Hellblazer cheating at the eton event

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:
=> @Konstantin was inside the main structure shooting people from inside the walls and fortifying the place.

Player(s) with issue:
=> RED @Konstantin

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> Eton event 5.5.2019

=> Eton

Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> Well you deside

Video from him cheating it was recorded from birth to death



This can be done by pressing Pg down, and it makes it impossible to kill the core, since you can’t really bring a miner to such a huge fight.

We lost 100 RP reward purely due to cheating & they gained it.

RED was also told 2 separate times (once in-game & once personally to @marius1 in direct message. They knew perfectly well that Hellblazer was winning them the battle by cheating. Yet they decided to let keep the gained benefits from cheating…

And clearly Hellblazer didn’t just spawn down there by accident. When lord of the ping died, he had no stuff on him. Hellblazer clearly had stuff.

This is most likely how he did it:

RexXxuS, It is forbidden, right?

Hmm … only recently discussed UT-HV, which is set in textures.
Now I saw how to do it.

Is the core forbidden to lower the ground?I do not see such a clause in the rules, I watched your video, you can see on it that the player shooting the video is inside textures, I was revived accidentally in the textures of the metropolis - I saw enemies in the textures, took out weapons from the OCD and yes I killed them. How to look into the ground to see the core? How did you make this screenshot? and filling the earth above the surface is already allowed? this is the work of your drills

I found out that the player taking this screenshot had alt pressed, and was turned upside down which explains it. The core probably wasn’t underground.

It’s only disallowed if there’s a landclaim device which there isn’t.

Sometimes the server itself resurrects in textures.
I have a record in one of the battles on the event.
I died and was resurrected in textures. But I do not kill anyone, because it is not fair.

That’s probably right. We can also see in this video Lord of the ping spawned inside texture, but Hellblazer had stuff so he probably glitched himself inside, and he was killing people from inside the blocks.

And he can have 7-10 OCD and a ready-made team for the right set of things.

He’s still inside blocks, and shooting people, and that’s exploiting.

  • We saw UT penetrate the textures. (This is clearly seen in their video). We had to defend against their actions).
  • The screenshot shows that the core is in the metropolis, and NOT underground.
  • UT and OPG : Do not pretend, that you play by the rules.

What you see in the video is 1 U-T and 1 OPG, who both have nothing, so they probably spawned in there.

This is probably correct.

We do play by rules, if you can prove otherwise go ahead.

If you in texture and have nothing it’s ok?

How about buying in black market?

I never said that. You can see in the video that the OPG guy, is stuck in an opening in the blocks(aka not glitched blocks), and you can see Lord of the ping spawned* in there, just standing still and recording Hellblazer. That does in no way give him a personal advantage.

He has more that 1500 sniper rounds on him. That’s seriously expensive in RP. I see no reason why he’d do that.

Hys can proof just stand and not do any more?

you are very interesting guys. question to you how did you get into textures? What cheat did you use?