Half of a base just disappeared

Hello all,

I am currently working on a base on the HWS NA PvPvE server. I popped on during lunch to check some stuff out and everything looked fine. I queued up some items in a constructor and had to step away for a minute to take a phone call. When I returned, I still had the window up for the constructor up and the ore I was processing had stopped, when I went back a menu, it was saying the generator was missing and most items had been lost. Looking around, Half of the floor blocks are gone, about 65 plots, 4 advanced constructors, all of the fuel and O2 tanks, two turrets, fridge, and food processors are all gone. It is like it reverted back to a previous save point. All resources that were in those are also gone with no drop containers. About half of the floor, doors, core, cargo boxes, grow lights, ammo boxes are all still there. It doesn’t appear I was attacked and the intruder logs do not show anything. Has anyone seen anything like this?

Heck you only lost half a base. I lost a full base and 3 CV’s on Ice after a server restart a few days ago.

RexXxUs will ask you to fill out the template so he can help out.

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Thanks Obsey. Reading through the patch notes, it was definitely due to the bug that was patched. No worries, all in all it could have been a lot worse.

I had the same problem, but for me, ALL my vessels “disapeared” CV,SV and devices… the thing is the “intruder section” is bulls***, I finally had the answer from an admin that he saw in the log the CCC faction stole my stuff, but they NEVER displayed in the Intruders section. If you see CCC near your installation, maybe you were visited by them like they “visited” me.

Really?? My CV disapeared, my SV disapeared, ALL my stuff disapeared, NO intruders in the “HWS intruders” section and after days, you finally said that a faction CCC stolen my things! But how can it be possible if the intruders show nothing! oh, you finally return to me only some blocs of my CV abd SV, but I can’t believe you, CCC asked they don’r and if they did, I had saw the CV and SV in this state, not disappeared and “reappeared” 2 days AFTER I put the video on my YT channel.

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