to attempt to maintain their territory. We ourselves have been offline raided so attempting to bash us with hypocrisy and fallacies is a great way to insure that we continue to raze planets and factions, to nothing. In short, all is fair in love and war.


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