Guide / PDA update

The pda should be updated to credit the new names that are sacrificing free time, and in game time to help others have an enjoyable experience on HWS.
Everyone involved have done an amazing job!
Especially when you consider the odds, 6 against 200+ at any given time between two servers. Hats off to the staff!

A suggestion to maybe help ease the load:
Can the server flag key words (admin, backpack, stuck…) And give a personal response to check pda and inform how to report an issue properly.

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Thanks darth,

of course we will update everything and mention everything as you know and see.

I thought I have configured it but there is no reply allowed for the guide section. I will clean it and set it again properly…

Thanks for the appreciations!



Auto Miner Cores

Also I would stop explaining what changed, just tell what it is…

Thanks but again please respect the guide to NOT reply to the Guide topics!

If you want to change this mistake of Drill Charges click on the Edit button and move on.

tried to find the edit button, but could not find it, let me check again, but I don’t think I have it… (see my comment on the post about the Wiki)

As you can see, no edit button


Where do you want to have discussions about more serious changes in the text, e.g.

You describe what has changed since 5.5. I would keep changes to update posts and not guides.
In guides you need to describe what is…
But I would like to check with you if that change is ok. Can also ask in Discord…

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Hmmm, I joined the group, found something to improve in the HWS guide. But could not edit the main topic, but I am also not allowed to post ‘comments’ as per the instruction above…
So posted a comment anyways. Not sure what to do otherwise…
Also can we add a main topic with ‘player’ guides like, how to get off starter, how to get rich, PvP, collecting resources, etc. etc.

ah sorry, forum level 3 was needed. You can do it now.

what do you mean with this?

This / General Discussion topic is good for this.

ok, here is fine :slight_smile:

First topic I would like to ask about is you put descriptions about ‘what changed compared with 5.5 in the guide’. I would suggest that you only post descriptions about what is, not about what changed. Those I would place in the announcements, etc. But that is just my opinion.

Let me know if you agree with that and I will work on changing the wording describing the new situation (without mentioning where we came from). If not, that is ok too, will just leave it as it is :slight_smile:

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Hmm yes, since we have the revision history in each Wiki that is really not needed and would save comparison-confusion.

I fully concur with aernoud’s recommendation. I also put a suggestion in general discussion - it advocates for a new section.

Unsure how this idea gets vetted/approved - or next steps.

Reluctant to dive into anything without having a clear ok, and feedback from you and rest of group.